Block Blockers

John Cena believes immigrants union members should be able to true natives from jobs. Cena is enemy of the true Native American tribe of Florida. A Timucuan warclub to the head of this blockhead is the deserved reward. Upon review, Cena rates several thumbs down.

Recurent Punishment for Childhood apraxia of speech

I may have solved an ancient mystery — why I was mute as a child. Prior to the Civil War pushed the South was richer and more educated but it took more than a century for the South to recover and that explains the lack of resources my parents had to get help for their mute child which is me.

I’ve been punished several times for a problem present since birth. My early mutism apparently retarded my social development. In my original novel (the second in the series due to my writing a prequel) the main character is unable to talk thru most of the book and mutism will play a role in the third novel if I manage to write it. This post is an, about the author, post and shows why mutism plays a role in my novels. Writing this post also helps me keep a record of when I discover new info about my problem Discovery came when I searched for speech disorders among Native Americans. Apraxia may be slightly higher among Native Americans according to this link.

It seemed likely that my speech impairment descends from my, difficult to understand, grandfather and his Native American ancestry. My family can likely claim to be the last of the Timucuans and speech problems are rather high among my maternal grandfather’s family. I have a long list of punishments stemming from this childhood ailment which snowballed into a social anxiety disorder and I will make this plea once again, Stop the torture of dumb retards, like me. Dumb as in mute and, retard as in slow.stunted development, are not derogatory terms.

Lumping In Native Americans

I want to put a few lumps on, professional wrestler, John Cena’s head — he did a commercial walking down a Ybor City street saying:

“Almost half the country belongs to minority groups,” Cena said in the video. “People who are lesbian, African American, bi, transgender and Native American, and proud of it. After all, what’s more American than freedom to celebrate the things that makes us us?”

I’ve been harassed in a Walmart parking lot in a Black neighborhood for being White — a straight White guy but I’m a mestizo whose Native American ancestors are more native than the Seminoles but I live in a land of people from somewhere’s else. Obama and Supreme Court Sotomayor felt justified in punishing me for my Whtie ancestry — all their ancestors should be tortured as mine have — Obama’s daughters should be hanging themselves if they suffer half the torture I’ve felt over my lifetime. I’ve been hassled by White Racists (some from the north) and for being too friendly with Black people and like I noted have been harassed by other ethnicities for being White. Hollywood Liberals have stereotyped Southerners as racists but read a great African American’s preference for the South to the White elitists of the North — read Zora Neale Hurston‘s article, The Pet Negro. My dad’s family isn’t one bit racist and my mom’s family is the mixed race family in Peter Matthiessen’s , Shadow Country.

Don’t lump Native Americans in with everyone else. I don’t hate gays but I’m certain some gays are not gay — they’re narcissists masquerading as gays. There’s a big difference between Native Americans and Muslims and not all Native American tribes approve of gays. The berdaches that gays use to cite Native American acceptance of gays — limited gays to certain duties such as stretcher bearers.

If I wasn’t so alienated I would be so upset but I have an upcoming VA appointment they have the remarkable ability to give me a turn for a  worse, so I suggest Cena get his ass out of my native land. I’m ex-nuke who provided security for big-wigs like Colin Powel; so you can imagine I’m a badass capable of doing much more damage than a knuckleheaded wrestler who lumps in my native people with foreign forces and unrelated groups such as gays.


Alienating the Ancestral Spirit of the Timucuan

Shouldn’t my ancestral spirit be angry? The Seminoles are just an invading tribe of foreigners who claim my ancestor’s bones. How many invasions have my ancestors seen – Florida history provides a pretty good estimate. If my ancestral spirit cares for me – wouldn’t she want to open up a can of whup-ass on the world?

My ancestor’s tribe was obviously allied with the Spanish; therefore, she’s more native than the Seminoles, but she could have been Apalachee or another tribal member but I give the main character in my novel a Timucuan ancestry. The other novel also has a main character with native root, but I may make him Ais.

