Edith Bunker the wise fool

We have too many Bunker-heads and Meatheads, if you’ve seen the TV series, All In The Family, you understand the reference. The extremism in society presses the people, in the middle. I finally had a day without depression that allowed me to send out queries to literary agents, but that sent me into a world of extreme liberalism. Extreme conservatives drive me nuts, too, but I’m fed up with White Elitist meatheads.

I spent many years, in the manufacturing industry, and it is depressing to see no matter how hard you work—your job can get shipped overseas. I understand and sympathize with immigrants who want a chance, but I’ve been placed into the wringer myself and no one is more native to Florida than me unless they are related to me; even the Seminoles are foreign invaders compared to me. The liberals seem to want me displaced. Immigrants have somewhere else to go, I have no other affiliation with another country and I feel alienated.

I get attacked for being a White Native American in Florida and this dumb retarded nuke is struggling to control the anxiety and rage of today’s society. Almost all the literary agents I researched on twitter were extreme liberal meatheads. Get off my land, I’m native to Florida and you are not I’m sick of being attacked and I’m most likely much more dangerous than you. The point I make with the title was that Edith was in the middle and she defended one against the other. Archie and Meathead were often wrong in different ways.

I wrote this post a long time ago, and I just decided to post it.

Misdirection in the Age of Chrusaders

Yes, we are in the age of Crusaders and once again the Crusades resemble the Monty Python Flying Circus.  When I researched for a literary agent, I found a bunch of far-left liberal CrusaderS. I hate both political parties, but the widespread attacks on Trump leave me little reason to chime in when I disagree with him, but Obama got away with murder and it shows how liberally biased the media is and completely biased. It’s safe to say I disagree with Trump on most environmental issues, but I understand how he takes a completely business perspective to most things. Personally, I would prefer a President who didn’t take the cold-blooded business approach, but it sure doesn’t mean I thought very highly of Obama’s approach, either.

My novels use a bit of misdirection and I’m certain many if not Crusaders will start galloping of, in Monty Python style. Would I prefer readers to see my main character, in my second novel as misogynistic — yes, because I purposely misdirect. The main character, in the first book of the series, is a female dwarf who on occasion abuses women and many will certainly look past the character and blame the author. Shouldn’t an author keep a character true to character, I sure think so. My dwarf is a big Ball of history and history is muddy and bloody, so she should be too.

As someone who worked in the manufacturing industry, I’ve been hurt by the poor business practices of the Clinton and Obama administrations. My main character is in the manufacturing business and even though I’m not interested in exploring deep into that topic, I may use it to partly explain the financial woes of the empire she built. Blind eye agents may not see the balancing act needed to properly run a fair economy and may dismiss my issues as they ramble off on their crusades, but I don’t consider literary agents as very good judges of literature if they one note their political agenda.

The Frustration of a Dumb Retard

I call myself a dumb retard because I was mute (dumb), for longer than your average child and suffered some social retardation. The term ‘dumb retard’ doesn’t bother me because I see the term as an accurate assessment. Talking has always frustrated me and as a child, I often thought about cutting my vocal chords to relieve the frustration. Eventually, I learned to fake normalcy to the casual eye but inside I’m a freak. Doctors have never been easy to deal with and I’ve grown wearier over time. Writing under an alias allows me to voice my frustration, but my frustration has harshened my voice and probably killed any chance of getting a literary agent.

Depression hit hard and I stopped editing my novel because low concentration levels might screw up my edits. The difficulty in earning an income from writing doesn’t inspire optimism — consider this report in Forbes:

According to data from a new survey from Digital Book World and Writer’s Digest, the median income range for self-published authors is under $5,000 and nearly 20% of self-published authors report deriving no income from their writing.Dec 9, 2013
How Much Money Do Self-Published Authors Make? – Forbes
I hate both political parties and seeing all the White Elitist Liberals in the literary agencies aggravated me as much as my fight with a Republican about the idiocity of George Bush Jr. Many times, I have referred to Obama as having Bush for brains because I didn’t consider him any better. Posting stuff about literary agents and agencies is a good way to get blackballed and I stopped thinking about an agent after one agent pulled my final straw. Zora Neale Hurston hated White elitists and didn’t care for some of her fellow African-Americans in the literary industry; I have much more reason to hate White elitists considering my mixed ancestry who rave about Obama’s half White ass but seem to see too much White filling, in my mestizo ass.
I’m left with very little hope, but I dawdle out ideas about the third book. From the beginning, I had somewhat of a ‘publish after I’m dead’ perspective. The freak in me makes thoughts of popularity awfully disdainful.

