Wu Wei, A Possum In A Persimmon Tree


Wu-Wei, “the action of no action, ” is a central concept in Taoism (Daoism). I see the Opossum as a Wu-Wei god. Native Americans gave us the central myth;

Coyote finds Possum in a tree; both play tricksters and Possum wins by playing dead. Those who study tricksters know, tricksters can play the winner or loser role.

George Amos Dorsey put the Trickster tale in his book, Traditions of the Caddo. TS Eliot appears to have seen this paradox. The poet, penned Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats (It took stage as Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats). Wikipedia says Ezra Pound gave Eliot the “Old Possum” nickname (David Loy points out the Wu-Wei link, so we all may have seen this independently). The opossum image comes from Wikimedia. The center comes from the Wikipedia’s Coyote page. We have the coyote cousin in Florida, so the last image comes from the Red Wolf page.

An Ugly Paradox

Цифровая репродукция находится в интернет-музее gallerix.ru

Smiles are attractive. They smile in your face, the back stabbers. Smiles = an ugly lie. The two outer pics, depict the trial of Phyrne. Did she display the truth? I had no time or desire to preach this message in my last post, still don’t. Too complex. A look at the Wikipedia page for Phyrne helps (also source for Phyrne images). You may see:

Truth = Beauty = Ugly = Lie

The O’Jay’s may agree. You may also note shades of pride and shame in the images of Phyrne. Poet may prefer the lesson John Keats gives in, Ode on a Grecian Urn.

Poet to Novelist to Screenwriter


Dorothy Porter appears to have made the jump. I haven’t read the the book nor have I seen the movie, but I know the difficulty in the leap. James Dickey, the poet, made the Leap with Deliverance; I have read and watched both works. I am allusion crazy and I realize people can’t always follow allusions without help. I found The Monkey’s Mask while trying to depict the use of the mask in my book. My mask does make a monkey of my main character, if you apply the cliché. We both appear to use BDSM, but mine is closer to how the housewife wanted to make Edward Scissorhands a sex toy. I write with humor, but Porter must fit the erotic thriller genre. My Related posts: The Dickey Experience and Hapless Heroes