The Goddess Who Gives Florida, Her Name

Catholics named Florida, but the name originates with Flora, the Roman goddess of spring and the flowers who decorate her season. Pagan gods are forever threaded into language, so Christianity and other religions can’t separate from more ancient days.  Juan Ponce de León named the land, he came to, La Florida because he landed in the season of Pascua Florida (“Flowery Easter”). The abundance of flora gave further reason for the name.

Flora has another tie to Florida–Flora Disney, Walt’s mother. This tidbit of trivia is alluded to in my second novel. I created a character named Flora Holder, an ancestor of the male main characters of my novels. The last name, Holder, comes from my ancestry, but I used Flora as a first name to commemorate the goddess. My Native American ancestry comes from the Holder side of my family, so I Flora Holder is my goddess.

Flora and the Mother of Hiawatha

Flora and Hiawatha

The West Wind swept up the mother of Hiawatha and the West Wind also swept up the Roman goddess, Flora. I may adapt the story of Hiawatha into my novel and my fixation with Flora has me considering this adoption.

Florida has two places name for Hiawatha’s grandmother, Nokomis, one in Escambia County, Florida and another Nokomis is in Sarasota County, Florida.

Both images from Wikipedia

Artist: Sandro Botticelli (1445–1510)

Title: Italian: Nascita di Venere
The Birth of Venus

Description: Depicts the goddess Venus, having emerged from the sea as a fully grown woman, arriving at the sea-shore. The seashell she stands on was a symbol in classical antiquity for a woman’s vulva. Thought to be based in part on the Venus de’ Medici, an ancient Greek marble sculpture of Aphrodite.

Date: from 1483 until 1485[1]

Medium: tempera on panel

Dimensions: Length: 278.5 cm (109.6 in). Height: 172.5 cm (67.9 in).

Current location: Uffizi Gallery room Botticelli

Object history: commissioned by Lorenzo and Giovanni di Pierfrancesco de’Medici for Villa di Castello (?)

References: Text about “Birth of Venus” from E.H. Gombrich, “The Story of Art”

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Source/Photographer: Adjusted levels from File:Sandro Botticelli – La nascita di Venere – Google Art Project.jpg, originally from Google Art Project. Compression Photoshop level 9.

Description: Statue of Hiawatha (Longfellow‘s Hiawatha) carrying Minnehaha at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Image by Mulad. A plaque at the site says:

Hiawatha and Minnehaha by Jacob Fjelde
Erected in 1911 by means of funds raised through the efforts of Mrs. L.P. Hunt of Mankato, and contributed principally by the school children of Minnesota.

Date: 8 June 2006 (original upload date)

Source: No machine-readable source provided. Own work assumed (based on copyright claims).

Author: No machine-readable author provided. Emiel~commonswiki assumed (based on copyright claims).

Exchanging Mythology

imoc14_8 Old and New World mythologies share many traits. Names change with region and era, but the same old symbols keep showing up. I show the Parabiago plate, once again, which best  depicts the Greek and Roman mythologies – but now I want to apply it to Native American mythology in the Southeast. Robert Graves coined the term Triple Goddess; which is what you see here highlighted in green. Graves labeled the three after the three stages of life: the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone (Sorry, about the Crone – don’t shoot the messenger).

Sometimes mythologies separate the aspects into separate deities and sometimes they merge into one or even two goddesses. I see Persephone as both the earthly Maiden and the Crone (when she descends to the underworld). Demeter remains the earthbound mother. I prefer to see the Maiden (on the left) as Flora of Roman mythology and her lover is the West Wind (the Greek, Zephyrus or the Roman, Favonius). In the Southern Death Cult, Native Americans have the Corn Mother (the nature deity also known as the Old Woman Who Never Dies). Nokomis is such a spirit – you see her in Ojibwe traditional stories and in The Song of Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Nokomis shares her lover with Flora – the Ojibwa call the West-Wind, Mudjekeewis and he fathered Hiawatha.

