A Muslim Shot Up A Gay Nightclub And A LGBT Hero Wants Action

LBGT hero Chelsea Manning attacked Obama for his lack of action about the Pulse Nightclub shooting. Not all Muslims hate gays, but there is a reason why the LGBT Feminist group Femen often show hate toward Catholics and Muslim patriarchy. Tell this Dumb Retard that is me – what do you White Elitist Liberals want other than to torture this poor White Injun’s head? A far as I can see Trump did what the LBGT and Femen wanted by placing sanctions on Muslims entering the country because Muslims generally favor patriarchy and disfavor alternative lifestyles. Muslims protest the topless protests of Femen, and there is considerable evidence the Femen hates Muslims, but their Twitter feed is slamming Trump over the Muslim ban. They’ve got a lot of mix messaging going on. They hate Putin and the possible friendliness between Putin and Trump may be putting their heads in a spin.

Launching a Thousand Ships

11 April 2010 Sasha Shevchenko striking a pose at Maydan to present new FEMEN logo and style 2 years of FEMEN logo form famousRussian Designer Artemiy Lebedev plus world fame

Are these breasts behind some of the (extremist) Muslim hate of America and other Western world countries? Social change is difficult and complicated. Older generations of Feminists have to look with horror at some of what they unleashed. I prefer giving people the right to make an ethical choice, but one must see the choices or this right goes wrong.

Femen goes to war with Catholics, Muslims, and Putin.I see Femen’s good points. I only want clearer messages and calmer minds My mind struggles to keep calm these days. I see a lot of blind leading the blind.

As a guy, I love what I see. Female breasts make my mind smile. Camille Paglia admits seeing women as sex objects. I believe she will see it as more necessary for most men to see those two objects and think – sex. Do we need some self-control? Yes. Do women need to curb the sexiness of their fashion choices? People of both genders disagree on this question.

Sasha Shevchenko (owner of the breasts above) knows what attracts attention to her cause and the reason they attract attention is because they are sex objects. They are her weapons. Posting a penis seems more silly because even women who like a good penis have less desire to see a picture. Men are different. There are never enough breasts to explore. Camille Paglia and many more lesbians would agree with men. I can’t say whether gay guys or women love the penis more; If I had to wager, I would probably place my bet on gay men. For straight men that is a somewhat depressing thought.

I almost always have more questions than answers. I do know one thing – you need to see the issues to make an ethical choice. I did not plan to make Feminism an issue in my book, but it became clear that the Feminist and religious issues often for and against each other. Most will see the Helen of Troy reference in my title, but sometimes I wonder if most see anyone but Narcissus and hear only Echo. Me – I only see Chaos. I rather see Elpis.

When Nemesis is your Friend

FEMEN protest Ministry of Justice - France by Joseph Paris

Femen (the topless activists) hate Catholics. I’m not sure whether the nun knew this fact, but I’m sure this coincidental meeting between contrasting ideologies gave the photographer (Joseph Paris) a big smile, as well. Part of the story is told in an article written by Eleanor Beardsley :

With Topless Protests, ‘Sextremists’ March In Paris
Originally published on Fri October 19, 2012 4:12 pm

I’m sure Sister Marie Veronique agrees with some issues raised by Femen, as do I. Many may see some of my posts and see me as hating both Feminists and Catholics, but truth often comes with a complex story. I don’t believe a god (or goddess, if you prefer) needs people to kill other people and Catholics killed & persecuted people of other faiths for centuries (diminished power was the primary reason they stopped). Do nuns believe people should persecute people from other faiths? Am I the villain?

My problem with Feminists is the mixed messages they send. I find some humor in the irrational messages, but annoyance does provoke some of my humor (and occasional rant). The charm of the Ten Commandments is the simplicity. If Feminists write their concerns in a simple respectful manner; then this inferior male,  as they often imply, will act more as friend than nemesis. Many do not realize Feminists have many different ideologies, which would render even a brainwashed Superman incapable of compliance. Am I a villain for making such an observation about Feminism?

