Digresives–Unwelcome in Timucuan Territory


Many who call themselves Progressives are truly digressive holier than thou elitists. Brie Larsen took the role Marvel’s Captain Marvel when she could have declined and promoted the use of another ethnicity. She now wants to limit the number of White males who cover the upcoming movie; even, though I’m certain White males have been the predominantly paying audience for comic book films in the US. Most people would see me as a White male but my Native American heritage makes me the true native of Florida–the Seminoles helped wipe out my family’s tribe.

Jerry Seinfeld is famously observant and has noted how people who scream for tolerance are famously intolerant. If White males are to be rationed out– then a high powered White man of Jewish persuasion would limit the opportunities in my natural homeland. I like and respect Jerry Seinfeld, but I’m sure a keen observer such he would not be in favor of being rationed out any more than I do.

If you want a list of who I consider a Digressive– Chis Mathews the long time media  commentator for NBC would serve well as poster boy. A war-club to head would be to swift of death for a elitist worm like Mathews, but it was the ceremonial weapon of my ancestors and therefore should be considered if happenstance placed me anywhere near his. No, I’m not going to chase him; I just doubt I could contain my rage if I every had to listen in person to his hypocritical ass.

I don’t hate other ethnicity on principle but I’s sick of the hate directed at me as a true native of this land.

The Feminist Attack In A Strip Club

The Feminist attack may have been about race, but a Black stripper snapped at me for a reason unknown to me. She apparently thought I disrespected her. As I’ve said before, I’m a dumb retard– meaning I had a significant delay in social growth because I didn’t say a word until I was almost four. This social dysfunction and the fact that I was in the Navy made a strip club an easier place to interact with women. No one would accuse me of being a pickup artist who is out to use and abuse women. A strip club just seemed a fair exchange because I’m relatively certain the women mad a business decision to work at such place.

After the stripper snapped at me, I snapped back and said I’m just here because I was alone and horny, and as far as I know she made more money than me and was more content with her job. I’ve spent time cleaning sulfur tanks making less what a McDonald’s worker makes these days and a sulfur tank truly simulates the experience of hell; sulfur is brimstone and it is unbelievably hot inside of one of those tanks. My eyes burned for hours and the odd remedy is soaking your eyes with milk. What irritated the stripper, I don’t know, but I know what irritated me.

Her attitude changed after I snapped back with the truth, we seemed to get along fine and she may have been hinting that she really wanted me to ask her for a date. Strippers do fake stuff all the time, but this was different, but I’m somewhat socially clueless and never saw myself as anyone someone dreamed about, but supposedly one girl apparently did. I know, now, that I looked like Paul McCartney, but back then I thought I at best looked average looking. The way girls screamed for McCartney makes me wonder if girls really did find me dreamy. Who knew? Not me. Once the stripper realized that I had no disrespect for her, did she really find me attractive? Oddly possible.

I’m not in love with the CBS TV series, Scorpion, but I can identify with the lead actor’s role. Sometimes I speak facts when people suspect something else. The show is too formulaic and probably should add a chaotic character.

I’m having trouble concentrating on what I need to accomplish, self-publishing my books should be the goal, but my mind’s already fishing for ideas about the third book.

Pornstar Feminsts

The Naked Feminist

One group of Feminists scream sexual objectification and another group of Feminists embrace their sex object label; hence, the satire in my novel. I also wrote posts to satire Ariana Grande’s use of the “sex object” term because that term belongs to anti-sex 2nd wave Feminists and Ariana’s generation has moved to a pro-sex 3rd wave.

The Naked Feminist is a documentary by Louisa Achille and includes interviews with many famous porn stars who identify as a Feminist. The list includes:

Ariana Grande Declares She Has No Artistic Flair

Poetry, art, and musical lyrics depend on sexual objectification to thrive. Grande and other Divas use BDSM in their videos and their acts–BDSM specializes in turning people into objects. To use the archaic feminist terminology of sexual objectification, Grande makes it clear, she’s all façade, a bot engineered by music industry. She could never pass the Turing test. Only admitting the wrongs of denying her status as a sex object–can prove she has a soul.

Women At Odds

Feminist nightmares-horz-vert

Many Feminists don’t want to face the truth and realize that the biggest opposition for a Feminist movement comes from another Feminist. I stumbled upon this book (Feminist Nightmares: Women At Odds: Feminism and the Problems of Sisterhood) by Susan Ostrov Weisser; while, researching the French Revolution and many Feminists didn’t take kindly to it.

