The Alpha-female

Females use social aggression rather than, male preferred, physical aggression. The main character, in my novel, progresses from ‘butt of jokes’ to Alpha — piss in your face territory. Yes, my dwarf is physically aggressive, too, but her power comes from the social circle. Rosalind Wiseman‘s self-help book targets adolescents, but adult women play the same game. Anything to do with body image comes from pressure by peers and the fashion industry which more often features gay guys. Straight guys have preferences in body image, but the constant pressure doesn’t come from us.

The Beehives of Feminism


Beyoncé’s Beyhive is apparently attacking Emma Watson’s hive at this very moment. I’m not sure which side the lesbians of Les Ruches will take., but I imagine they will launch an attack on both. Back in 2015, Emma Watson made comments about the anti-Feminist voyeuristic nature of Beyoncé’s music video’s and now Watson is charged with hypocrisy for showing off her hoo-haws in a Vanity Fair photo shoot.

My novel satires the divisive nature of Feminism, so this war between celebrity Feminist hives—falls in line with a theme in my novel. Honey is the name of a character, in my novel, and the beehive is a symbol of the lesbians of Les Ruches.

Watson recruits men to support Feminism and men will usually support women showing off the hooter-eyes of Hooters. One of oldest jokes, in the world, apples here, “Women Bee Crazy.”

Why my female dwarf is a badass

My dwarf begins as a brainy, sixteen-year-old girl about ready to begin her first semester in college. The young age bugged me because placing her in a fertility cult means sex, Kids often find themselves in such situations, so I’m mirroring society. I wrote the second book in the series, first, and the events needed to take place earlier, so I adapted and applied a ‘coming of age’ scenario to my story.

Eventually, she will have an alpha-type personality, but the genetic ghosts who possess her will push her to extremes. Being a female dwarf probably makes this homicidal, sexually sadistic character lovable and explains my use of the word ‘noir,’ in my first sentence. Florida’s noir features the darkness hidden inside a sunny disposition.

I’ve already noticed a problem, in the querying process. Low-level screening agents may reject a query before it reaches the agent you researched for possible fit. One query sent to a man with sci-fi and historical interests was rejected almost immediately by a low-level female of unknown interest. Why research an agent when someone totally different makes the judgment call? Interns who call themselves feminists, without knowing the different philosophies of feminism pose a problem and affects my wording about being a satire of feminism.

I gave one female agent a head start, but I sent out more queries yesterday and one was the within the hour rejection described above. Only the first agent queried matters much to me because the others were less likely fits and she’s the only female that I have much hope for. Two male agents are my best fit, but I’ll send some practice queries before I try them. The quick rejection didn’t bug me and now I know I’m going to need a more feminist-friendly tactic.

What I said about my dwarf is true and in many ways, she embodies aspects of a feminist queen. My satire is about the competing factions within feminism and the way they often say polar opposite things. If I show why my dwarf should be respected, I may have better luck.

I can’t show my dwarf’s full journey through life in one book and she’s only a supporting character in the second book. My third book would develop her into who she really is. It may seem impolitically correct to use the term “my dwarf’ but she’s my hero and consider the words “dwarf’ and “hero’ interchangeable. She’s closer to anti-hero in this novel, but if things go as planned she’ll reach true hero status in the third book.

Tight G-strings don’t hurt Pink’s head

Ariana Grande has her head up her ass, so naturally a tight g-string will hurt her head.. Pink, the musical artist, may have varied responses to someone calling her a sex object; she may say, “Well–Duh!” or ” I sure hope so”. Considering Grande identifies herself as a Feminist, Pink may have burned off the label. If Pink identifies a Feminist then she identifies as third wave and laughs at the sex object mantra of second wave Feminists.

Even in the Shakespearean verse of “Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day”, you see elements of sexual objectification. Of course, many poets and lyricists use cruder terms, but the point remains the same. An object is unaware that it an object, unless that object is human. most of us know we classify as objects; hence, problem with feminist terminology of sexual objectification. Grande objectifies herself, but doesn’t realize she’s an object, so she would obviously fail the Turing test, she relegates herself as a simple bot.

