The Aphrodite Faction


The Venus de Mio serves as the symbol for one of my characters. I may use the symbols as scene breaks and the images serve as a diversion from the very boring editing process. Only a few of my characters lack a symbol, but I may find something for the ones in need.

The symbols also represent factions, but not every faction strays from the dominant factions. One or more factions will need to go rogue for my third novel, but I’m not sure which ones I’ll choose.

The Gay Faction

My novel features factions and one faction derives from the notable lesbians of Les Ruches. Personally, I don’t care what other sexual activities others do, but the narcissism displayed by many in the LBGT community does grate, on my nerves. I’m sorry, but life and death issues are more important and gay issues don’t rate as high priority to me.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossii visited Obama to talk about gay issues a day after the Tsunami hit Japan and nuclear reactors were damaged. Japan should have been priority and talking to celebrities about gay issues should have taken place at a less pressing period of time.

Chelsea Manning (Bradley Manning) appears to think the world should revolve around the LBGT community, but for most people—it doesn’t. I would normally vote for Democrats for environmental reasons, but the extremism that has taken hold has pushed people like me away. I tend to vote other. Blame people like the literary agent at Donald Maas and the lady on the drawbridge who attack me for my gender, my race, and my sexual preference.

I’m not truly white, I’m a mutt and Native American, but by all appearance will be considered White and discriminated against. I don’t believe in discriminating against people but I’m certainly against decimation against me which is what some in the Liberal faction do.

Equal and opposite reactions

Newton’s Third Law of Motion applies to factions, too. This rule explains why Trump won. White racism didn’t move White’s away from the Democrats; it was the use of factions by Democrats to garner power and many Democratic factions had no love for Hilary. Blacks are generally less interested in gay rights than the average White person, but Democrats try to wedge votes from both groups. Hispanics are generally Catholic, so they have to go against their religion to support gays.

Blacks don’t want prejudice to affect their opportunities; guess what, Whites have the same reaction when prejudice is applied against them. My novel is about factions, so I think a lot about this issue. Guess what—Black men have similar views on Feminism as White men. Did Black men rally for Hillary, like they did for Obama? No.

Personally, the political issues that I find most important are the economy and diplomatic relations. I’ve gotten along with the Russians I’ve met and enjoy their literature, so I favor closer relations. Islam is tricky due to extremism, so getting on the same page, as the Russians, makes sense to me.

When You Start Acting Like A Faction

I hate both political parties, so I didn’t care which American party won the election. I see a blip of a bright side in Trump’s win. Personally, I rather be more diplomatic to Putin and Russia because religious extremists are harder to deal with and I mean no disrespect to moderate Muslims..Teaming up with Russia against the extremists makes much more sense than the Cold War strategy of taking opposite sides. We now fight Afghanis that we supported in a fight against Russia.

I can’t say much else about the bright side of Trump. His motto of “Making America Great Again” was obviously better to Americans who see a downfallen America and it is hard to imagine him making the medical system worse than it already is.

I’ve posted about how people are dividing into factions based on gender, ethnicity, and sexual preference. When I told Blacks that Obama was bad for them, I didn’t say it for disingenuous or harmful intent. His political campaign made Blacks look like a faction rather than individuals voting on issues and political stance. Trump probably had more Whites acting as a faction. Affirmative Action will probably disappear because Blacks decided to make Obama rich and powerful rather than moving up a rung themselves.

I prefer people to act like rational individuals and not blockheaded members of a faction. It is understandable that Blacks want what’s best for them, but low wage working class Whites see Blacks given privileges through Affirmative Action. Poor is poor and it doesn’t matter the skin color.

If Trump and Putin go for a win-win strategy—the war in Afghanistan and many others will end. Islamic extremists will go into hiding and we might have the closest thing to peace on earth if Putin can tamper his appetite for power. China is another player—not sure if they’ll join or fight such an alliance. They hate Islamic extremists, too. So I’m guessing– join.

This is a truly great quote by Salena Zito that explains why Trump won and give that girl a raise because she’s one of the few in the news media that had a clue:

As the conservative political columnist Salena Zito wrote of Trump in September, “the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

I never endorsed or criticized Trump because his bluster does make it difficult to judge about his intent. He’s a roll of the dice. Obama was supposed to improve race relations, but his own racism screwed that up. It was more than the incident with the Harvard Professor and the cop, but that was blatant. Will Trump and Putin curtail extremism? It’s plausible, but they may screw up just like Obama.

