The Penisula Goddess


Yeah, I can spell. I also know irony. Greece had a nymph named Chloris, but the Romans turned her into a goddess named Flora. Italy also gave her  a festival, the Floralia. Flora gave Florida her name, by way of Ponce (The Finger) de Leon. Our state shares a strong connection to the circus fits with our namesake goddess. Prostitutes even got special invite to the festival; sex workers should petition one of our theme parks for a May Day like Disney’s Gay Day. If you don’t know why the rabbit got into the Easter picture; you can see why in the Prosper Piatti pic on the right. Thumper is a famed humper and I’m sure Jessica Rabbit can find new admiration at the Floralia. Our vineyards could get a bump in sales due to Favonius, Flora’s hubby. Lingerie football could replace the mock gladiator contests Florida ‘s theater groups can even get in on the action, more on that in my next post.


The MeS of Mythology


Inanna, the naughty stripper, stole the MeS from Enki and religion has been a mess ever since. I mix Metis and Demeter to make DeMetis, so I can combine concepts. Hindus say Saraswati’s wisdom helped create the universe and Metis is Deep Thought (Vāc is the vacuumous Deep Throat; sorry but I’m writing about a fertility cult which means sex. Graceful Saraswati rides her swan, during the Swan Song of Autumn, to bring wisdom to the awkward stork and the bundle of joy(?); and the songbirds start to sing. Pollinators have their orgy and humans give their thanks to Flora, during the orgy of the Floralia.

Tiamat is a creatix and you can say the Ouroboros represents her. Snakes shed their skin like Inanna sheds clothes; both are born again in new birthday suits. Strippers go skinny dipping at the Floralia and the larks they look. My more complex diagram is still a bit messy, Inanna probably goes before Flora.

Juno or Hera represents the threat of drought; she is the bad mother. Case in point, what does she do to poor Hephaestus? Hera just plain hates kids; she sends Python after the twins, Artemis and Apollo; she sends more snakes after Heracles. Tiamat = good snake and Python = bad snake. Hera’s peacock shows the beauty that summer can bring and is the Hindu snake killer. Summer can bring the good or the bad.

No, Karma is not a goddess; but Karme is the Cretan demi-goddess of the harvest. Karma is a reap what you sow theology and you reap at harvest time in Autumn. I don’t know if there is a true link between Karme and Karma, but mythology is a mess. Why not try to give a half way clean picture? I’m writing fiction; I just want a clean set of allusions. Funny thing is the MeS are rules of order.