I’m looking for conspiracy events for my fictional cult can take part in and the France’s Reign of Terror may work.

I use the pictures of Marie-Olympe-de-Gouges and the women of the Lesueur_Club, Patriotique_de Femmes , to represent the factions. Both images came from Wikipedia.Credits below.

Artist Jean-Baptiste Lesueur (1749-1826) / Pierre-Etienne Lesueur († 1802)

Club Patriotique de Femmes (1791)

Medium gouache on cardboard

Dimensions 36.7 × 53.5 cm (14.4 × 21.1 in)

Current location Carnavalet Museum

References Joconde database: entry 50350037967


Artist Alexander Kucharsky (1741–1819)

Description: Portrait of Olympes de Gouges
18th century Fin du XVIIIe siècle

Collection particulière

(Reusing this file)
Art is in the public domain often the quart

When Women Formed A Faction

We all come from a long line of male-female relationships and some people obviously spawn from bad relations. Babies don’t have a choice in their gender or race, but many Feminists attack White men for their race and gender. Not all Feminists agree on Feminist philosophy and many women don’t want the label of Feminist. Many see it just as I do, just another faction.

Is a female attack of all White men just as bad as an attack all Blacks or all women? There is a need to look at all sides of the equation and stop the partisan behavior.

Obvious facts:

The penis needs a female sex object to make babies. Feminists coined the term that “women are not sex object’s and many repeated this irrational notion. Not all Feminists joined in on that chorus and more understand the stupidity in saying  such a thing

In a ‘he said’ – ‘she said’ argument the woman nor the man is always right. If the women in Johnny Depp’s life refute Amber Heard‘s depiction then we have more reason to believe the male side. Bill Cosby’s has multiple accusers, so it is reasonable to favor the female side.

I obviously don’t care if I get black-balled, because I’m not capable of playing the insane game of thrones. George R.R. Martin’s, Game of Thrones, is great, but I wouldn’t want to be trapped in such a world, in real life. I saw discrimination against White males in remarks by literary agent on the Twitter account of Amy Boggs (Donald Maass Literary agency).

When I allude to women, in my novel, I do it for trivia and historical reasons and don’t mean to disrespect, but I have nothing but disrespect for Feminists who discriminate for gender and race reasons. If Amy Boggs comes from a White scumbag father that is her genes and gives her no right to discriminate against White men. Some of us supposed White people are just mutts. No, Boggs didn’t reject me; I just researched and saw her remarks. The literary agency didn’t reply to my email about her remarks, so I took to the net.

Quakers and Shakers

Elizabeth_Cady_Stanton_and_Susan B Anthony-horz

Do you ever wonder how the early feminists would react to the feminists of today? If they rose from the grave would they quiver and ask, “What have I done?’ The Quakers led the way for Women’s rights, in early American history. On the left, you see the feminist Quakers–Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony.

Stanton made an observation that she became more radical, as she aged; while, Anthony grew more conservative. This observation leads to my interest. Different factions of the feminist movement play a role in my novel and there have always been factions in the feminist movement, but the distance between groups has widened.

Is a man leading the rally, in the image on the right—no? Her choice. Gay men may see a glob of fat; while; straight guys see an interesting contour and don’t always have control of the reaction. Both Darwin and the Bible agree on reproductive desire and the straight male reactions are natural. Some Feminists have condemned males for the reaction; while some use it to their advantage—there is a divide and some feminists jump from one side to the other, in an irrational or self-serving manner.

Personally, I believe the ‘orbs’ power should be saved for a truly worthy cause.

The image on the left comes from the Susan B. Anthony – Wikipedia page.

The image on the right comes from the topless protest page and has the following credits:

Description: A group of women protesting for the right to go topless anywhere a man could. Venice Beach California. The demonstrator with the microphone is wearing a pastie in the shape of a nipple.

Author Mark Lidikay Date 21 August 2011

A Humanist Boycott of Donald Maass

The literary agent addressed in this post is no longer a literary agent, but she still bashes straight White guys. I’m not just White but have been harassed for being White–multiple times.