Factions are a theme in my novel, so a post like this shows what I think about.

Getting Out The White Vote

Apparently, the news media and politicians can talk out  the Black vote or the Hispanic vote, but when they talk about Whites they further the divisions (i.e.  working class whites or White females). It isn’t good that people vote by faction rather than on issues, but this is what America has devolved into.

Factions (or the division thereof) are a theme my novel and this topic feature in the scene that I’m presently working on. I will probably use the imperial factions because the problem that I have about Illuminati theory is that it implies that singular group manipulates the masses. There is obviously more than one group.

If you vote for faction rather than issues get off my land because I come from the original faction and I’ tired of being abused.

Radical Liberals Incite Radical Islam

There is a limit to how far you can stretch away from the social norm. There is a big difference from accepting gays and mainstream promotion. Radical Islam hates radical liberalization and such liberalization endangers.the moderates. You can multiply the Conservative opinion about the Transgender law that Obama put into place and multiply it by ten or more times to near the Radical Muslim reaction. Is it a surprise that the recent shooting at a Black gay nightclub by an Islāmic gunman became the target? Of course not.

I’m the least accepted person because I’m a moderate without the desire or ability to pander to either side. The insanity on both sides drives me nuts.

Kill the other factions before they kill you

Jews and Roman Catholics took over what was Protestant America. Look at the Supreme Court and much of the media. Large organized factions will kill off the ones without a large faction of backing. Protestants gave America rights; the Catholics gave us the Inquisition. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor applauds the Pope’s decision to make an Inquisitor a Saint and quite frankly tells White dudes who gave us the constitution to suck it. Obama applauds.

I think factions hurt a country, but it is obviously a game between factions. Blacks want more movie awards, but you got to ask if Charlie Sheen and Mel Gibson are right about who runs Hollywood. It obviously isn’t White Protestants or Native Americans. It may be Catholics like Gibson; it’s hard to say what religion Sheen prescribes to but I sure he’s fond of the Whore of Babylon. Even if Jews own Hollywood, Blacks shouldn’t side with Muslins because they had a history of castrating you. Think about the Underwear Bomber—you gotta laugh.

As a factionless person, I’m screwed. Atheists have a faction, but Agnostics are pretty much factionless. I hate both political parties equally. Jews want their homeland and mine, so I guess if I’m screwed. No one helped them more than the Protestants, but a Protestant may as well be Palestinian. Protestants are divided into factions, so it was easy for the large organized religions to take over. Agnostics and Atheist probably fit in as Protestants because the fight against a dictatorial religion created the Protestant faction.

Our leaders don’t deserve Secret Service protection—they deserve a grenade. With autotune and plastic surgery  you don’t need talent or looks—you need a faction. Most Jews are White and they obviously take a large allocation of jobs in Hollywood, if we play the allocation game then Whites from other factions get bumped out. If you join a faction, you will be on the bottom tier, so that’s kind of stupid. You probably should join a small, but powerful faction like Scientology.

This faction game sucks, but you are an idiot if you don’t see it. My novel is about factions and I think about this stuff a lot. Donald Maass Literary agency openly discriminates  on race and gender, so you’re a fool to not believe it happens No, my beef isn’t rejection and I don’t care if I’m blackballed. I only emailed them about an employees practice of discrimination.

I don’t believe we should have a war between factions, but I’m seeing it as a dystopian future. Jews have a discriminatory law, in their religion and religion is a choice. Jew as ethnicity is a problem only if they are playing favorites, but our two faction Supreme Court does force you to think. You can blame the lousy care of the Veteran’s Administration for my time to think. I’m more Native than a Seminole and I( want all you invaders out of my homeland  Blame the dude who harassed me while I was just trying to get groceries for any of my hostilities, too

I hate these posts, but I suggest to Obama that he fix the VA and kick the Supreme Catholic  bigot Sotomayor of the Supreme Court. It shouldn’t be large factions from foreign lands ruling America  The politically incorrect four letter word sums up my emotions best, but it is obvious the small factions get killed off as a political power. See the Bartholomew’s Day Massacre and ask if Sonia Sotomayor backs a godly religion or is it just another faction.

When Women Formed A Faction

We all come from a long line of male-female relationships and some people obviously spawn from bad relations. Babies don’t have a choice in their gender or race, but many Feminists attack White men for their race and gender. Not all Feminists agree on Feminist philosophy and many women don’t want the label of Feminist. Many see it just as I do, just another faction.

