Needing A Soul


Artists, writers, and other creative beings need this mysterious entity. You may use other words but you must find that light in the darkness. We use terms like deep for a reason. Many cultures have used the bird to symbolize the soul. I chose the Phoenix due to the rebirth connection. Key-Hole also seems apt but notice I divided the words. Maybe the male part of my brain prefers the hole. The Egyptians use their creator god, Ptah, in their death ritual called the Open Mouth Ceremony. Ptah is the opener; he is the key. The soul gives hope. Atheists often claim Agnostics, as like minds. Believers often sound like knowers. I have a more humble assessment about what I know. I do have faith that I will follow Emily Dickinson. I choose no better fate. I see no better soul. She put her doubts in a Fly; but “Hope is a thing with wings.”

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Search For God In Time


God = Hope = Life Eternal = Time

Scrooge finds salvation in time. In 12 Monkeys a man goes back in time to save humanity. Altered States, shows a man finding salvation; when he awakens ancient genes. You can see preconceived notions get shattered in all three looks into the past. The, “I know – You don’t know” fight about religion — makes war. You see it time after time. Only a fool or the evil says what god wants. Does God need a yapping human? I hope god exists. I doubt a god minds some doubts. If I want yapping I will get a dog; it may know more about god than any human ever will. Don’t waste time by talking up you as a vessel for god. I’m sorry for wasting your time and mine in a hopeless goodwill message. I hope you the best.

Absurdity = Killing for God (doh!)


Kafka (left) and Camus (right) are masters of the absurd; I believe they would agree in my premise. Atheists are without hope; many of religion are without reason. A life without belief is empty; too much belief is insanity. Does a god need puny humans to fight his or her battles? Tis a shame, all religions have a criminal past. Anyone proud of their religion should read history. Protestants get a bit of a break because the don’t fall under a unified religious belief; they just protested against Big Religion. My book began when I saw my ancestors on both side of the blade at the Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Have god in your heart not your sword. Jaroslav Róna’s statue of Kafka (center) stand in Prague. You sculptors out there need to get busy; Camus and the Godot dude seem lacking.