Tribes of the Castillo

Making Medicine (aka David Pendleton Oakerhater) wife Nahepo ( Smoking Woman aka Susie Anna Bent Oakerhater

Almost all modern Native American tribes have links to the Castillo De San Marcos in St. Augustine , Florida because many of the most prominent leaders were imprisoned there in the 1870’s. Orders from President Ulysses S. Grant sent them to the Castillo; which, was named Fort Marion at the time (you can’t blame the South on that one).

I show Making Medicine (aka David Pendleton Oakerhater) and his wife Nahepo (Smoking Woman aka Susie Anna Bent Oakerhater). His time at the Castillo made him an Episcopal Saint because a members of a church in New York met him there and sponsored his religious training. My interest is with his tribe the Cheyennes and I don’t expect to allude to him in my novel, but it was an interesting picture. I may have interest in other tribes imprisoned at the Castillo, but the Cheyennes fit my secret society motif.

Florida became a tourist destination in the 1870’s partly because of the Native Americans and partly because our state was the most exotic place you could go without leaving the US. The Spanish gave Florida a different style. Not all the prisoners ended up at the Castillo because of overcrowding, so Pensacola held Geronimo and others.

I need characters from the 1870’s time period for my fictional cult. My ancestor has a Spanish-Caddo name, but I’m not sure the Caddo were in Florida in the 1850’s. The Yamasee are related and they moved into Florida, so they may be my ancestors tribe; which, still makes me more native than a Seminole. Freaking foreigners, they came in and helped wipe out my tribe and claim my ancestors bones.

I saw the picture on other web-sites, but I will credit Oklahoma State University as the likely origin; they have a site dedicated to him.

The Russian of Backwoods Florida

Florida’s St. Petersburg gets its name from a Russian–Pyotr Alexeyevitch Dementyev (Peter Demens). Russia has a significant circus and freak history, as does Florida. Demens took an unusual path, he landed in Jacksonville and searched for work in undeveloped parts of Florida then headed to California.
Most Russians of early America started off in the west. Fort Ross was a Russian Fort in California. Alaska was Russian owned. The Dakotas became home to a few Russain groups. I’m mainly concerned with the circus connection. St. Petersburg’s proximity to Ringling’s winter camp may factor in my next novel. Fiction based on reality fails to line up the way I prefer, so I will need to improvise.
I need a fictional Russian to arrive before Demens. An indirect route seems more believable. Direct connection from Russia to Florida seems unlikely, in the time period before Demens.

My 3 Song Experiment


I made theoretical lyrics for Florida’s three biggest three universities. Reworking the lyrics to share the same chorus may be my next step. After I looked at 3 songs side-by-side, I notice the Seminole and Hurricane songs start with peace and calm. The Gator’s smile gives a similar feeling, but the word hate changes the feeling. I may take out the hate.

I need make decisions on rhythm. My choice in chorus needs to come first. I made the songs for literary purpose, but turning them into true song would be ideal. For literary purpose, creating a better visual is more ideal.

I already posted my University of Florida and my Florida State University song, so I may as well put the text of the University of Miami song. I alluded to the Dixie Dregs and included the title of Jimmy Buffet’s, Surfing in a Hurricane. I prefer to add more illusions, but nothing else came to mind. The part about the ibis comes about because the ibis is the first bird to came back alter the storm. It needs work, but here it is:

Look in our eye
You see peace
Do you know why?

We are in control
Hear that sound
That’s not a drum roll
Look around
A storm’s a’comin
That’s chaos a’comin

Don’t expect to come surfin here
When the calm falls away
You will know the meaning of fear
You will know the nature of Biscayne Bay
You will know how we reign
We reign rain

Here you fall to the Dregs
You be Surfing  in a Hurricane
Temper the Tempest, ye begs
Know ye begs in vain

Only Ibis can calm the storm
Only white wings bring the light
Till then you only get the dark of our storm
And all the might.

Six Degrees to Florida’s Bacon


The six degrees of separation theory says everyone connects to every other person in six steps, Of course, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a popular example. I use the pig avatar for several reasons, one reason comes from the historical fact that the conquistadors brought pigs to the New World and I have conquistador blood. I also have Huguenot blood, as does Johnny Depp. I don’t know if it is true, but supposedly Depp collects pig skeletons – talk about kismet.

