A script idea for Peter Dinklage and Johnny Depp

Peter Dinklage would play a modern-day author and Johnny Depp would play a Huguenot ghost who recites his escape from the massacre at Matanzas and other perils. Dinklage would play another role–another ghost. A dwarf singer came with Pedro Menendez and this ghost will tell his own tale.

In my novel, Factions of a dWARf, a female dwarf is possessed due to a genetic memory drug. My third novel may use a dwarf author who recounts the stories of his ghosts. One element of my ideas is that the ghost of a normal sized man would be quite uncomfortable is a dwarf’s body. In the movie, The Train Agent, Dinklage played a character who was uncomfortable as a dwarf and the role I offer is similar. If the actors are interested in a movie based on real events, in the history of Florida, actors should give thought to my idea.

The Faces of Raoul Duke


Garry Trudeau created, Uncle Duke, for his comic strip Doonesbury, as homage to Hunter Thompson (who apparently took offence, at first). I use allusions in my novel and the story changes to suit the allusion. Raoul Duke, Thompson’s alter-ego in, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, features in my present chapter in rewrite. This allusion made a slight change in my story.

Thompson began his journalism career, while stationed at the Eglin Air Force base, not far from Pensacola. Depp who plays Raoul Duke, the movie above, grew up in South Florida Depp became friend with Thompson and played character created by Thompson, in The Rum Diary. I’ve mention before how I use Depp, in my novel. I didn’t plan, too. I just noticed how he kept factoring in to elements in my story. It’s just kismet.

Six Degrees to Florida’s Bacon


The six degrees of separation theory says everyone connects to every other person in six steps, Of course, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a popular example. I use the pig avatar for several reasons, one reason comes from the historical fact that the conquistadors brought pigs to the New World and I have conquistador blood. I also have Huguenot blood, as does Johnny Depp. I don’t know if it is true, but supposedly Depp collects pig skeletons – talk about kismet.

Depp interconnects with Florida in many ways; first off, he grew up here. They filmed Edward Scissorhands in Lakeland and; of course, Disney’s Pirates connects in many ways, and some Huguenots that came to Florida became pirates.

My novel uses Depp because of his link to Florida history. I use Flora Disney (Walt’s mother) for her namesake (Flora, the Roman goddess) and her link to Kismet. My whole novel fits this six degree theory. I am Florida bacon, but Depp works as well.

Craig Fass, Brian Turtle, Mike Ginelli wrote the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon book which is pictured.

Johnny Depp and the First Thanksgiving


Is it possible Johnny Depp‘s ancestors came to Florida , before the Pilgrims? Many Huguenots came from Dieppe, from which Depp  derives his name. The men, shown on the far right, came from Dieppe. MY ancestors may have been there, as well, because I have Huguenot blood and my Native American blood comes from Florida.

The Huguenots had trade relations with the natives, but did the French Protestants have food to offer, fro a Thanksgiving feast?  The Pilgrims had Squanto, who helped the Plymouth Rock colony survive and had food to put ‘the giving’ into Thanksgiving. Turkey was available to both colonies, but the French in Florida struggled to survive; they never acquired a harvest.

I have Spanish ancestors associated with early Florida, as well, but they had bad relations with the natives, at this point in history. In my opinion, the French may own the first Thanksgiving but not for certain. Huguenots were among the Pilgrims, so they are knotted to Thanksgiving either way. Both colonies had families, not just soldiers and seamen.

Pedro Menendez eventually found friends among the natives, so the Spanish have a chance. I’m not sure when the first families arrived. The Roanoke Colony and Jamestown settlers both beat the Pilgrims to our shores. I have Jamestown ancestors, as well. Roanoke is my weakest link, but who knows. Where the heck did they go?

Two Sides of Frankenstein


Edward Scissorhands has rather obvious connections to Frankenstein’s monster. Most can see the parallels between Depp’s character in Transcendence and Victor Frankenstein. My novel has a Johnny Depp fanatic, so allusions to his movies come often. I’m mainly interested in Frankenstein, for this chapter in rewrite. Mary Shelley’s novel has the same themes found in my present chapter.

Victor Frankenstein’s narcissism is rather easy to see; Transcendence has narcissism, too. Narcissus inspired my chapter.

The unfortunate outcomes that can come from good intent also can be seen in Shelley’s novel and my chapter. Victor sees his “life-giving” as a boon to mankind, but when his creation awakes he see a monster – a mirror of his own soul.

