Do Women Want Freedom?


Feminists, here in the US, send out a very confusing message. The eyes without a face in strict Muslim community does disturb me. Do women in the US feel exploited or do they feel free? When a woman participates in a topless protest; she objectifies herself. Guys have little choice in what arouses them. Women obviously want to control what men think, but turning on is a lot easier than turning off. Men know our minds react to breasts. We don’t have a clue about women. Why shouldn’t men call Feminists irrational if they see an unclear message? Do you want truth or lies?

I think most men will find the redhead, in the second picture, attractive. I notice she’s not rail thin, but I doubt many men care and many prefer. Do women cage each other in the body image wars? Well, duh.  Look at a porn site, men like most everything. Men are dogs, with half way decent training, women might like us. Women are cute but hard to train cats that will snap at us for calling them cute.

Eyes Without A Face (Les yeux sans visage) is a splatter film. Billy Idol sings a song by that name; he does a good Rebel Yell. Feminists need to rebel yell with a clearer voice. I just want my sanity back. I’ve seen how a cat plays with a lizard? Cats are awfully evil creatures that for some reason many of us love, but don’t understand why.

The second image came from Wikimedia and had the following info:

Date    3 July 2007, 14:19
Source    Saraiawen and Moredhel
Author    Michel van de Wiel from Arnhem, Netherlands


Bunnies on Pagan Island


Women who like to show off their sexy should give thanks to the Bunnies. If you read about Pre-Code Hollywood; you will see how Catholics put the lock-down on feminine wiles. Bunny Yeager put forth her belief that women like to feel sexy and with her camera she helped spin forth more Bunnies. You know some of them as Playboy Playmates. Yes, some come with way too much plastic but I don’t think you should blame her for how far the pendulum swings. Yeager and B-Movie makers in Florida gave women the option to bust out their busts. Some women don’t want to be a nun, unless they get to be a very dirty nun.

One Bunny discovered by this camera wielding Bunny never made it to Playboy and only went by the name Bunny, as an alias; you will find Allison Louise Downe went by Bunny Downs. I suspect she had a brain and enjoyed cutting apart dumber Bunnies. She wrote Blood Feast and other gore girl movies. Downe also appeared in Bunny Yeager’s Nude Camera. You will also find Downe in Doris Wishman’s nudie flicks. Yeager and Wishmen shared the same (I don’t care if you forgive the obvious pun) titty pool.

Yeager’s artistic eye probably didn’t care for the B-Movie game which was mostly B for business and B for Bad. Her work as casting director for Pagan Island may have aided her career by honing her recruitment skills. Even many straight women will enjoy one particular pussy shoot.


Tits For Cash Or Cause


Rational versus irrational feminism. Tits do talk. PETA knows this and so do these protesters. Both men and women react to tits. The protesters on the right come from FEMEN.ORG. Breasts also make money; the movie combo on the left depicts a grab for cash. One part of the male mind just smiles because it gets to see something which gets hidden. American feminists often post some irrational things to the male mind. I can understand the business decision to expose yourself and this method of protest, but some feminists backtrack into feminism past and  complain about sexual objectification. I wish more feminists will realize the mixed messages from people calling themselves feminists.

Pussy Riot (Russia), Amina Tyler (Tunisia) and other women have gotten arrested for their activism. I understand their tits better than American tits. The latter often say, “look but don’t look.” Some will bash for use of words like tits. Does it really matter what word I use? Please have mercy on this poor male mind. Women often confuse the heck out of me. If you hate me for calling some of you irrational, so be it. I’m sure some understand.

The exploitation films made in Florida enter the equation of my own project. Many of the same women appear in these various films. Allison Louise Downe from the Goldilocks and the Three Bares will feature in a future post.


And The Tits For Free


I’ve been doing posts on exploitation and my news reader pops up a tweet from Miley Cyrus. She tweeted her support @freethenipple and the coming documentary. Some women want the right to expose their breasts, as they see fit. Women have exploited the male mind for centuries, so I’m sure many guys can see perks in this cause. Europeans may have less obsession for the breast, but they still have a healthy appetite. Scientists recently tracked the eyeballs of both men and women; both react to the same sex objects. Breasts and hips have always symbolized women; they are sex objects. Even castration may not change how men see women.

Americans may get more European; eventually, but a change in our “hide the goodies” culture will cause some temporary upheaval. Someone might run over granny while eyes peer at newly ripe pears. Sometimes you have to accept the nature of the beast.

Davee Decker (left) starred in Doris Wishman’s (right), Diary of a Nudist. I added the dollar sign pasties, but I’m sure both of these ladies saw $, too. If Miley wants to avoid the hypocrite and tease label; I’m sure many will take some free peeks. I’m curious, will strippers have to up the ante if women on the street start giving free peeks? Will the economy shift, if dollars drop out of G-strings?.


Double Oh My!


Yes, this little old lady sent out these mammaries of mass destruction to blow men’s minds. I’m guessing Double Oh My is the bra size because Double D seem inadequate.

I think my fictional carnival will get renamed the Doris Wishman Film Festival. She’s the one on the right. I have several reasons to allude to these ladies. Both have connections to Florida. Wishman is often compared to Ed Wood, so she has an indirect Johnny Depp connection. Chesty obviously deviates from the norm, so she fits the freak category. Wishman’s use of predominantly female casts, also fits. I’m not sure how I will allude to Chesty, but she seems allusion worthy.


Circus Sex


If they filmed a 1950’s circus movie, these two may be too outlandish to star. They both found an audience in porn. I’m sure both, Bridget Powers (Bridget the Midget and Joan Marie Laurer (Chyna), came to acceptance that they did not fit the Twiggy style supermodel category, early in life. I’m sure they also found out men did not always stick to a shallow beauty pool.

Chyna switched entertainment industries when she went from professional wrestling, but it is still the entertainment industry. She is a big girl, she can obviously make her own decisions. Health issues in the sex industry are legitimate concerns, but morality judgments often fail in their ethics. Does someone have the right to exploit themselves? If they waste a talent more beneficial to society, it is a shame. Our society probably rewards entertainment, too much, and there is a problem if a math genius sees more money posing for pics than in science. My next few posts will explore the exploitation issue.

Different is often much the same. Giants and dwarfs share many problems; the problems just come from different angles. Chyna doesn’t truly qualify as a giant, but she shares a similar image. The inclusion of Chyna in my last post just brought to mind, Bridget. They make an interesting pair.