Depp interconnects with Florida in many ways; first off, he grew up here. They filmed Edward Scissorhands in Lakeland and; of course, Disney’s Pirates connects in many ways, and some Huguenots that came to Florida became pirates.

My novel uses Depp because of his link to Florida history. I use Flora Disney (Walt’s mother) for her namesake (Flora, the Roman goddess) and her link to Kismet. My whole novel fits this six degree theory. I am Florida bacon, but Depp works as well.

Craig Fass, Brian Turtle, Mike Ginelli wrote the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon book which is pictured.

Johnny Depp and the First Thanksgiving


Is it possible Johnny Depp‘s ancestors came to Florida , before the Pilgrims? Many Huguenots came from Dieppe, from which Depp  derives his name. The men, shown on the far right, came from Dieppe. MY ancestors may have been there, as well, because I have Huguenot blood and my Native American blood comes from Florida.

The Huguenots had trade relations with the natives, but did the French Protestants have food to offer, fro a Thanksgiving feast?  The Pilgrims had Squanto, who helped the Plymouth Rock colony survive and had food to put ‘the giving’ into Thanksgiving. Turkey was available to both colonies, but the French in Florida struggled to survive; they never acquired a harvest.

I have Spanish ancestors associated with early Florida, as well, but they had bad relations with the natives, at this point in history. In my opinion, the French may own the first Thanksgiving but not for certain. Huguenots were among the Pilgrims, so they are knotted to Thanksgiving either way. Both colonies had families, not just soldiers and seamen.

Pedro Menendez eventually found friends among the natives, so the Spanish have a chance. I’m not sure when the first families arrived. The Roanoke Colony and Jamestown settlers both beat the Pilgrims to our shores. I have Jamestown ancestors, as well. Roanoke is my weakest link, but who knows. Where the heck did they go?

Question of Mary


Freaking more Kismet. While writing this post I looked up Mary Woronov’s filmography and what drew my attention was not her work with Andy Warhol or Roger Corman; not her nude scenes or her cult queen status; it was her last film appearance in the movie Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader. I was debating whether to allude to her but this coincidence earned her a footnote in my novel.-

Woronov’s birth in Florida gave me reason to allude to her and she has an interesting resume as an actress, artist and writer. Art inspired elements of this chapter so her Warhol link made her a decent fit even without the 50 foot cheerleader role. Her website says, she and Jim Morrison were born on the same day and year, 12-18-43 but it fails to mention they were both born in Florida to military families. And I agree with the site ; those photo booth shots show she has knockout status.

Image credits:  Chelseagirlsposter” by Licensed under Fair use of copyrighted material in the context of Chelsea Girls via Wikipedia –

“Mary Woronov by David Shankbone” by David Shankbone – David Shankbone. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons

Flora, The Birds, And The Finger


The dude with the finger, Juan Ponce de León, found flowers; no gold. Rich Mexico won more hearts than poor Florida, back when Conquistadors roamed the world. Ponce cared little for the birds and the bees; he cared for big bucks. Spain came to the Americas with wooden crosses; they brought back silver and gold. Ponce saw Flora, the nature goddess here, not worthy of a Papal bull. Poor Ponce never saw the monstrous beauty of an orchid; poor Ponce died a much poorer man.

1st pic: Ernst Haeckel‘s Kunstformen der Natur from Wikipedia

2nd pic Juan Ponce de Leon monument in St. Augustine, Florida (Wikimedia)

3rd pic Others artists copy the finger from the original image of Ponce (Wikipedia)

My Bad


My bad writing skills do not allow me to use these relevant Florida artifacts. My description of the mask does not pass snuff. The Key Marco Cat fits well with the wives of my central god, Ptah, but any more than a passing reference does not work. My Ptah cult in Memphis, Florida ranges near Key Marco, but I doubt the natives a true Egypt to Florida connection will be made. Talent can spin words to make a fit; nothing I came up with worked. Raven the myth and the bird crossed the Sarah Palin gulf, but I doubt the cat myth did. I considered the use of Egyptian and Native American, but I still didn’t fully buy into the theory after I rote it. The path I eventually took gives me more leeway, so my writing can bumble about.

The New Wild Things


As the new Wild Things took stage; the old wild things went into retreat. Do I have to choose between night life in the city and more natural wildlife? Panthers need room to roam and people have taken away roaming room. I often see what is gone when I drive to places in Florida. I bet bear and panther find things even sadder. How much more can Florida grow? I don’t know, but I suspect nature will bite back. Nature likes balance.