The Holy Hole of Baubo

When it comes to Baubo, it’s all about the hole

The figurine above has bothered me because it doesn’t emphasize the hole, but I believe there may be an indirect reference to the hole. What looks like hair—is really a skirt and I believe it’s in the image of a pregnant woman—which is where the indirect reference to the hole comes in.

Imagine lying on the floor with a pregnant woman before you. What might you se above the skirt? Boobies would be my guess. The figurines headdress may be boobs. Painting a face on pregnant woman’s belly seems an appropriate jest, but that headdress may be another joke.

Baubo is linguistically similar to the biblical city of Babel, which means gateway to god. The natural gateway to this world is through the hole which rests between a woman’s legs, which may be referred to as Baubo’s gateway into this world. I’ve called Baubo, a portal goddess for this very reason. Yes, Baubo is a humorous deity, but her true purpose serves creation. Human creation.

I wrote the first book in the series, after the second and I failed to see the importance o Baubo, at first, so the second book in the series doesn’t use her, which is unfortunate. Maybe my humor can draw a smile from such a goddess, though.

If an ancient fertility cult operated in the contemporary world

My fictional fertility cult worships Baubo; a deity associated with Eleusinian Mysteries of ancient Greece, During the procession to Eleusis, people shouted obscenities in honor to Baubo/Iambe. Baubo cracked dirty jokes and made an obscene gesture to cheer up Demeter after Hades stole Persephone away. From this information, you can assume a contemporary cult would sexually extroverted. My cult intertwines with the adult entertainment industry, and I consider this a likely occurrence.

I often call my cult a Mata Hari cult, because they will use their sexuality for espionage and to manipulate events. The image above features Mata Hari, in her veils of exotic dance.

Description: Mata Hari, Paris, Museum Guimet
Date 13 March 1905

Seeking the brazen female version of Peter Dinklage

I’m certain my novels would sell if they had a proper marketing campaign and I believe it would make a bundle as a film series if it was cast properly. Daisy Earles (above) may be too Lolita-like for my main character, but my choice for the part would need some sex appeal and be brazen enough to use it. My use of a ‘coming of age’ storyline prodded me to use an underage star and I believe a fertility cult operating in our current era (as in my novels) would ignore age-regulating rules.

The biggest problem may be finding a good enough actress because of the smaller talent pool (no pun intended). Even if a larger proportion of dwarfs have superior acting talent than normal sized people; it still leaves few candidates. The brazen nature of my main character and the other cult members will scare away the prudish.

Personally, I just want to make a book trailer. A real dwarf or dwarfs, willing to partner with me, would be beneficial in many ways. Of course, a dwarf or dwarfs would aid in marketing my novels, but I believe I own a respectful reason for my usage of dwarfs and an endorsement would be helpful. History provides the reason for my use of dwarfs; such as the dwarf singer who actually played a role in the founding of St. Augustine; the Russian Royal  Midgets ( as explained in my post) founded a town in the Miami – Dade area of Florida; Daisy and her three dwarfs lived and died in Sarasota; and other dwarfs helped establish Gibsonton, Florida. I apologize if calling Florida a ‘Dwarf Graveyard”, but my state most likely has a winning proportion of dwarfs.

My dream cast for the scenes at Matanzas would include Johnny Depp, in three roles, as a Timucuan, Huguenot, and as a Conquistador. Peter Dinklage would star as the dwarf who came with Pedro Menendez and most likely a couple of other roles. Bridget Powers would get a chance to audition for my main character’s mother and hopefully win it. Any pornstar from Florida would get a chance for a role because I prefer a Florida link and they have the brazenness to handle the erotic aspects of fertility cult duty (+ I allude to a few in my name game). A girl of slight Asian appearance who can handle multiple accents and a skinny Black girl would be the other roles (the ages would need to be ranged near the main character. My dwarf has a hankering for tall girls, so a couple of Maria Sharapova types. The cult is made up of hoochie coochie girls and freaks, so circus folk are most welcome.

The image comes from Wikimedia with the following credits:

English: Daisy Earles in a scene from the film Freaks, 1932
Português: Daisy Earles em uma cena do filme Freaks, de 1932
Date 1931
Author Clarence Sinclair Bull, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

The Geeky Libertine

My main character is a tech geek and values instilled by a fertility cult has made her Libertine. Her journal reflects these attributes with its title:

dWARf’s log     Whoredate XX-XXX

The world’s oldest religion gives honor to the what we often call the world’s oldest profession—in fertility cults, whores are sacred.