Hand away your White privilege and your job and harass the White members of your family to do the same

That term “White privilege”  cost one literary agent her job and my complaint appears to have knocked out another. Not every White person is or feels privileged, many have troubles but White elitists love to kick other Whites into the gutter and homeless shelter. Do you want your race or sexual orientation to get you a book deal or a job – or do you just want fair treatment?

The agent showed an obvious hatred for White straight men, so I guy with a family to support was out of luck. We live in the slice off the penis of your baby boy era, or just kill him if he’s not gay, I guess.

I know I’m part Native American and officially fit the mestizo description, but I’ve never used my mixed heritage to get a job, but I’ve certainly been bumped out because a recent immigrant used affirmative action. Personally, I believe the affirmative action should have been limited to people of US slave ancestry and Native Americans, but for some odd reason they give people not native to this land more rights than a native and I can rightly call other Native Americans in Florida – foreigners. I’m without a doubt more native than a Seminole.

Obama made a supreme racist a Supreme Court Justice; I’m talking about Sonia Sotomayor. My tribe never signed a treaty, so the Secret Service is protecting an enemy of the State if these racists set foot in Florida.

I apparently shut up another longtime White elitist by suggesting she hand over her White privilege and her job. She rarely went a day without blogging, but my comment seemed to shut her up. Funny thing is, I originally supported her, but I grew to hate her White elitist ass and you can thank these White elitists for my non-support of Democrats who I at one time favored. I’ve been harassed for being White while trying to buy groceries at Walmart and minding my own business — is that a privilege? It’s hard to imagine anyone getting worse medical treatment than me– is that a privilege? I could go on and on. My Spanish ancestor got harassed by the British governor, the Seminoles helped wipe out my Native American tribe and of course, my Injun ancestors got screwed — my turn.

Disingenuous Literary Agencies

I’m always somewhat of an outsider because I won’t sell my soul to the company store—I don’t care for the faction game. Some Blacks have jumped to the conclusion that I’m a racist, but I’ve  also got an apology from one who jumped. I once believed most people were at the core good, but I no longer do, skin color doesn’t play much of a role in my judgement of people. Black people are just as bad as Whites. I call Obama ‘Bush for brains’ because I didn’t care for Junior or that son of a White elitist.

I sent out very few query letters because the word ‘disingenuouskept coming to mind. One letter was half-chucked because he was once considered a primary target then I saw a note of White elitism the email was sent, but it went out with a hostile word of warning.

What made me blow a gasket is that I can accept gays as part of our society, but I don’t stand for them being just a faction—cut the narcissism. Gay issues are not my priority, and I kind of hated that a gay agent seemed to hate White guys if they weren’t gay. I expect an apology by the gay members of society for the intolerance for someone who is tolerant. Get off my native land, you are not willing to fork over that apology because you depend on the awful doctors of the Veterans Administration to keep me from getting more full of rage and those same doctors are the reason why I rage, so much.

Liberals just seem loyal to they’re faction, they make disingenuous statements to other factions of the Democratic party, but in reality, they only care about their specific faction. I hate both political parties for different reasons. I once favored the Democrats but the disingenuous nature of that party has pushed me away. If I vote for President I will probably only vote for an Independent candidate and most times they have no hope of winning.

The “sell my soul to the company store” comment refers to the song, Sixteen Tons.” no faction gets blind loyalty from me, but some gays are apparently blind to other peoples rights.

Slim chances of being picked up by an agent

Lots of authors get rejected and you see a lack of diversity in agents. My guess is 75% are women and possibly 50% Jewish. I saw a couple of people from India, a few other of Asian decent. Blacks may have their own agencies, but I didn’t run across any Black agents. Hard to say about Native Americans because many of us are mixed blood. A lot of clamor for LGBT stuff, so I doubt that segment is underrepresented.

I had reason to use a fertility cult and Baubo, but I suspect the sexual content reduced my chances with many agencies. Most ancient cults had fertility roots and sex is part of the game. If I wrote the novel twenty or thirty years ago I would have had a better chance. It’s a waiting game, now. I skipped the British agencies, but I may reconsider if I notice many Americans on their client list. One female agent that seem a possibility was temporarily unavailable so I may check back.

Sexy and Spread Spectrum


Am I slut shaming Hedy Lamarr for riding the submarine, above? No, the picture correlates to her invention of frequency hopping to keep torpedoes from being frequency jammed. Frequency hopping is the basis for spread spectrum technology. A footnote that I created for my book may seem like slut shaming to sensitive feminists, but I’m just summarizing her work as a sexy actress with her invention, just like I did with the picture.

Did Hedy’s looks lead to the invention? Yes, she wouldn’t have married the rich, military arms merchant if not for her looks and she wouldn’t have brought her thoughts on torpedo technology to George Antheil, who helped her invent the frequency hopping concept.

