The Philosophy of Satan’s Fall


A philosopher gives appreciation to religion in, I See Satan Fall Like Lightning. I’m sure some religious people will still take issue with what René Girard says but I find many of his views similar to mine. Christ as a symbol is wonderful; the problem is in the details. People fight over such things as the Trinity. Only a god can know the details, so believing you know such details means you worship Narcissus.

Girard appears to branch off from Baruch Spinoza. Einstein said he believed in Spinoza’s god; which, means he did not believe a god was actively involved in lives but did not rule out the possible existence.

Atheist antagonism toward religion grates me because it is pointless and pushing people towards nihilism seems apocalyptic in itself. Seeing Christ as a symbol of sacrifice is not a bad thing. Girard sees value religion and notes the importance of religion in human development.

I ran into Girard’s book while trying to figure out something for my novel. Satan’s fall is one of my themes, in this chapter I have in rewrite. I appear to have cleared another stumbling block. Now, I’m decorating the tower, in my scene.

Parallel Images of my Mind


Apollo I has a shape close enough to the Mayan sacrificial altars that led me to draw a parallel to types of sacrifice. Mayans thought human sacrifice was for the good of man. They believed in the “sacrifice to seed.” Death brings forth more life. The men of Apollo I sacrificed their lives for the benefit of mankind. No guarantees were given that the space program would provide future benefit. When does sacrifice pay off? Is nature the nemesis or our own nature. The female figure in front represents Nemesis, the goddess.

I added images from Dali’s “Metamorphosis of Narcissus” and “Morphological Echo“ to the “Panorama atop Caracol” all from Wikimedia. The sponge from my last post also appears behind the chess board. I had a more surrealistic and modern picture in my head, but this was easier to make. I don’t have every element here and I have some scaling problems. I imagine a few things going on, off to the right. The scales of Nemesis should hove above a crowd of people, but I have too many limits to my talent.

I have thought about buying toy figures to help me situate things. The author of Fifty Shades of Grey (E. L. James) used dolls to help with the sexual positioning.  Making the image doesn’t cure my problems, but now I can just imagine the movement of pieces; where before, I had to imagine the pieces before I imagined where to move them,

Mother Nature’s Payback is a B


Mother Nature appears to have a vengeance goddess in her employ. Hamilton Disston messed with Everglades and we have spent a lot of money trying to appease Mother nature, ever since. The Dis in Disston fits well as a Dis Pater allusion.

From Mother Nature to Human Nature:

Nemesis went after both Narcissus and Echo

Social activists need more awareness to the dangers of trying to manipulate human nature to their design. I made an attempt to communicate this to a Feminist activist. I doubt my point got through. I’m an intuitive feeler (an INFP) many Feminists don’t seem to understand a guy can do such a thing. I feel too much social imbalance in the world because people are trying to bend human nature to their will. Feminists appear to think present conditions favor White men, Miley Cyrus showed us what many of us knew; many White guys are not doing too well. Watch out Echo. Nemesis does not discriminate on gender.

Everyone wants to fight for their own in-group Many groups split in ideology but either don’t realize it or are to stubborn to split; I don’t know if Feminists are stubborn or deaf but I hear very opposite messages’ from different claimants of the Feminist cause.

Scaramouche do the fandango

SAND_Maurice_Masques_et_bouffons_07Bohemian Rhapsody band Queen Scaramouche fandango-horz

A Scaramouch is a conceited clown. Many sing the lyric from Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, but the lyrics remain a mystery. My present chapter in rewrite centers on Narcissus  and the line, “Scaramouch, scaramouch will you do the fandango,” fits the theme. The song appears to have religious undertone; Freddy Mercury may refer to religious stoning and the Galileo reference may refer to heresy charges applied to the great scientist.

I wish the world had common agreement that god was a scientific genius. God = Hope and an Atheist refusal to allow hope; seems mean. Religious oversimplification that renders God into a magic man; seems dumb. I doubt a god would go into detail about atoms, elements  quarks because man would fail to understand. Every body needs to do the fandango; the insanity frightens me.

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Novel Metamorphosis of Dali


Salvador Dali had every right to be a narcissist. In theory, Albert Einstein may offer relatively more in practical ways, but you can see genius comes in many forms. I try to tread above complete ignorance, but true genius only makes me burn with envy.

I inverted the colors then removed them from this painting and it still looks so cool. I plan to translate this image into text for use it in my chapter, in rewrite. I see the elements, I can use but I need a new tour guide to narrate this piece. I need an expert in balance – a goddess, I suppose.

Maybe I’m not much more than ape, but I can hope to imitate a higher life form. I stand better chance painting with words than with brush and my difference in medium may hide the vast difference in talent.

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Sacrificing the Extension of You

Jacopo ligozzi,_Sacrifice of Isaac-Divine Narc

I heard Dennis Lehane use the Abraham sacrificing Isaac story as an example of an unreliable narrator, in a writing seminar. I saw his point, but I’ve been mulling the story for other reasons. When I changed the foundation of my chapter, in rewrite; I felt guilt when I put heroic people into a chapter about narcissism, but the chapter also deals with sacrifice. Many have a narcissistic bond with their child and you can frame the child as an extension of the parent. Was Abraham asked to sacrifice the narcissist? If life is but a test, this tale take may give lesson to those obsessed with genetic drops of themselves.

My chapter’s foundation comes from Sor Juana’s, “Loa to Divine Narcissus.” and I see something solid to build upon. This post shows one thing I needed to resolve in my mind. My imagery problem still needs better answer, but one thing at a time.

If I designed a cover for Sor Juana’s work I might pair the two paintings above.

Sacrifice of Isaac by Jacopo ligozzi (left)

Salvador Dalí’s — Metamorphosis of Narcissus (right).

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In Search of the Epic Chapter

Complete Version of ye Three Blind Mice by John W Ivimey Illustrator Walton Corbould

I give praise (Loa) to the Divine Narcissus and Sister (Sor) Juana Inés de la Cruz. My search for the foundation; on which, to rebuild a certain chapter in my novel may have come to an end. I knew Narcissus held a role, but I only heard garbled yodeling, from the muses, echoing in the wrinkled gray of my brain. Fear strikes me this chapter needs to capture something important. Maybe a long walk in nature will clear the lingering fog. I have bearings, I just need to trudge forward.

The image comes from John W. Ivimey’s, “Complete Version of ye Three Blind Mice,” with Illustration by Walton Corbould. It captures the smirk and the blind eyes of Narcissus; the full face still hides in shadows.

Worshipping Narcissus


“I know you – You don’t know” has led to images on the right. Death may give you an answer about God, but until then you know what I know = Nothing. Does a God care if I’m a Doubting Thomas? Thomas saw much more than I did and Jesus accepted him. God may hate the Narcissus label more and people who say they know God may find themselves in deep doo-doo. Michener’s book The Source played a part in my decision to use a fertility cult in my own book. Images like those on the right play a part in my motivation and why I prefer the spiritual, but not religious label.

Images clockwise starting on the top left (from Wikipedia)

Narcissus by Caravaggio depicts Narcissus gazing at his own reflection.

Both pictures on the right come from the page about the Waldensians. Yes, Jews have been persecuted but Protestants didn’t fare any better than Muslims, Native Americans, or Jews under Papal rule.

The Source by James A. Michener explores the roots of religion.