Oprah Winfrey Kills Black People

White people are homeless, too, but only Black lives matter. Oprah has become one of the richest people in the world through advertising and costs of advertising filters down to the product. In reality, Oprah is just a fraction of the money that goes into the advertising world. Many Hollywood Liberal act humanitarian, but their act is an act.

I saw a youtube video showing a jokester give a homeless guy a hundred bucks and the guy promptly went to a liquor store to buy food for other homeless people. Poor money management skill and a lack of vehicle probably sent him to buy overpriced food a liquor store, but a bunch of that money went into advertising and people like Winfrey. Is Winfrey just the new slave-owner?

How much money goes to advertising the electorates, even the new media acts as partisan advertising. If the candidates laid out their priorities and their plan to better the society on a website, we should be able to evaluate. If their site is jumbled then the candidate is a mess and if the candidate makes clear points we can evaluate without throwing money into advertising—we could actually use it for good. Advertising is about deception.

Liberals are without a doubt the bigger hypocrites. Financial reward should go to who best benefits society. Did Oprah provide enough benefits to society to garner mention among the richest people in the world? Many people don’t like Microsoft and Bill Gates, but anyone who doesn’t see his contribution to society as being much greater than a TV personality is nuts. You can replace Oprah’s name with Ellen or any other TV personality, but I use Oprah because her financial worth was up there with Gates.

Oprah inflates prices to common goods; which, people need to survive, do Oprah kills Black people and many others because of her inflated price tag, I used the word jokester for the mini-documentary maker because the events didn’t turn out like he expected, but I think he was expecting  a laugh.

Mixing History, Mythology, and Trivia


Diana Canova, from TV’s Soap, comes from an old Florida family. Canova’s ancestors came to New Smyrna, as indentured servants; she comes from a cultural group called the Minorcans. The Mediterranean island, belongs to Spain, but it once belonged to the Minoan culture; hence, the connection to King Minos – the snake tailed guy who Dante Alighieri used to send souls to their appropriate place in Hell.

Minos also had a horny wife, who wanted to leap on a bull. King Minos had Icarus create a bull for his Queen to ride and she rode it so well – she gave birth to the Minotaur. I already did a post on Bull Leaping; which, comes from the Minoan culture at Knossos. Below the Palace of Knossos, you will find a Snake Room – which should help explain the snake tail of King Minos.

My novel involves a mix of history, mythology, and trivia. Now back to Diana Canova, whose ancestors owe a debt to mine, a fellow Catholic from the era, who held much influence. Canova moved on from her Catholic and Minoan roots to join Scientology; which, she separated from due to their continual askance of money. A couple of my recent post mention Scientology and Catholicism is often a subject, so making reference to Canova seems a good choice, for my particular purpose.

I usel Canova’s semblance, in a risqué way; which fits many roles she has played. Her song from The First Nudie Musical would fit well on my soundtrack, where she does some Hispanic mispronunciation of “It’s just so big.”

Canova’s husband, Elliot Scheiner, has Grammy awards from working with Beyoncé the Eagles; so I imagine the hold wealth and influence. The Eagles have a couple of members from Florida and I use them earlier in the chapter.

Ellen and Portia want to have a Baby


They may have the money, they can hire someone to rape a man. Nicer people may go the sex object route. Portia did nude scenes in a movie, will she mind a man using her as a sex object? I believe someone has joked about a resemblance between Ellen and Justin Beiber. Could a gay man lend a hand? Do men have much choice about needing a mental image to have an erection? Are Feminists wrong sexual objectification? Does Ellen use Portia as a feminine sex object? Ellen wears the pants. Should the Lesbian community come out in support of sexual objectification, if they want access to sperm? If Ellen and Portia don’t want humans to go extinct then they want babies to come into the world and men to have sex objects. Would people believe a celebrity couple more than me?