If Grande didn’t wear stripper-wear I wouldn’t recognize her. Adele doesn’t need stripper wear. The fan who started Grande’s Twitter war, spoke the language of the penis. It is a simple language spoken by many creatures, but oddly enough this language produces life. Pink recently gave birth to a son and I’m certain she won’t cut off his penis an balls for being born a white dude with a penis. White Feminist elitists, such as Lena Dunham would just flush him down the toilet.

Quakers and Shakers

Elizabeth_Cady_Stanton_and_Susan B Anthony-horz

Do you ever wonder how the early feminists would react to the feminists of today? If they rose from the grave would they quiver and ask, “What have I done?’ The Quakers led the way for Women’s rights, in early American history. On the left, you see the feminist Quakers–Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

Stanton made an observation that she became more radical, as she aged; while, Anthony grew more conservative. This observation leads to my interest. Different factions of the feminist movement play a role in my novel and there have always been factions in the feminist movement, but the distance between groups has widened.

Is a man leading the rally, in the image on the right—no? Her choice. Gay men may see a glob of fat; while; straight guys see an interesting contour and don’t always have control of the reaction. Both Darwin and the Bible agree on reproductive desire and the straight male reactions are natural. Some Feminists have condemned males for the reaction; while some use it to their advantage—there is a divide and some feminists jump from one side to the other, in an irrational or self-serving manner.

Personally, I believe the ‘orbs’ power should be saved for a truly worthy cause.

The image on the left comes from the Susan B. Anthony – Wikipedia page.

The image on the right comes from the topless protest page and has the following credits:

Description: A group of women protesting for the right to go topless anywhere a man could. Venice Beach California. The demonstrator with the microphone is wearing a pastie in the shape of a nipple.

Author Mark Lidikay Date 21 August 2011

Elitist Attacks On Whites

You don’t need to attack whites to prove you understand the Black perspective. When I saw the attacks on Whites, on a literary agent’s twitter account; it aggravated me because this was obvious elitist behavior. You have little choice in your gender and while you have little choice in the genetics of ethnicity—the perception is more complicated.

Anyone with linguistic knowledge can surmise my ancestor was Native American with Spanish links and I have my grandfather’s hate of his Native American grandmother to give me further proof–he wasn’t bragging about his bloodline and his allegations of abuse show the reason why. Another great-grandmother had a Spanish surname which comes from a historically notable Spaniard who can be found in many books dedicated to Spanish Florida history. Am I Hispanic, Native American or a generic White? My ancestor was married to a Black woman and even though I come from the White wife does not mean I’m 100% White. Untraceable ancestors may be untraceable due to racial reasons because that is the way things work.

When I saw the twitter feed belonging to Amy Boggs, a Literary agent working for Donald Maass Literary Agency, I noticed needless attacks on Whites. Many writers have financial problems and agents need to grade the market value of the work. Agents know gender and race play in a role in what sales; you also have a niche for every possible configuration of human being. An agent should not attack a group of people base on gender or race because there is a market for most everything–if sold properly.

My book satires the divide between feminist groups and the satire may make it difficult to sell to narrow minded feminists. Educated feminists know about the divide, but many activists fail to fully examine perspectives.  Activists need to make a clear message or they fail as activists. Feminists garble their message due the divide between 2nd and 3rd wave movements.

Gender and race often create a divide in perspective.  Cops are not perfect and that created the “Black Lives Matter” campaign. People who prefer the, “All Lives Matter’ message–look at the perspective of the police and the difficulty of certain situations. I see multiple perspectives on most things and that is why I call myself a misanthrope. People suck and it has little to do with gender or race.

I apparently come from groups that were discriminated in the past and now lucky me, Black is the new White. Just look at these outtakes from an elitist literary agent:

How a Bunch of White People Screwed Up Jesse Owens’ Story in ‘Race’ … Retweet  Amy Boggs ‏@notjustanyboggs

Q1: Fantasy. Complains about query process; doesn’t include pages. White savior narrative. Pass. #querylunch

Amy Boggs Retweeted

Kayla Whaley ‏@PunkinOnWheels  Feb 19

4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears …  via @evrydayfeminism

White Males Suck

I was researching a literary agent and browsed her twitter account and ‘white males suck’ is my general impression. Some of my posts are satirical, but I represent myself not an agency. My satire often comes with a reasoning for my view. I emailed the agency to let them decide what to do with her. She should feel happy that I’m not identifying her or the agency

I have a diverse ancestry, but most would see a white guy.