But It’s Apparently OK To Harass A Dude Native To This Land

Liberals welcome the foreigner and attack a guy who can legitimately call a Seminole a foreigner. I wrote my post, Rage, after a Muslim woman endorsed a Hispanic’s stereotype of me; the blindside attack happened in the comment section of a post of the woman saying how un-discriminatory she is.

The Lady on the on the stinking Drawbridge also thought it OK to attack me for where I was born. The Liberal literary agent of the Donald Literacy Agency also see’s it as fine to attack me for my skin color, gender, and sexual orientation. I’ve been harassed; while minding my own business, walking into a Walmart to get groceries by someone of plausible Hispanic origin, but I descend from the oldest Latino family of the US (excluding the territory of Puerto Rico).

Lady Gaga sang This Land Is Your Land at the Superbowl, but it is appears to be OK to attack and alienate one of the people most native to this land and celebrate the invasive haters.

Obama thought it OK to elevate a Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court who thought was OK to give ethnic advantages to the more foreign-born people and take away job opportunities to the most native. If this Native American White guy goes on the warpath, I want people to know why. The VA Administration would serve me better by giving me a monkey doctor because that’s the level of healthcare I’ve seen.

The Liberal Sellout of Native American Land by Liberals

*This is a post written while raging [[ something doctors caused me to do. The agent no longer works for the agency, so I no longer have issues the said agency.

Rich White elitists will pay Boko Harum rapists to settle on Native American land and a White Injun like me gets insulted and sh-t on. It didn’t matter how hard I worked the liberals would shuffle off the jobs to another country or give tokenship to people who chose to come here. Only someone related to me is as native to Florida as me and my country has sh-t on my patriotic White Injun ass.

Obama’s mother was a lousy White elitist, even Obama recognized the symptoms, and his father got American taxpayer money to go to Harvard when most taxpayers can’t afford Harvard. Obama’s father came from Africa voluntarily, he doesn’t have slave roots and only Black’s with slave ancestry should get token anything. I supplied security for the Joint Chief of Staff and I got crappy health care then and my present  VA care is criminal. I don’t play favorites’ so Trump’s pick to head the VA doesn’t impress me. I’ll duel any military officer who isn’t freaking on those crooked ass doctors asses.

Speaking of asses any author affiliated with Donald Maass Literary Agency better watch their asses or bending over to a couple of badass boyfriend bodyguards because this White-ass Injun is mad because your White elitist agent, Amy Bogs, is an offensive loudmouth. Shaun of the Dead of West Pam Beach if you’re still on Injun land—get off. It has nothing to do with you being gay, it’s because your agent hasn’t put out a heartfelt apology for her Elitist ass-ism. Associate with a White Elitists and you get treated like a White Elitist. You may want to find the type of boyfriends I suggested. My tribe never signed a treat, so even Obama’s Secret Service better think twice before they touch me. I’m not scared of anyone but myself, so one more slip by the VA might send me after those of White elitist mentalities, such as Obama and Donald Maass. You should be scared You would need to Minority Report me to stop this Nuke brained Dumb Retard because I’m a badass White-ass Redneck Redskin. Obama should think twice because Al-Queda is made up of a bunch of idiots- I’m scarier.

Depression Is being condemned for something you can’t change

I can’t change the fact that my Native American great-great-grandmother married a White man. The half-breed son stereotypically became the Injun who couldn’t hold his liquor and the reason why many subsequent generations avoided alcohol. I can choose what I drink, but I can’t change my ancestry.

In this era, I’m the hated White man to elitist such as Amy Boggs of the Donald Maass Literary agency. Bogg’s Twitter account makes it sound like literary merit has nothing to with literary acceptance, skin color matters. Should I declare I’m Hispanic; in reality, I claim the oldest Hispanic ancestry in the Continental US, but I’ve always preferred success from merit.

Seminoles steal my ancestor’s bones because my Native American ancestor was clearly in Florida before the Seminoles arrived., they get their casino money, I get nothing, but harassment for my White skin while visiting a Walmart to get groceries. My ancestors are in the census and in history books, but apparently more native means more cursed.