So what about the Little People? I highlighted the Karpoi (the Fruits work for Gaia) in red and the Seminoles, and others descended from the Southern Death Cult called dwarves – the Fastachee or the “Little Givers.” Matches those guys on the Parabiago plate. Mother nature deities work for the local Mother Nature, in many culture. Sometimes they work for mineral and craftsman gods, as well. Hephaestus, Ptah of Egypt, and good old Santa Claus have their own little guys to do the work. More on the corn goddesses tomorrow. I switched from Tricksters to Fertility deities, in my novel – so I’m backpedaling to make some changes. I hope to allude to Southern Death Cult deities and Nokomis, in my final draft. One further note, Nokomis, Florida is nearby Ringling’s winter home and where many Little People lived. Coincidence – I think not.

Cycling Mythology


I play with coincidence; the cosmic coincidence coined as Kismet. Fertility cults worship at  the crossroads which bridge life and death. Women and wine played big parts; hence, the top left hand corner. Fungi, like magic mushrooms, most likely helped with the ecstasy effect. My bonding rings allude to more than marriage; they also represent mixology and infinity.

I made these focus maps to help me decide where my novel needs work. My allusions to the feline goddesses look weak. Flora goes with Superman; but Mighty Mouse may be more apt. I explained some of the Disney coincidence in an earlier post. I suspect the god known as El has ties to the underworld. Adonis, an early version of superman. Names change and I favor Favonius and Flora, as my underworld deities but The El name fits my Disney link.

I use the Parabiago as my template for the Mystery Cults. I see the little people as underworld deity’s, who distribute the earths riches. Carpos means fruit and I believe the Cabeiri shown on the Parabiago Plate stem from an Egyptian underworld god (Ptah). Florida’s penis shape and the bull have links to Ptah in my book filled with literary allusions I’m sure m novel reads easier than I make it sound. I prefer hidden depth.


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Imaging My Book


It might work. The final image will differ, but this Mandala derived technique has promise. Mnadalas use placement denote image connections. My center image is the letter f, but it has more meaning. Items on the ring act as focal points upon which outer items derive. I cheated and added other stuff inside the ring, but I may do a rethink. I used Fauna rather than Freaks on the ring because it appeared a natural fit opposite Flora.

I used Freaks for mythology reasons and I’m sure they will fall under the main topics. I may use the corners for other topics. Ancient scribes often made use of wind directions; I have a West Wind image because Favonius (Zephyrus) married the Greek version of Flora (Chloris).

You clarify to yourself when you try to clarify for others. My mind map is a bit too much and I suspect I will end up with a minimalist look. I wish I did this earlier; my category section on my blog might have better order. Using more generalist terms like places on the ring might bring more order, but Florida is a main topic.

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The Daft Craft


Mushrooms are known to bloom in cow pies (bull crap). The pie represents reality; the shrooms can enrichen this reality to dis-reality or the rich-reality of the underworld (see Dis Pater which means rich father). Many writers turn to shrooms and such to delve their subconscious; some of us have more problem the reality part. Sometimes you have to bull (push) ideas through and sometimes you need the genius of bullcrap.

Elias and Flora met in a Florida town named Kismet and they gave birth to Walt Disney. Flora or Chloris (the goddess of flowers) married Favonius (Zephyrus, the West-Wind), and the mother of Karpos (Fruit). I call the relationship between Flora Disney and Flora the goddess – Kismet – because Kismet equals fate and Dis Pater can fit in as a fate god and the Norse have fate goddess known as the Dis. A dwarf plays a part in the Mead of Poetry, a Norse drink similar in myth to India’s Soma, which some suspects has mushrooms as an psycho-active ingredient. If you don’t know, a circle of mushrooms is called a Fairy ring.