You Don’t Need To Swallow It All


How àpropos, Linda (Lovelace) Boreman filmed her most famous scenes in Florida – The Penis State (penis has linguistic links to peninsula). People Magazine’s obituary noted her deep regrets; sex tape vixens of more recent years don’t go so deep, even in regrets. My title to this post has multiple meanings; a shallower emotional approach doesn’t hurt so deep. Why not just be in on the gag? Why gag at all, if you don’t want to? Yes going deep gives more stimuli, but if you can’t relax your gag reflex, most guys can understand? A good for you is often a good for me.

They ought to offer Paris Hilton the Dr. Holly Goodhead role if they redo Moonraker. I don’t know if she knew how things would blow up when she blew some wood; if she did, she earned the Goodhead reputation. How many bucks did she make for giving a guy a buck? Maybe she’s got a golden ass, as well. Did she do some tanning at the nudist resort in Florida while filming, The Simple Life? Talk about Richie? Do you think the Hiltons got a cut of the Deep Throat dough? I doubt Lovelace filmed in a Hilton, but maybe there is some lost trivia.

Lovelace’s co-star, Harry Reems, did some work with Doris Wishman, a noted filmmaker in Florida. Paris might have done well in a Wishman film; I’m not sure could handle hairy Harry. I’m all about allusions and Florida trivia. What would Harry Reems, would he ream his wood into in a Hilton if he still could give wood? Wood, he would wood a Hilton; yes, he would. Even in a wood shack out back a Hilton, he would ream that Harry Reams would. Harry would  hammer some wood.

Would Wishman wish to film the ever craning neck of a long-legged Hilton? I would have used a hair raised pick of Paris which exposes the feature that Paris loves to expose, but I’m more concerned with her golden ass. Paris should fire her agent for not getting her a cameo in the Lovelace, you might as well milk it.

I don’t mean to offend; I’m not mean. I’m not Richie either. Anything that makes news makes history and I mean to document history my way.

The Paris Hilton pick comes from Wikimedia by Eva Rinaldi from Sydney Australia

Defend The Titties


Feminists and male chauvinists unite; not quite. I’m sure many guys might go to war in an act of chivalry or machismo to free Amina from burka bondage. Does FEMEN  want such help? I have no idea; they may want to lure you into a trap to cut the wick from the Wicker Man. FEMEN hates Catholics and Muslims equally. They also hate the sex industry, so “free will” strippers may even need to beware. Besides, men might no longer have a wick to light.

Pussy Riot is free; they still hate Putin and the state-run Church.

The top right pic shows a protest in California to give women the freedom to expose their breasts wherever men do.

I have no real problem with the right to bare breasts, but you devalue those attention givers by stopping the “hide the goodies” game. Will PETA’s fight for puppies get harmed by the fight to free the puppies (euphemism for the breasts for those in the not know).

I will say it once again, the way these women use their breasts proves they consider their breasts sexual objects to exploit for cash or cause. It makes the objectification and exploitation talk seem irrational. I can’t list all the women who have used their sexy to rise in social status because it has happened so many times. I’m sure many might think some in these photos are models looking for jobs. For all we know some may be. Create hype – gain success.

I put the Eyes Without a Face reference from my last post to make one point. Do strict Muslims have a safe word that allows women to get relief. I’m for religious freedom, but I’m also for women to choose their freedom. Some images disturb.

I stand in the middle on most issues. I’m a disciple of “Doubting Thomas.” I’m registered as Independent. I may have gained misanthrope status because I hate those who drive me insane. Feminists sound rational on many issues, but they also sound irrational on others. An accident in conception may have given me a penis and testosterone, but it means I’m naturally drawn to sexual images of women. Are Lesbians the only ones allowed to have fondness for the female body?

My title is a joke. “Defend yourself from the mammaries of mass destruction,” may be more apt. I apologize for the humor on serious issues, but I use it in defense of what is left of my sanity.