The journal name appears at the beginning of my novel. I hear cries of misogyny as soon as I typed the word, whore, but the title of the journal reflects the very essence of the main character and the cult— she’s a tech geek, in a cult of sacred whores. I had slim hopes for an agent in this era of feminist battle cries and the whole process of researching literary agents left me depressed. I considered dropping the journal’s name, but I find it truthful to my main character’s character.

I also want the negative connotation of the word ‘whore’ to seep into my main character’s opinion of her mother’s lesbian lover. Homosexuality is anti-fertility even though fertility cults often feature castration and transsexuality—this provides conflict. The third novel, in this series, should resolve this conflict. Vane, the fore mentioned lesbian lover appears in the first journal entry and it is obvious that my main character dislikes her.

My pen name, M Brace DeFreak, has a mixed meaning. Deviation from the norms is natural, but there is a reason for the norm. A freak is a deviation from the norm and they will always exist, so everyone must accept this fact. The freak also has to come to some form of acceptance about the norm. Balance can be a difficult thing when order nor chaos represent the common good. So embrace the freak, but don’t embrace the freak to hard.

Harnessing The Power Of a Fertility Cult


Money is the true secret to power, but when you run a fertility cult—money comes phallic shaped. I’ve known my main character’s source of wealth, for quite a while. This book tracks her rise to power, so I need to pace out her income stream. The mad scientist mind melt that I wrote about in my last post seems a likely time for a bump in intellectual activity.

It isn’t enough to just invent something; you need a promotional scheme. I have an idea, but the artwork will probably take a while. Fortunately, the idea may work well as a book trailer. Below are the Wikimedia credits, for the image above. My idea is related.

Description: White Cross Electric Vibrator Advertisement.

Date: 01-05-1913

Source: New-York tribune. (New York [N.Y.]) 1866-1924, January 05, 1913, Image 48

Author: New-York tribune

Creating a Fertility Cult

Natalie Clifford Barney_Renee Vivien-OscarWilde

Gay people fail in the concept of conception, but their lack of genetic issue has advantages. Long dead and childless people offer a bit more leeway. These celebrities celebrated their sexual exploits, so I doubt anything I write will give their ghosts any reason to haunt me.

My fictional cult needs women, so lesbians work well. Natalie Clifford Barney, front right, wrote a book about her lovers..Wikipedia says her mother painted her daughter’s lovers, for illustration purposes, without knowing about the lesbian relationships. Barney didn’t believe in monogamy, so she had many lovers and often shared the bed with two lovers. No mention of full-out orgy, but her restraint from the practice probably came from reticence of her lovers and the bed size.

Barney, as a child, met Oscar Wilde (left) and in her later years—she bedded his niece, Dolly Wilde. Rene Vivien wears the pants, but Barney was the Don Juana. People in the Lesbian erotica field may do well, doing a period piece, based on her life. Barney’s life is  lesbian porn. if Ellen and Portia hold masquerade ball, they may want to take a look at Barney’s field of lovers, for their theme.

My fertility cult will resemble an anti-fertility Feminist cult, but I’m okay with that. Mixing fiction with reality causes me some distress. I foresee problems when using people from more recent times. Fiction often needs believability, so I try to puzzle out how a secret cult may exist. Working with real people, strengthens the believability. Maybe I need to request volunteers to form my cult. Females associated with Doris Wishman and other Florida filmmakers–please apply.

Fertilizer Face


I see three possibilities. One fits by geography, one by mythology, and one by biography. I write about a fertility cult and I do a lot of interconnecting. Florida has links to both fertility and fertilizer. Face it, Florida is the penis state; just look at the shape. The name links to Flora, the Roman goddess. Fertilizer was once a large driver of our economy. Look up the biography of Traylor Howard and you will see she has a link to the industry through her dad (she’s the one in the wedding dress, in a scene from Me, Myself & Irene).

The mythology finger, like Traylor’s finger, points to Tony Cox. Little people often act as fertility deities and you will find some deities colored black (which is the color of good soil). His name also conjures up a euphemism, unfortunately he has no links  to Florida; which eliminates him as a sure thing to make it in as an allusion in my book.

Delta Burke makes it in due to the geography in her name. A river delta is a very fertile place. The river delta made the Nile famous. She also happens to have a link to a pig and the Demeter happened to have pigs sacrificed to her. Delta was an A-list celebrity and she won the Miss Florida contest in 1973, so I chose her as a face of Florida and by extension – fertilizer. If Traylor Howard and Tony Cox would do me a favor and really get married, they would be perfect. A sex tape might be too much to ask for, but I may as well ask anyway. Traylor would make a good Freyja.