I was skeptical about the act of sacrifice in Shelley’s novel but Gradesaver changed my mind. My compassion for the monster blocked this theme. Yes, the monster is a killer but I see Victor as the bigger villain. Gradesaver showed me Victor chose to sacrifice the ones he loved for the rest of mankind. The main scene is when he sees the monster’s eyes when his bride awakens. Victor saw the spawning of more monsters in those eyes, so he killed his latest creation. The monster promised to take revenge on Victor’s loved ones if Victor did not deliver a mate.

I have all three themes in this chapter and these two movies have elements I use in my novel. I don’t actively analyze every movie and my Frankenstein mistake can easily happen if I don’t get challenged to look for more. I haven’t seen Transcendence, yet so I relied on reviews to tell me more than the obvious elements seen in a simple summary. Apparently a sacrifice occurs. Depp and Disney’s Pirates have obvious acts of sacrifice. Depp’s movie, The Brave, also has an obvious sacrifice.

I saw a bit of Kismet when I saw these parallels so close to Halloween. Kismet is Kismet, in itself. Luckily, I even have a loophole for things out of my novel’s timeline.

Description from Wikimedia
Promotional photo of Boris Karloff from The Bride of Frankenstein as Frankenstein’s monster.
Date 1935
Source Dr. Macro
Author Universal Studios


Hey Johnny, open a cabaret for me


They say, it never hurts to ask. Poets and artists began hanging out at the Cabaret Voltaire, in the World War I era. The name, “Cabaret Voltaire,” fits well in my novel. I prefer to use people and things from Florida, but the club is in Zurich, Switzerland. Johnny Depp grew up in Florida and I figure he might like the idea of such a club in his old stomping grounds. Depp likes the unusual and this club thrived on such an atmosphere.

Depp just fits my novel in many ways. I use a Depp fanatic to help worm in other allusions. Don Juan Demarco fits this present chapter perfectly. The original Don Juan fit the narcissist archetype and this chapter is Narcissus inspired. Depp’s character probably better fits my fanaticism theme. Fanatics can limit themselves to harmless and even endearing endeavors. Others are more dangerous, probably the subject of my next post.

Faye Dunaway, a Florida native, also stars in the movie. Depp and Dunaway also did the video for Tom Petty’s video for the, “Great Wide Open.” I’ll take the favor from Dunaway or Petty, too. I suspect I will use the club’s name anyway because I use an allusion to Voltaire’s Candide.

I’ve rewritten this chapter many times, but maybe this new idea will stick. I started using Depp due to his Huguenot heritage. Many Huguenot’s settled in Switzerland, I need to keep this in mind; it may be of some use. The art movement called, Dada, began at the Cabaret Voltaire and like I mention in my last post; it gave foundation to Salvador Dali’s surrealism. I believe Depp is a fan.

The club in operation in today may differ from the anarchist rule of the original, but they probably saved a few elements of style.

The Wheel of Depp


What are the odds? Two women with past relationships with Johnny Depp have posed as target girls in knife throwing acts. Vanessa Paradis, Depp’s baby momma, played a target girl in Girl on the Bridge. Kate Moss posed on the “wheel of death,” for the photographer team of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, in the April 2006 issue of W magazine. Destiny and Kismet indeed, Mr. Depp. I wanted an interesting image to Fortuna and her wheel of fate. The artistic representation of Fortuna’s wheel seemed surprisingly thin, so I searched for Death’s wheel and I had a better spin. Depp represents Florida and I can justify (to myself) the use of these ladies in my allusions. I still need to add the allusions, but I have some ideas.


A Hot Florida Video


We don’t own many celebrities (besides sports) in Florida; we often have to share. We have to share Johnny Depp; he grew up here but he was born in Kentucky. Depp tends to hang around with other Floridians like Marilyn Manson; his old buddy River Phoenix lived some teen years in Florida; even his bud, Hunter Thompson,did some time in Florida. Florida linkage may have formed the cast in Tom Petty video, Into the Great Wide Open. Petty, a native son of Florida, brought a daughter of our state, Faye Dunaway to join our adopted son to form the cast. I don’t know if Gabrielle Anwar had links to Florida at the time, but she marries us in her role on Burn Notice. Anwar gives us an eyeful in the video; I’m sure some may get more heat from Depp. Tom Petty surrounds himself with Heartbreakers, but I may even be able to smoke him with a top hat.