I was just doing my research for the purpose of querying and got a vibe. A racist and sexist vibe. After a short survey of the twitter feed belonging to Amy Boggs of the Donald Maass Literary Agency—I found the snippets below but first think on a few things. J.K. Rowling’s hero, Harry Potter, fits the White savior mold and if she rejected someone’s book for that reason—she’s a bad literary agent. Reading one of these would not bug me, but after three; I processed my emotions quite well and they were rage without tears. No, I was not rejected by the agency; why send a query to someone like this?

How a Bunch of White People Screwed Up Jesse Owens’ Story in ‘Race’ http://flavorwire.com/561818/how-a-bunch-of-white-people-screwed-up-jesse-owens-story-in-raceAmy Boggs ‏@notjustanyboggs

Q1: Fantasy. Complains about query process; doesn’t include pages. White savior narrative. Pass. #querylunch

Amy Boggs Retweeted

Kayla Whaley ‏@PunkinOnWheels  Feb 19

4 Ways White People Can Process Their Emotions Without Bringing the White Tears http://everydayfeminism.com/2016/02/white-people-emotions-tears/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=SocialWarfare …  via @evrydayfeminism

Donal Maass has authored several books on writing, but I suggest a boycott of his books and literary agency until he addresses this matter. I don care if I get black-listed by literary agencies—I see something wrong with her attitude and they did not respond timely to my email, so I put it here. Maybe J.k. Rowling will take a stand. Racism and sexism are not one-way streets.

White Males Suck

I was researching a literary agent and browsed her twitter account and ‘white males suck’ is my general impression. Some of my posts are satirical, but I represent myself not an agency. My satire often comes with a reasoning for my view. I emailed the agency to let them decide what to do with her. She should feel happy that I’m not identifying her or the agency

I have a diverse ancestry, but most would see a white guy.

My book pokes fun at the polar opposite views of 2nd and 3rd wave feminists, but a cause should have a clear message. Calling yourself a Feminist without identifying your brand of Feminism—leaves an unclear message. Most literary agents are women any by the time you whittle down the male agents by genre you end up with a short list. I have two agents on my ‘feel good about’ list and want to practice the querying process on the ‘longer shots’ before sending those two my work.

Condescending Much

I’m sure many of you have seen the dust-up within the Feminist Party. Quotes from Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem caused the ruckus. I find the Steinem’s view as hilarious. I sympathize with some feminist views but the divide in Feminism makes calling yourself a Feminist — an admission of irrationality. Either get close to the same page or take separate names for the cause. Two groups saying opposite things under the Feminist label is just irrational. Here are the quotes and the one by the former face of the Feminist movement is a doozy:

“We can tell our story of how we climbed the ladder, and a lot of you younger women think it’s done,” Albright said, before pivoting to a scorching rebuke of young women supporting Sanders: “It’s not done. There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other.”

Steinem explained young women’s support of Bernie Sanders over Clinton by chalking it up to sex: “When you’re young, you’re thinking, ‘Where are the boys? The boys are with Bernie.’

Are the boys really with Bernie? No one mentioned this in my non-existent boys club. Guys will also go where girls are but I always see complex social equations.

The Trump versus Sanders match-up interests me more because that’s a Capitalism versus Socialism debate. I see flaws in both systems. Socialism is the more idealistic system, but it seems rather obvious that Capitalism drove invention over the last couple of centuries. If machines are going to eliminate a multitude of jobs—we will have to have a more socialistic system. Are we to that point yet? I’m not in a position to answer the question and would rather hear from leaders in technology sector rather than empty-headed politicians like Bush and Obama.

The Rubio debate disaster was interesting, too. Obama got nailed on his teleprompter use and Rubio’s repetition of a line is similar in nature. Many of us want to see real people; not a cardboard poster with a speaker hiding in the back.

Back to the Feminist issue. Switch around the genders in the Albright quote. If it is wrong for men to behave that way then isn’t it wrong for women to be sexist? Isn’t the Capitalist or Socialist debate more important? If you are a young or old; man or woman—shouldn’t you be thinking best about how our society should move forward. Neither Capitalism or Socialism is evil; they were both created to best advance society. Be open-minded. When I made my Feminist Agent quote, I was pondering how open-minded anyone who calls herself Feminist can be. Shouldn’t you just call yourself a Humanist?

You notice I don’t tell you how to vote; I just want you to think. Albright was without a doubt telling you what to think, in my opinion.