My book pokes fun at the polar opposite views of 2nd and 3rd wave feminists, but a cause should have a clear message. Calling yourself a Feminist without identifying your brand of Feminism—leaves an unclear message. Most literary agents are women any by the time you whittle down the male agents by genre you end up with a short list. I have two agents on my ‘feel good about’ list and want to practice the querying process on the ‘longer shots’ before sending those two my work.

A Main Character Designed For Rejection

High Concept is a literary term used by some agents and to fit this genre, you should create the hook for pitching your novel or screenplay before you begin the actual writing. Commercial and High Concept are similar because High Concept is designed to sell.

I did not design my work to sell, so the pitching to agents is more difficult, even though it does have commercial aspects. Women are given reason to hate the main character; he is designed for rejection. Most literary agents are women, so I have a problem. The pitch that I came up with today needs work and only captures a few elements, but it does address why my main character is designed for rejection.

Kal sees women as sex objects. Let’s kidnap him and make him pay. Freaks need love, too. F-me, F-me please, make me your–it. Women be crazy, I mean really crazy.

This hook has problems, but it may explain why I call my novel She-it. The term ‘it’ threads the ‘freak’ topic and the ‘sexual object’ topic. The agents talk about  “book club’ novels and my novel explores a Feminist issue.

If you look up third-wave Feminism, on Wikipedia, you will find the topic of Riot Grrrl bands and one of the  bands listed is Jack Off Jill and they do the song, Cumdumpster. Some second-wave Feminists will probably yell, misogyny for my use of the word. Jack Off Jill fits my Feminist theme and my Florida theme, so I have reason to use the word. Technically, semen does go to waste in the female body, even in cases of impregnation. Many Feminists do not understand that other Feminists may say, ‘yeah, I’m a cumdumpster—so, what.’ Third-wave Feminists don’t find sex shameful, so offensive is difficult to diagnose.

I have legitimate reasons for what I do. Many agents will not understand, but I may have a small chance to get through this nightmarish process. I’m sorry, but ‘Women Be Crazy’ does cross mind when I look at Feminist issues and trying to figure out what a female literary agent may think is a dip into insanity. They don’t list their Feminist or sexual views. Feminists do not share the same view, as each other. When it comes to women, I don’t have a clue.

The Inhuman Mask of Feminism


Feminists call their stance–humanist; I see many reasons to disagree. The money paid to the cast of American Hustle became news today. Jennifer Lawrence found out she made less than the male stars, but she was not the headline star of the film, Jeremy Renner’s salary is the only on that should be compared in value to Lawrence. Did Renner just have a better agent and what was their marketable value at the time?

Lawrence is obviously advantaged over most people and I’m sure she has an agent who helps make the deals. Could she have just toughened up her negotiations without the Feminist rhetoric. I thought she chose the uglier mask. Will it change her value?

Entertainment has value, but is the 20+ million dollars given to each of the stars, too much? Are sociopaths too advantaged in this society? Wall Street does not own all the sociopaths.

Groupism; such as Feminism is a theme of my novel. Groups often wear costumes and accessories, so a kink to my new emphasis on masks—seems plausible. Feminists want to hide behind a humanist mask, but Humanists look at all sides of the gender equation. Humanists don’t wear masks.

Killing The Sensitive Son

EugèneFerdinandVictorDelacroixMedea about to Kill her Children

Feminism became a theme in my novel and I suspect this post’s title sums up the reason. My social retardation was notable and the cry for social change may have hurt my sensitive ears.Yes, I whimper.

Feminism is not humanist because it focuses on a gender perspective. Am I misogynist for seeing female breasts as sex objects or am I normal?

Many literary agents want Women’s Fiction and Book Club books. I may fit the latter because I address an issue. Most literary agents are women; will they see misogyny in my humor and toss my book? Or will they see my point?

Should I bother sending a query letter to a female agent? I praise the female agents willing to provide good head.

The image depicts Medea’s act of infanticide; Eugène Delacroix is the artist and it came from the Wikipedia for infanticide. I allude to Medea in my novel.