Katy Perry Needs To Kiss A Bunny


I think even the cats know they caught magic. I’m sure Betty and Bunny didn’t need to fake a smile. They knew. Hugh Hefner knew. Many modern pop stars need to give thanks for this photo shoot. The fashion industry should put up monuments. I’m sure many men have erected a person monument, but we probably should give them something more lasting. Modern Feminists should give praise; I’m sure some f the older Feminists will just grouse about the male monuments. I search for Florida icons and I can see why all four deserve a high place on my list. I love that Bunny Yeager included herself in this photo-shoot because she made a bit of history. I’m also glad Betty Page lived long enough to see appreciation for her classier photos.

Mythology shows the link between women and cats in various cultures. So don’t consider it just crass when I call this one of the greatest pussy shoots ever. The bunny is associated with the Roman, goddess Flora. Etymology links Florida with Flora and it also links peninsula with penis. So this photo-shoot fittingly took place in the Penis state, we call Florida. Rome might want to erect a monument, too.


Me Soo Soo Horny


What makes me horny for Papillon Soo Soo? It’s simple. She makes sex simple. For those who don’t know; she delivered the line, “Me so horny. Me love you long time,” in Stanley Kubrick‘s, 1987 film, Full Metal Jacket. The Miami based rap group 2 Live Crew  sampled her lines for their song, “Me So Horny“.

Women are complex. Sex researchers have spent much time and money trying to figure out female erogenous zones. Cosmo, the magazine, kept their writers busy on the unsettled debate about the G-spot and other mysterious regions. Guys just simply have a horn that loves to get blown and the only thing complex is that blow doesn’t really mean blow. Men will jump, like dogs, though all the hoops that women offer up but we do love a simple message.

The allusions book in my book make things seem rather complex but I try to shove this complex stuff under the carpet. 2 Live Crew gives Soo Soo a Florida link which helps make her allusion worthy. She also played Pan Ho in the 1985 James Bond film A View to a Kill. Her movie doesn’t have a Florida connection but the Bond franchise does. I have other reasons to allude to them but the best reason is they make things simple.


When Beauty Turns Interesting


I search for Florida related icons and Gloria Swanson does make somewhat of a fit. She spent part of her youth in Key West and I can imagine her face on a Hollyweird dollar bill. Swanson accepted the parody of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard and created a classic. Megan Fox flashed in as a hot body a few years back; has she flashed out? Hot bods are like gunfighters; someone always awaits to look down at the cold body. Swanson dug herself out of the grave to move from the silent era and into the talkies. How many hot bods can pull off a similar trick?

I may use the word, “glorious swansong. to allude to Swanson; if I find an appropriate spot during my revision process. Swanson held a lot of gravitas in her rather small body; her personality might fit in my dwarf character.

Nomadic Iconic Florida


Why nomadic? Because only Flo Rida was born and raised here and he only makes my list for his name. I don’t even consider him the most famous rapper from Florida. Iconic is a tough list to make. I can almost hear Burt Reynolds say, “I’m from Florida, damn it,” and he may deserve the top spot for his attitude. Jim Morrison is the only other person, on this list, who was born here. He also attended two Florida colleges. Read about Jim and you will see he was nomadic and iconic.

I don’t know how much time Walt Disney spent in Florida, but we have valid claim to a piece of him. Johnny Depp has become iconic, but most people may not know he grew up here. Ernest Hemingway, Jimmy Buffett, and Jackie Gleason fall under a mutual adoption category. Many writers have made Florida a part-time residence, but Hemingway wrote his name into our history. Buffett and Gleason merged their images with our state. Gleason didn’t even retire, but he still enhanced our retirement image. Ray Charles never wore Florida on his sleeve, but he deserves a high slot. Buffett’s, Cheeseburger in Paradise, might deserve nomination as our state song. I need to do a fast food post, so you can see why.

The Doll Family may deserve the top slot because they represent our circus history. Aileen Wuornos  was a drifter and she drifted into our history books. I’m not sure Mickey Rourke is iconic enough, but I thought he and Wuornos may have been separated at birth.

Florida rocketed in population after the invention of air conditioning and that picture of Gleason, so we suffered in the numbers game. Many people with iconic status have owned homes in Florida and our obituary list looks more impressive than our birth records, but there is a difference between owning a home and calling a place home.