Seminoles Draft Ian Astbury

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Oliver Stone offered Ian Astbury, the Jim Morrison role; which, went to Val Kilmer. The Doors had a major influence on Astbury and the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (or Southern Death Cult) donated the band’s name and influenced many songs. As you can see on the map, the Florida resides in the Southern Death Cult region. Astbury never attended FSU never attended FSU, but he should consider joining Jim Morrison on the alumni list or FSU should do  me a favor and draft him.

Who is the apparent Seminole chief, on the lower right? William Augustus Bowles, who had no Native American blood, but entitled himself as ‘Chief of the Embassy for Creek and Cherokee Nations.’ You don’t see the name Seminole because my ancestors did not name them, yet. I don’t know for sure if my ancestors gave them their name, but I have good odds. I have Spanish and Native American ancestors in Florida before English linked tribes.

Bowles went to far when he called himself, ‘Chief of all Indians present’ at a tribal council. Those ‘Indians present’ turned him over to the Spanish and died in a Cuban prison. Political correctness is a tough thing to maneuver around. I find interest in many cultures, but all have flaws. I don’t know why my grandfather hated his grandmother; he never went into detail and may or may not have good reason. I love to link history to trivia and I’m not criticizing Morrison or Astbury for their interest in Native American culture but political correctness is tricky and I suspect it plays a part in the songs sung about Native Americans.

I’m an allusion freak, so this limited song collection binds me, somewhat. Drafting, ‘The Cult’ gives me a few more titles to play with in my ‘Games Without Frontiers’ game that I do with sports fans in my novel. I enjoy sports, but fanatics are fanatics and many fail to see the sanity line.; whether it be, religion, sports, or other social outlets.

The Cult and The Doors have a Native American spirit which meshes well with the Seminole war chant; which, makes them allusion worthy for me. Astbury only has indirect connection to FSU, but sometimes I have to cheat. So I consider The Cult, as a definite maybe. Morrison is a for sure allusion. I still can’t remember offhand, if I mention Bowles (Estajoca was his tribal name) in my novel; this post also acts as a reminder.



The Spirit of FSU


I complained about the University of Miami’s school spirit, but FSU has a different issue. You can say anything about an entity, such as a hurricane, and no one will complain (well, maybe the thunder-god – Thor) but the Seminoles have a political correctness issue. I don’t have worry much about what the Seminoles say; I hold a can of worms that I doubt they want open. At the moment, I only care about the Seminole spirit.

The Seminole war chant has a spiritual nature. Jim Morrison often brought a spiritual nature to The Doors. I’m not sure a poet or artist, of any sort, can survive as an Atheist. Creative people may not conform to a religious norm, but nihilism kills many a soul. Morrison may have exaggerated about the Native Americans dying in the street, after a car wreck, but the incident still had effect. Being a Florida State Seminole, probably felt proper to him. He may not had the blood but he, most likely, liked the spirit.

Scott Stapp and Creed go more for the religious norm of Christianity; rumors have it, he also worships Narcissus (most front men for bands probably do). You can see the Christian symbolism on the album cover and in the lyrics. The group matches well with the themes of my chapter in rewrite. I still don’t know if I can make this scene with rowdy songs work. The Gator’s have a Southern Rock sound that works well for this scene. FSU and Miami have more difficult styles.

FSU has popular Country artists among their alumni but spiritual styles appear to fit better with the FSU war chant than Country music. I will probably explore the country artists, in the next post.

Scott Stapp and Jim Morrison attended FSU, by the way.

Sorry Flo Rida, You been traded


Flo Rida probably favors the University of Miami but this album links him to the Seminoles. The reason stares you, in the face, if you see the image of this album.

Seminoles translates to Wild Ones

His name is also built into the state (Flo Rida State)

When I made my posts about the University of Miami; I considered Flo Rida because he has connections to 2 Live Crew; which, has connections to the Miami Hurricanes. I only care because the title will work as an allusion , in this present chapter in rewrite. I turn Florida trivia into allusions for my novel and this allusion fits with the Seminoles.

Sia, did the vocals for the title track and she interests me for other reasons. I created the Aussie in my novel before I head of Sia. My Aussie character came to mind because I hear some similarity between Aussie accent and Southerners in America. Plus Florida and Australia both have crocodiles; plus Paul Hogan starred in Flipper, the movie.

The Dixie Dregs need to Wipe Out Jimmy Buffet


No, I do not advocate killing Jimmy Buffet – I’m talking about mixing The Surfaris’  tune, Wipe Out, into Buffet’s Surfing in a Hurricane.

Imagine ESPN trying to pick a song to associate with the Miami Hurricanes from the many singers with associations with the crew  I’m trying to do something similar, but the impressive list of musicians from the school appear to have a vast disconnect with the sports base. Buffet is not a alumni member (Amy Lees, his onetime saxophonist is) but he at least associates with South Florida. You will find Steve Morse, on the University of Miami alumni list and great guitarist lists (Jaco, too), but I’m not sure if he has a song say he is proud to be a Hurricane. Mix Morse with Buffet and you might get something, ESPN worthy.

Florida State and University of Miami have top-notch music schools, but I promise you ESPN would prefer the choice that the Gators give them.

I only care about this one scene in my present chapter, in rewrite. I’m gambling I can create a rowdy atmosphere with sports fans and music, but the Hurricane alumni have let me down.

Miami’s Lack of School Spirit


I’m sorry guys, but this alumni list does little to make me think Hurricanes. The Gators had Southern Rock and Southern Rock says Gator Football. Ben Folds can rock the suburbs; Enrique Iglesias might work for football, as in soccer, but American Football – not so much.

