Amy Boggs (former literary agent at the Donald Maas Literary Agency) is now ragging on a white author Keira Drake)–this is a woman who had a prestigious job which should have belonged to another ethnicity. If an agency markets books to non-Whites then other ethnicities should represent that marketing segment. My email got Boggs dismissed and has led to Kiana Nguyen becoming a member of the Donald Maas Agency. They may have reformed from their All White Liberal days when they hired Michael Curry (he doesn’t have a portrait) In the literary world, men have become the minority, this is one of the few agencies with a near 50-50 split.  Back to the point, Amy Boggs is the very portrait of a White Elitist who snubs other Whites for being racist. Amy Boggs apparently hasn’t written a book. It’s tough. I doubt Drake intentionally strayed from political correctness, but no real harm was done because the author based her Fantasy novel, on an aspect of real history. While Amy Boggs took the money and prestige from a member of another ethnic group. You can read Keira Drakes novel, The Continent, and see if she did anything too awfully wrong.

I still keep tabs on the thoroughly awful Amy Boggs https://twitter.com/notjustanyboggs

Almost Certainly Blackballed by Literary Agencies

I decided to send out one more query and the traffic on my blog shows someone went to a badmouthing post, in the day between submission and rejection. The literary agent who stirred my wrath got rightfully dismissed, but I figured I would receive blowback. It could be that the rejection came because my novel doesn’t work, but it seemed coincidental that someone browsed that post in such a short period of time.

I would prefer publishing the best book possible and I considered the traditional route offered an improved quality. Paying an editor when you don’t know if the book would make money even if it was a masterpiece — seems pointless. I don’t have money to waste. Self-editing has limits and finding someone attuned to my style may be problematic; even though, my style probably fits Chuck Palahniuk or Tom Robbins category. Finding someone with editing skills and fitting of such a style it isn’t easy without money to throw around or a literary network of friends.

The reason I stopped editing was the lack of concentration made it more likely I would cause more harm than good. Editing the same material over and over again causes extreme burnout. I’ll probably search for suitable beta-readers, but the process is likely aggravating and aggravation isn’t something you want from an unprofitable hobby. Mistake in by blog doesn’t concern me much, but the book needs quality editing — what a pain.

Did I Tornado The Literary Agencies?

I certainly got one literary agent dismissed and another from the same agency appeared to leave at the same time, but a guy I submitted to, at another agency, has a new job and he’s the one who seemed ripe for cuckolding and left me sick in the stomach for even sending the query.

Coincidence? I’m sure I sent less than a dozen query letters, so I find it strangely coincidental. If my email to the one literary agency was sent to other agencies – I can definitely see the plausibility of other firings.

Researching literary agents sent me into a rage and a subsequent depression because the hate the White man attitude of the liberal media is enraging to this White Injun — I’m as native as you get and Mestizo, but most generally consider me White and shouldn’t be prejudiced against as my ancestors were in the past. Death to White Elitism and the Obama-Sotomayor discrimination against people like me — the native.

The Backhanded Racism of Literary Agents

Some agents seemed to want writers to make their main character something other than White, but I see that as generally insulting to every ethnicity. Other ethnicities are perfectly capable of creating their own characters. Do Black people want White writers to put a lot of Whiteness into Black characters? Actually, I did that but that’s because the character is supposed to be a skinny, no-booty Black girl who probably caters to White taste rather than her own stereotypically booty loving culture. Giving her the personality of a prissy White girl was supposed to disassociate her from Black culture. I parody stereotypes, but it also forces me to use stereotypes—the political correctness of this culture will probably drive everyone insane.

If there is a reason to make a person of a certain race, a writer should follow that reason, but there is some discomfort in writing from the perspective of another ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. My main character, in my most recent novel, is a female dwarf, but I have reason to give her male traits. I’m not sure if any of my characters follow the typical rules of stereotype. Many come close to following the rules of Third-wave Feminism, but I stay close to reality and history—women can be asses to each other. Straight men do not rule the fashion industry and the fashion industry has done much more body shaming than the totality of straight men would ever do. Ask Bridget Powers, guys can be perfectly happy with her little ass. I suspect she’ll say – darn-tootin’, if she’s as brazen as her interviews imply. Don’t anyone take my words for anything, but respect for her.

Writers need to use a diverse set of characters, but agents should be careful on discrimination issues. Stephen King broke out when he wrote from the perspective of a White girl, Carrie, but I think you would need to ask him if he could have written that book at an earlier age. He developed tools before he attempted that novel. My first novel was about a hapless White dude—just like me due to the fact I’ve got to protect the world from the rage that has built up inside me. I couldn’t have written this recent book without learning from my other novel. Literary agencies need to cut the White elitism. Many Whites don’t feel very privileged and just ally fair treatment. Some of us Whites are not completely White. I descend from the first documented  Mestizo, and I’ve been harassed by recent immigrants– think on that.

One White Elitist Literary Agent Bit The Dust

My last email to the Donald Maass didn’t hold much back; they didn’t write back, but the agent quickly disappeared. They should have responded to the first email; instead, of letting the agent throw out more obvious proof of White elitism. Literacy agencies appear to be filled with White elitists, but hopefully, the message will spread and the agencies will behave themselves. I probably should go after the one that inspired my post about cuckolding because he was an obvious White elitist, but I need to focus on self-publishing because I’m probably on a blackball list. My anger toward the agency had nothing to do with rejection because I never sent them a quegent ry; I don’t deal with racists and elitism is just another form of racism. If the agency is filled with White people and an agent is talking about White privilege or make some other such statement– you have found yourself an elitist.

Slim chances of being picked up by an agent

Lots of authors get rejected and you see a lack of diversity in agents. My guess is 75% are women and possibly 50% Jewish. I saw a couple of people from India, a few other of Asian decent. Blacks may have their own agencies, but I didn’t run across any Black agents. Hard to say about Native Americans because many of us are mixed blood. A lot of clamor for LGBT stuff, so I doubt that segment is underrepresented.

I had reason to use a fertility cult and Baubo, but I suspect the sexual content reduced my chances with many agencies. Most ancient cults had fertility roots and sex is part of the game. If I wrote the novel twenty or thirty years ago I would have had a better chance. It’s a waiting game, now. I skipped the British agencies, but I may reconsider if I notice many Americans on their client list. One female agent that seem a possibility was temporarily unavailable so I may check back.

White Males Suck

I was researching a literary agent and browsed her twitter account and ‘white males suck’ is my general impression. Some of my posts are satirical, but I represent myself not an agency. My satire often comes with a reasoning for my view. I emailed the agency to let them decide what to do with her. She should feel happy that I’m not identifying her or the agency

I have a diverse ancestry, but most would see a white guy.

My book pokes fun at the polar opposite views of 2nd and 3rd wave feminists, but a cause should have a clear message. Calling yourself a Feminist without identifying your brand of Feminism—leaves an unclear message. Most literary agents are women any by the time you whittle down the male agents by genre you end up with a short list. I have two agents on my ‘feel good about’ list and want to practice the querying process on the ‘longer shots’ before sending those two my work.