Six Degrees to Florida’s Bacon


The six degrees of separation theory says everyone connects to every other person in six steps, Of course, the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon is a popular example. I use the pig avatar for several reasons, one reason comes from the historical fact that the conquistadors brought pigs to the New World and I have conquistador blood. I also have Huguenot blood, as does Johnny Depp. I don’t know if it is true, but supposedly Depp collects pig skeletons – talk about kismet.

Depp interconnects with Florida in many ways; first off, he grew up here. They filmed Edward Scissorhands in Lakeland and; of course, Disney’s Pirates connects in many ways, and some Huguenots that came to Florida became pirates.

My novel uses Depp because of his link to Florida history. I use Flora Disney (Walt’s mother) for her namesake (Flora, the Roman goddess) and her link to Kismet. My whole novel fits this six degree theory. I am Florida bacon, but Depp works as well.

Craig Fass, Brian Turtle, Mike Ginelli wrote the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon book which is pictured.

Probable Coincidence Or


Kismet Is the town where Elias and Flora Disney met. Kismet is a Hindu equivalent to fate; it is also a comic book character. Did the creators of Superman borrow the name, El (an ancient god, who most likely became the Judeo-Christian god) when they gave Clark Kent the Kryptonian name Kal-El of the House of El.

Of course, Memphis, Florida got its name from Egypt; Memphis is where the great temple of Ptah stood. The area around Memphis, Florida became home to many dwarfs when Ringling made Sarasota his winter camp; Ptah is a dwarf; he is also associated with Apis, the Bull. Both Egyptians and Native Americans held birds in high esteem and gave them a place in their mythology. The symbiotic relationship of the Cattle Egret and the big hunk of beef upon which they often rode, may have played a role in the Egyptian fascination. It is less common to see this symbiotic relationship between birds and crocodiles (or alligators) but the danger braved by the bird makes this symbiotic behavior more mystical.

My title, to this post, comes the statue (Ptah – god with the two crocodiles) and the city named, Allapattah, (a Native American word for alligator). We know “El” in the from of El Paso, El Dorado, and etc…. “Al” is commonly seen in Arabic words and names. Did these prefixes originate from the constant reference to god in everyday superstitious speak? Odds are there isn’t a solid direct between Allapattah and Al’Ptah, but the crocodile and alligator link evoke some cry of kismet.

Ptah also wears symbols of the souls of the god Re: the Ba, in the form of two birds with human heads wearing solar disks.  Florida gets its name indirectly from Flora, the goddess, not Flora Disney – but in the mythology of things the two may be one in the same, like El and Elias. Linguistics and the gods of mythology offer some crazy She-it to man – M Brace DeFreak.

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The Wheel of Depp


What are the odds? Two women with past relationships with Johnny Depp have posed as target girls in knife throwing acts. Vanessa Paradis, Depp’s baby momma, played a target girl in Girl on the Bridge. Kate Moss posed on the “wheel of death,” for the photographer team of Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, in the April 2006 issue of W magazine. Destiny and Kismet indeed, Mr. Depp. I wanted an interesting image to Fortuna and her wheel of fate. The artistic representation of Fortuna’s wheel seemed surprisingly thin, so I searched for Death’s wheel and I had a better spin. Depp represents Florida and I can justify (to myself) the use of these ladies in my allusions. I still need to add the allusions, but I have some ideas.


Making Babies


What makes an iconic scene? Let’s take the Ghost scene in baby steps. The top of the vase in Demi Moore’s hand has semblance to a good size penis. Spread leg give more hint, but one last thing can be seen after the skin and the eye contact – the symbol of creation – the potters wheel.

Why, the naked blacksmith? Hephaestus made the first woman, Pandora, according to myth. Did Hephaestus hammer Pandora from an unknown nymph mother? Well, he was a blacksmith. Maybe, you can take MC Hammer’s Hammertime as a loving act of creation; maybe, you can’t. I use it to make a point about how the Egyptian god, Ptah, split into both Hephaestus and Pluto (The Greek chthonic fertility god  known as Dis Pater to the Romans. Ptah was a craftsman god, he also was a god of the underground. Dis Pater means “rich father,” as in riches of earth. He is the father of the buds of may, from my last post. I think Flora represents the nurse, not the mother. She fits in as a character on  the Parabiago plate, as seen on one of my first ever posts. I think gods and goddesses act like categories, Flora subs for one of the lovers when they wanted to fill the flower category. Flora is a subcategory of Proserpina (Persephone – Korē).

The Blacksmith gif comes from Wikimedia and Eadweard Muybridge. If you want to riddle out how Kismet brings Flora and the Dis of Disney; you can read about him and think about the the dis, Flora, and kismet tags on my blog.

PuzEls, ILLusions & AllusiOns; OhMy


Add a missing piece or many – What hope have ye. I missed a piece of puzzle in a piece of my puzzle, in my last post. I’m more hack than master, but they call me nuke waste for a reason. Once in a while a brain cell glows within the dim chaotic mess in my head. I had to use some free to use and modify images, but I painted a close match to how I see my novel. The main illusion comes from Wikipedia. Not perfect, but I’m prouder than normal. If I can make Florida appear, somewhere here; I might find kismet, again. Did kismet appear in Depp’s quote on Wikipedia? I scare myself. So, freaky. I don’t care if anybody gets it; I try and I do. Freaking Apocalyptic. Simple, but effective. I like it; don’t give a lick who else does. Thanks Pedro, I had to cheat. I’m no master, but a master gave me an idea.