The bottom image comes from the Parabiago plate; it most likely represents Flora sitting with Favonious and the Karpos (the dwarves). Sitting on top of the cornucopia held by the Gaia (Mother Earth) is the ultimate fruit of the union – Zeus (Disney in my Dis-reality).

The bull in the top image represents Apis – Ptah – Serapis –Osiris – Dis pater – Enki – Ea – El (god)of the Abyss. I keep trying to simply this but I doubt I can do better than this. I forgot to add Florida derives its name from Flora, the fertility goddess. My state is a peninsula which is linguistically linked to penis which is a fertility object which is an aspect of the gods listed at the top of this paragraph.


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Katy Perry Needs To Kiss A Bunny


I think even the cats know they caught magic. I’m sure Betty and Bunny didn’t need to fake a smile. They knew. Hugh Hefner knew. Many modern pop stars need to give thanks for this photo shoot. The fashion industry should put up monuments. I’m sure many men have erected a person monument, but we probably should give them something more lasting. Modern Feminists should give praise; I’m sure some f the older Feminists will just grouse about the male monuments. I search for Florida icons and I can see why all four deserve a high place on my list. I love that Bunny Yeager included herself in this photo-shoot because she made a bit of history. I’m also glad Betty Page lived long enough to see appreciation for her classier photos.

Mythology shows the link between women and cats in various cultures. So don’t consider it just crass when I call this one of the greatest pussy shoots ever. The bunny is associated with the Roman, goddess Flora. Etymology links Florida with Flora and it also links peninsula with penis. So this photo-shoot fittingly took place in the Penis state, we call Florida. Rome might want to erect a monument, too.


Making Babies


What makes an iconic scene? Let’s take the Ghost scene in baby steps. The top of the vase in Demi Moore’s hand has semblance to a good size penis. Spread leg give more hint, but one last thing can be seen after the skin and the eye contact – the symbol of creation – the potters wheel.

Why, the naked blacksmith? Hephaestus made the first woman, Pandora, according to myth. Did Hephaestus hammer Pandora from an unknown nymph mother? Well, he was a blacksmith. Maybe, you can take MC Hammer’s Hammertime as a loving act of creation; maybe, you can’t. I use it to make a point about how the Egyptian god, Ptah, split into both Hephaestus and Pluto (The Greek chthonic fertility god  known as Dis Pater to the Romans. Ptah was a craftsman god, he also was a god of the underground. Dis Pater means “rich father,” as in riches of earth. He is the father of the buds of may, from my last post. I think Flora represents the nurse, not the mother. She fits in as a character on  the Parabiago plate, as seen on one of my first ever posts. I think gods and goddesses act like categories, Flora subs for one of the lovers when they wanted to fill the flower category. Flora is a subcategory of Proserpina (Persephone – Korē).

The Blacksmith gif comes from Wikimedia and Eadweard Muybridge. If you want to riddle out how Kismet brings Flora and the Dis of Disney; you can read about him and think about the the dis, Flora, and kismet tags on my blog.

The Buds of May


The Sleeping Beauty turns into The Awakening of Flora, as  the career of Marius Petipa progresses. I’m talking ballet. If you have to make a guess about an old Russian Ballet master; Petipa gives you a chance to be right. Some people want more cultural events in Florida, but I think they forget our dressed down style. Flora and those darling little buds depict Florida. Spring and the tropics = SKIN. We fit closer to Hawaii in culture. If you want to do some close to nude ballet or semi-tropic theater; you have a better chance of drawing crowd. Even when you are inside you want an outside feeling.

The problem with people invading us from the North is they want to bring the North with them; rather than, realizing this is Florida. Look at the sun culture of Brazil; they realize they live in the sun. Drop the “Damn Yankees.” We’re quarter Spanish Florida, smell some flowers and hit the beach. If you want to culturally awaken Flora, don’t do Snowbird Snooze. Compromise, not like Washington. Flora is nature green; not Wall Street green.

Both images come from Wikimedia’s; Flora links and Tamara Karsavina is the dancer’s name.