Is a female attack of all White men just as bad as an attack all Blacks or all women? There is a need to look at all sides of the equation and stop the partisan behavior.

Obvious facts:

The penis needs a female sex object to make babies. Feminists coined the term that “women are not sex object’s and many repeated this irrational notion. Not all Feminists joined in on that chorus and more understand the stupidity in saying  such a thing

In a ‘he said’ – ‘she said’ argument the woman nor the man is always right. If the women in Johnny Depp’s life refute Amber Heard‘s depiction then we have more reason to believe the male side. Bill Cosby’s has multiple accusers, so it is reasonable to favor the female side.

I obviously don’t care if I get black-balled, because I’m not capable of playing the insane game of thrones. George R.R. Martin’s, Game of Thrones, is great, but I wouldn’t want to be trapped in such a world, in real life. I saw discrimination against White males in remarks by literary agent on the Twitter account of Amy Boggs (Donald Maass Literary agency).

When I allude to women, in my novel, I do it for trivia and historical reasons and don’t mean to disrespect, but I have nothing but disrespect for Feminists who discriminate for gender and race reasons. If Amy Boggs comes from a White scumbag father that is her genes and gives her no right to discriminate against White men. Some of us supposed White people are just mutts. No, Boggs didn’t reject me; I just researched and saw her remarks. The literary agency didn’t reply to my email about her remarks, so I took to the net.

Fisticuffs Between Factions


Religious factions fight. You can not force people into a belief system. Roman Catholics did some horrible stuff during the Inquisition, but it didn’t stop the Protestants from splitting off. Protestant still fall under the cross, even after the evils f the Inquisition.

My diagram can’t capture all the links between the religious faction nor fit in all the religions, but I needed to rough draft a concept. A major theme in my novel is factions, but my use will differ than my diagram. I may still use the enneagram, but the symbols will change.

The a hand shaped symbol the still appears in the Middle East and North Africa and dates back to ancient Mesopotamia; it fits in well with my novel because the fingers represent the Dactyls who link to my Cabeiri Cult.

Hinduism and Buddhism also use a hand symbol—the mudra. Theoretically, the Dactyls have links to many religions. Muslims and Jews both use the hamsa.

Gaming the Factions of Florida

Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag cover-horz

The two games have little in common, but they both use Florida as a setting. Fountain of Dreams may not have been a good game, but I doubt killer clowns killed enthusiasm for the game, as this quote on the Wikipedia page says:

In 1996, Computer Gaming World ranked it as the 41st worst game of all time, stating “Wasteland got stupid as killer clowns, a silly plot and fear of Disney ruined the sequel.”[10]

The Joker and Stephen King’s clown from, It, are popular and clowns do play a role in Florida. John Wayne Gacy even visited here and apparently raped a guy. Many people who come here are monsters, I’m more native.than a Seminole, so everyone else is just a trespassing monster. I can’t wait to hang Obama’s obnoxious elitist-scalp to my scalp collection, but I digress—clowns and other circus fold belong to Florida culture, we also have many serial killers; which, I can’t be because I’m just a native defending his land.

The Wikipedia quote also makes note of the fear of Disney, but how do you know when the conspiracy theories about Disney are right or wrong. Maybe the Mouseketeer Illuminati Society really exists. You can’t prove it doesn’t. I’m mostly interested in the factions of the game — three organized crime factions — the DeSoto Family, the Obeah Orders, the Bahia Mafia., plus the disorganized crime faction made from the deranged Killer Clowns.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a higher rated game which revolves primarily around two factions; the Templars and the Pirates. You have other factions but they can be considered regional. I’m not sure if you can make an RPG without factions, but most have two primary factions.

I’ve decided to add a video game enterprise to my main character’s list of assets and I’m analyzing the games set in Florida. Like I said, the factions interest me. My novel will probably use the story within a story trick, but the encapsulated story will be a game story. How many games is undecided, but I’m suspecting multiple.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is a video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.Release date: October 29, 2013

Fountain of Dreams

Developer(s) and Publisher(s): Electronic Arts[1]

Designer(s): Dave Albert, Banjo Bob Hardy

Platform(s) MS-DOS Release date(s) 1990

Genre(s) Role-playing video game Mode(s) Single-player