The Dixie Dregs, sort of fit, but I suspect only guitarists and serious music buffs know about them. I thought about 2 Live Crew, but their songs revolve more around sex than football. Grace Slick brings a White Rabbit, but still not Hurricane.

Gloria Estefan’s rhythm may get you, but can her Sound Machine rev up a defensive end to get after a quarterback – I’m less than sure.

I’m just trying create a rowdy atmosphere for a scene in my book using sports fanatics and music groups from Florida colleges. Maybe Gloria Estefan is rowdy drunk. Maybe I will have turn my war chant into a true song. I’m perplexed.

Bittersweet Song Needs New Cover

dream weavers-horz

Any musical artists looking for a fixer upper? I ran across a song during my research on people from Florida and when I look at the lyrics, I see potential, for a modern-day hit. The versions, I listened to, fail to fit my ear. The song is, “It’s Almost Tomorrow” by the Dream Wavers (Gene Adkinson and Wade Buff).

The Traveling Wilburys probably could have done a version, I preferred better; too late now. A sound similar to, “Not Alone Anymore,” might work. Tom Petty’s presence in the band would fit my Florida theme. Ben Folds could probably break it down to version more palatable to me. Folds went to the University of Miami ‘s, Frost School of Music. Ben Folds probably has some bittersweet memories from there; if he got over his anger.

I care mostly about the Florida trivia, but I believe someone with talent could get the rights to do the song and fix it up to modern tastes. Another Floridian and a friend of Elvis Presley Jimmy Velvet, also did a version of the song.

I will probably allude to the Dream Weavers, in my novel (unless I forget). Ben Fold is another candidate for allusion. Julio Iglesias, another former student of the family Miami school, probably make the song work in English and Spanish. I would need a more direct allusion for Julio; Folds and the Dream Weavers can sneak in more quietly.

May I can get some the people mentioned to create another Traveling Wilburys type alliance. I just used the Folds album in the image because of the sad look and I hear it as a melancholic song.

Rock, Opera, and Mystery Cults


Savatage and their larger alter ego, the Trans-Siberian Orchestra (TSO), perform rock operas. I mentioned in my last post that the term, “Cabaret,” comes from the the mythical figures called the Cabeiri. A mystery cult formed around the Cabeiri and I suspect the rites held a musical performance within the ritual. Orpheus is another mystery cult member and he is a mythical musician. I’m surprised no one has made mystery cult rock opera, but I’m also surprised it took so long for Richard Wagner‘s opera Der Ring Des Nibelungen to get rocked (Andy DiGelsomina has done part of the adaption in Lyraka Volume 1). Even Hans Makart’s painting (lower left) which is based on Wagner’s opera looks like a rock album cover.

I allude to Savatage and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra in my book due to the Tarpon Springs origin. I allude to Wager’s opera for other reasons.

Top Left pic: Hall of the Mountain King album cover

Top right pic:

Bottom Left pic:

Bottom right pic was altered by me but comes from:


An Ugly Paradox

Цифровая репродукция находится в интернет-музее

Smiles are attractive. They smile in your face, the back stabbers. Smiles = an ugly lie. The two outer pics, depict the trial of Phyrne. Did she display the truth? I had no time or desire to preach this message in my last post, still don’t. Too complex. A look at the Wikipedia page for Phyrne helps (also source for Phyrne images). You may see:

Truth = Beauty = Ugly = Lie

The O’Jay’s may agree. You may also note shades of pride and shame in the images of Phyrne. Poet may prefer the lesson John Keats gives in, Ode on a Grecian Urn.

The Elephant Idol In The Castle


Contrast is good. Billy Idol’s switches style in the song, “Sweet Sixteen.” It worked as a soft romantic contrast to the brash style used elsewhere in his Whiplash Smile album. The song puts a lull in the Whiplash Smile album. Literature uses the same magic, by going back and forth between high and low tension. Bushes and trees brush, in the soft, into the picture on the right; it comes from the Coral Castle. Idol’s song and video stems from this magical place in south Florida. Read about Edward Leedskalnin and see what love did to this man from Latvia. In the picture, see how the fence ruins the landscape. Some elephants trample the magic.

I have an elephant in my first chapter; it comes in the form of a mask. Few authors get afforded the luxury of a slow start and describing the mask comes off as a speed bump. A critical item in a critical section. I made a post about Kafka’s, Penal Colony and the machinery description inspired my mask. I have rewritten many parts of my book, many times, but my poorly written description of the mask remains. Why? Because it is hard to Feng Shui an elephant.

Good Cast?


Angela Bassestt had the body and energy, but lacked the cheekbones. The singing voice came from Tina Turner, so the movie got away with less talent. If they did the movie a few years later; Beyonce had a good match. Angela may have still won the roll, due to acting talent.

Jamie Foxx does snarky and cool, but Ray Charles mostly does happy. Ray has a lanky look and I still see stocky Jamie when he does Ray, the movie.

We don’t have real Hobbits, but I bet a translation of Flipper speak looks like this: “What an odd boy they gave me. You know he looks like Hobbit. Yes, he does look like a Hobbit. Hey, somebody cast this kid as Frodo.

Some movies cheat. Monster cheated.Charlize Theron stole the role from less attractive candidates. Christina Ricci doesn’t use the same name and looks nothing like Aileen Wounos’ real lover. Ricci and Elijah Wood make a good match as long lost twins. Both have an attractive, but odd look. I look for Florida links and you will find many matches.