Attending The Possum Festival

Wausau FL possum mnmt birdman

I’m not, but I suspect my main character will attend. Wausau is the possum capital of the world and they hold their Possum Festival in the first week in August. It means Big Al will need to head back to the Panhandle. What else can she visit on this second trip to the Panhandle? Another trip to FSU seems likely. The State Mental Hospital in Chattahoochee sis a possibility.

The Mission San Luis de Apalachee has historical significance, especially for me, but I’m not sure what reason I have to send my main character there. My ancestor could easily be from the Apalachee tribe because it would be where a Caddo word could mix with a Spanish affiliated tribe. That information works better for my last novel than this one. I could make a fictional archeological find. What would I want to find is my next question in need  of answer? A woodpecker works better for me than a possum, so I may go that way

Both images come from Wikimedia. You can see the monument if you go to the festival. The image on the right is based on a copper plate found in the Lake Jackson Mounds.

Description: Wausau, Florida: Possum monument
Date 5 November 2010
Source Own work Author Ebyabe

Description: A Mississippian culture S.E.C.C. design from a repoussé copper plate discovered at the Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park.
Date 19 October 2011
Source Own work Author Herb Roe

No Homeland For You

Some people apparently get a homeland, others get pushed out. I’m an alien no matter where I go even though my family has been documented in Florida for centuries; they were here before, the Pilgrims set foot on Plymouth Rock. I always accepted the notion that others come here for a better life, but I’ve been harassed and discriminated against, in my homeland. I had a security clearance in the Navy and they have my fingerprints but apparently our government rather hire people straight off the boat to handle sensitive documents and harass me. Yes, the Driver Licence dude harassed me.

Are Jews discriminated against? Mila Kunis came from the Ukraine and gets acting jobs as a little kid while my government is sending manufacturing jobs overseas to make it more difficult to find a bad job in my own homeland. Did Mila Kunis get her chance because of her Jewish heritage, while I’ve taken slave labor wages even though I have two degrees? Is she having more discrimination than me? No way. I’m Agnostic, so I don’t favor or disfavor a religion unless I consider a religion hostile. I’m a mutt, so I don’ t have strict ethnicity standards.

Something’s wrong—the Supreme Court should not be split by just Catholics and Jews. It just appears you are forced to join a faction to have any rights. I’ve never used a minority status to get a job, even though I’m part Native American and my ancestors came from Spain, which makes me just like a so-called Hispanic. I write about factions in my novel, but I’ve never considered myself part of any faction.

Obama was obviously a darling because his father came from Africa, but I’ve got people attacking my white-Naïve American ass. If Obama’s daughters suffered from sickle cell anemia it would be my blood the saves them; blood I’ve given for free. Apparently, my job was to protect Israel when I served in the Navy, but do the Jewish people care that they alienate me in my own homeland and I can’t get decent medical care even though smokers like Obama felt free to infect me with their filth?

Many Feminists like Amy Boggs of Maas Literary Agency openly attacks White males but was being a woman a shortcoming to her or Mila Kunis, while I get openly harassed in parking lots while just trying to get groceries. And I’m more native than a Seminole., Why shouldn’t I go on the attack?

Yes, I’m still on the warpath and I demand a few scalps. Kill a celebrity –not me. Give Bill Cosby a public hanging along with the people who obviously covered for him. Seeing a celebrity hang would be good for morale. Hang the next celebrity making millions of dollars talking about Feminism or anti-Semitism, I get crap just going to WalMart and I have an Obama ran Veteran’s Administration that only performs quackery. Hang a few politicians, too.

Bring Back Witch Doctors

Can witch doctors be worse than the medical treatment I have seen? I highly doubt it. Pharmaceutical reps and telemarketers need a special place in hell. Dante would have them with frozen brown noses and tie their legs and arms to their intestines. The Secret Service is treasonous organization because protecting a political leader who destroys their country is treason against the country. Grenade the Supreme Court and congress. Fix the medical services of US military and Veterans. Hang a rich Liberal every day until their abuse of Native Americans ends. Anyone who care about the  Washington Redskin issue should be shot because there are much bigger issues than a name of a football team I’m sure Obama cares more about the NBA playoff at the medical care of the military.