Nemesis (the goddess) is related to Lady Justice and they are balance goddesses. Most do not recognize them as Trickster archetypes, but one primary feature of Tricksters is balance. Nemesis interests me because balance features in this present chapter in rewrite. I have another reason, for another post, but my main point is how your nemesis can play the role of friend. Nemesis sees good and evil as relative People persecuting heretics may see themselves as serving the greater good, but are they?

Going to Script


You may not know the language, but I’m sure you can figure out the last word on the sign translates to “bordello.” What may surprise you is the full translation. “Ukraine is not a bordello.” Femen wants to set up shop, so good news guys – topless protests. Bad news guys they may hate us. I wish Feminists did a better job of communicating their message. I still struggle to figure Femen out. Churches and strip clubs may find a common enemy in Femen. Patriarchal style religions, like Islam and Roman Catholicism, will feel their wrath. Many sex workers fight to ply their trade and consider themselves Feminists, but Femen fights the sex industry. I’m not sure if we get free topless catfights after the church protests. I suspect many Protestant faiths will not come under fire because they allow women to take leadership positions. The Lady Godiva technique they use to protest Putin and his Ukrainian flunky seems rather brave and worthy of respect. I’m still confused by who participates. Most seem rather attractive and the pictures lack male supporters. Thomas Pynchon uses a literary device, called the “story within a story,” in The Crying of Lot 49. I use the frame story technique; which, allows for many “stories within a story.” Femen does not fit perfect in my story, but my technique offers flexibility.  Femen shows similarity to the female characters in my novel. My title alludes to the ‘’”play within a play” and how Femen plays to my script. I’m sure Femen will get an allusion,  but the way people play to script intrigues me. The way people lose their identity to a group (i.e. religion) is something I want to highlight. Femen fits the heretic protester role of — rebel.

Eris in the Ukraine


The image on the right translates to,”This Ukrainian Prime Minister is a big boob.”

Many of my fellow Americans are idiots, but most can comprehend this statement.

The image comes from Femen’s call for a sex boycott. History and Literature buffs might call this “pulling a Lysistrata (a play from ancient Greece written by Aristophanes). The more apt comparison may come from then Judgment of Paris. The women in Lysistrata tried to end the Peloponnesian War, but in the latter tale Eris throws her “Apple of Discord;” Athena becomes a sore loser; Paris gets horny over Helen of Troy and steals her away, the Trojan War breaks out, and thousand ships launch.

America’s Feminist movement has left men at a loss as to what to do. Staring for hours at the boob might be the plan. Do we need to get all macho with Putin? Many Muslims may be thinking about how they need to keep their women all covered up. Maybe Ellen will host another Oscars.

America can’t save everyone. Do Feminists even want men to look at  boobs or are they save for Lesbian lust instead? Do we save the damsels, or do they want to cut off the balls from all the guys? Will Monica Lewinski volunteer to do Putin? Maybe he wants a guy. Who is the hottest gay dude? Will he do the job?

I can write this and I can contemplate the boob. I have volunteered before, my spirit is broken. I don’t have boobs to show; so I can’t excite or incite I will watch and wait. I’m sure a new historical rerun will show up soon. Will I get to see big another big boob or get stuck with a dick.

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War and the Star Wars Bar

Inna Shevchenko-tile-horz

Did Femen win? War has erupted in their home, the Ukraine. They put much blame on religion. God is cool, but religion brings in the vanity of man. Dictators want one church, just like the bad old days when Popes and Emperors’ fornicated with one another, while preaching about the bad black sheep of their flock.. Central leadership systems do not work, the Pope is nothing more than a Darth Maul. Atheists will never rid the world of religion. Protestant isn’t a religion; it is a Star Wars bar. The Mos Eisley Cantina is a place where Rodney King (from the LA riots) and I might get along. Maybe Inna Shevchenko (top left in yellow) can share a beer with us.


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