The cult in my novel uses sex for a cause and Hedy’s simulated orgasm in Ecstasy made her famous, so the sex she used to further her career led to a higher cause. In many ways, all women who use sex to serve a cause— serve the same goddess as my fictional cult. Lamarr fits my novel, in another way, she lived many years in Florida and died here.

I’m sure a feminist intern at a literary agency will censor me and eventually I may end up self-publishing, but I’ll take a few more shots with agents because the traditional route to publishing should add improvements to my book.

Why my female dwarf is a badass

My dwarf begins as a brainy, sixteen-year-old girl about ready to begin her first semester in college. The young age bugged me because placing her in a fertility cult means sex, Kids often find themselves in such situations, so I’m mirroring society. I wrote the second book in the series, first, and the events needed to take place earlier, so I adapted and applied a ‘coming of age’ scenario to my story.

Eventually, she will have an alpha-type personality, but the genetic ghosts who possess her will push her to extremes. Being a female dwarf probably makes this homicidal, sexually sadistic character lovable and explains my use of the word ‘noir,’ in my first sentence. Florida’s noir features the darkness hidden inside a sunny disposition.

I’ve already noticed a problem, in the querying process. Low-level screening agents may reject a query before it reaches the agent you researched for possible fit. One query sent to a man with sci-fi and historical interests was rejected almost immediately by a low-level female of unknown interest. Why research an agent when someone totally different makes the judgment call? Interns who call themselves feminists, without knowing the different philosophies of feminism pose a problem and affects my wording about being a satire of feminism.

I gave one female agent a head start, but I sent out more queries yesterday and one was the within the hour rejection described above. Only the first agent queried matters much to me because the others were less likely fits and she’s the only female that I have much hope for. Two male agents are my best fit, but I’ll send some practice queries before I try them. The quick rejection didn’t bug me and now I know I’m going to need a more feminist-friendly tactic.

What I said about my dwarf is true and in many ways, she embodies aspects of a feminist queen. My satire is about the competing factions within feminism and the way they often say polar opposite things. If I show why my dwarf should be respected, I may have better luck.

I can’t show my dwarf’s full journey through life in one book and she’s only a supporting character in the second book. My third book would develop her into who she really is. It may seem impolitically correct to use the term “my dwarf’ but she’s my hero and consider the words “dwarf’ and “hero’ interchangeable. She’s closer to anti-hero in this novel, but if things go as planned she’ll reach true hero status in the third book.

The All White Liberal Hypocrites of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

They never contacted me, but they addressed one issue and possibly another — they should have done a better job of dealing with this issue when I first contacted them. Plenty of people of various ethnicities had reason to be mad about this issue, but I’m the one who blew, maybe it’s because I descend from the most native people of this land and I saw hate addressed at people like me — I fed it back. Other agencies also show troubling tendencies, but I just want to focus on polishing my novel. This issue probably played a role in my depression, but the Veterans Administration probably has done more damage to my psyche.

Look at Amy Boggs and all the White Liberals of the Donald Maass Literary Agony. Amy Boggs attacks  White men in her Twitter post, but she’s surrounded by White people. You better add security because you fat hypocrites can never have enough. Fire Amy Boggs immediately, you bigoted liberal racists. Jim Butcher is one of the authors that deals with this bigoted Liberal elitist group. He needs more security, too. You are outed.

No, I wasn’t rejected by the agency. I was just offended by the posts of Amy Boggs and the agency never answered my complaint. You have to be true scum to deal with this agency. Go ahead and blackball me you Liberal hypocrites.

Replace Amy Boggs with a Black Woman

Amy Boggs feels free to insult straight White men for their gender, sexual orientation, and their skin, so fine replace the bigoted White woman with a Black woman. Get rid of all the high paying White folk at Donald Maass Literary agency and replace them with poor Black folk. All the White blood must be horrible, elitists feel free to attack all other Whites for their skin color. We can all hope all those White folk in her horrible bloodline burn, freeze and putrefy in a Dante version of hell.

You don’t have to attack Whites to be fair to others. No, she didn’t reject me. I wouldn’t consider the agency after seeing what she posted on Twitter. You can choose a religion, but your skin color and your gender is normally not your decision, so you shouldn’t be discriminated against. She still has her job and Donald Maass ignored my email, so I’ll tackle it this way. Boggs is a true depiction of a liberal elitist. who won’t step down to give a Black person a job but will discriminate against lower level Whites.


Boggs was fired immediately after my second email and is no longer an agent. She should read Zora Neale Hurston’s essay, The Pet Negro System. One of the most famous black female authors hated elitists.