The Deplorable Celebration of Obama on the Colbert Show

If Obama was Japanese he wouldn’t be showing his face, he would fall on his sword over Afghanistan. Obama decided to arm and train the Afghan military and we see how that turned out. Money which could used for building America went to the Taliban to enjoy. The news clip of Taliban soldiers at a amusement park shows what trillion s of dollars went for. A person should be hanging his head, not playing around for a TV audience less than a week after the debacle Biden made of the military exit.

Misdirection in the Age of Chrusaders

Yes, we are in the age of Crusaders and once again the Crusades resemble the Monty Python Flying Circus.  When I researched for a literary agent, I found a bunch of far-left liberal CrusaderS. I hate both political parties, but the widespread attacks on Trump leave me little reason to chime in when I disagree with him, but Obama got away with murder and it shows how liberally biased the media is and completely biased. It’s safe to say I disagree with Trump on most environmental issues, but I understand how he takes a completely business perspective to most things. Personally, I would prefer a President who didn’t take the cold-blooded business approach, but it sure doesn’t mean I thought very highly of Obama’s approach, either.

My novels use a bit of misdirection and I’m certain many if not Crusaders will start galloping of, in Monty Python style. Would I prefer readers to see my main character, in my second novel as misogynistic — yes, because I purposely misdirect. The main character, in the first book of the series, is a female dwarf who on occasion abuses women and many will certainly look past the character and blame the author. Shouldn’t an author keep a character true to character, I sure think so. My dwarf is a big Ball of history and history is muddy and bloody, so she should be too.

As someone who worked in the manufacturing industry, I’ve been hurt by the poor business practices of the Clinton and Obama administrations. My main character is in the manufacturing business and even though I’m not interested in exploring deep into that topic, I may use it to partly explain the financial woes of the empire she built. Blind eye agents may not see the balancing act needed to properly run a fair economy and may dismiss my issues as they ramble off on their crusades, but I don’t consider literary agents as very good judges of literature if they one note their political agenda.

The North Could Have Boycotted Cotton

Trump needs to follow my blog because he’s right about the how Civil War could have been averted, but wrong about details. Slavery was about cotton and the manpower needed to profit from the crop. Textile manufacturers, in the North, wanted the cotton and they didn’t want to pay the price. These manufacturers used the American Civil War to renege on their debts.

I’ve already made a post about the ethics of Lincoln’s Scorched Earth Policy, and clearly show the South wasn’t any more racist than the North. After the Civil War, cotton became the cash crop in India, where the caste system defined slavery by another name, so what did Lincoln accomplish – different group of slaves picked the cotton and many Blacks succumbed the economic slavery of the ghetto. There’s a reason why the famous Black female author, Zora Neale Hurston, preferred the South – Southerners weren’t hypocrites. White Elitists in the North held that title.

Bernie Sanders attacked Trump for not knowing history, but the Jewish Sanders probably doesn’t realize  Jews Jews held high rank the Confederate army. I don’t consider Jews any worse than other groups because people are people but Hollywood Jews have often slandered me for my Southern roots, but my ancestor was married to a Black woman, but I get attacked and Obama gets hyped. I’m from a Native American tribe more native than the Seminoles, so this is my native homeland but I get attacked. Death to Sanders, Obama,  Bush, and the Clintons – I’ve been betrayed by my own country and if Trump doesn’t set things right then death to Trump, too.

Trump is right about the Civil War == the politicians bungled it and if Sanders can’t see that — he’s just another lousy politician. Death is hyperbole.

Unrelated Factions

Democrats use unrelated factions, with different beliefs, to gain power. Black men are less likely to endorse Feminism and gay rights than White men, but Black men often stick to Democrats even though they don’ agree with issues of other factions within the party.

I’m very much in the middle on many issues, but extremism within the Democratic party has pushed me away from their politics. Racism sucks, but it sucks more when you are the target and White men have become targets. My ancestry is mixed, but most consider me a White guy. Social anxiety affects my relations with everyone and it doesn’t differentiate on ethnic grounds.

The story about the mentally disabled White guy being tortured by Blacks—relates to me. An incident at Wal-Mart, where I was harassed for being White didn’t cause physical damage, but it makes me hate White elitists who don’t allow for middle ground.

My novel is about factions, so I’m still on topic. Finishing the novel has sent me into a deep depression because I can no longer hide my head in creative endeavor and have to thing about business matters.

When You Start Acting Like A Faction

I hate both political parties, so I didn’t care which American party won the election. I see a blip of a bright side in Trump’s win. Personally, I rather be more diplomatic to Putin and Russia because religious extremists are harder to deal with and I mean no disrespect to moderate Muslims..Teaming up with Russia against the extremists makes much more sense than the Cold War strategy of taking opposite sides. We now fight Afghanis that we supported in a fight against Russia.

I can’t say much else about the bright side of Trump. His motto of “Making America Great Again” was obviously better to Americans who see a downfallen America and it is hard to imagine him making the medical system worse than it already is.

I’ve posted about how people are dividing into factions based on gender, ethnicity, and sexual preference. When I told Blacks that Obama was bad for them, I didn’t say it for disingenuous or harmful intent. His political campaign made Blacks look like a faction rather than individuals voting on issues and political stance. Trump probably had more Whites acting as a faction. Affirmative Action will probably disappear because Blacks decided to make Obama rich and powerful rather than moving up a rung themselves.

I prefer people to act like rational individuals and not blockheaded members of a faction. It is understandable that Blacks want what’s best for them, but low wage working class Whites see Blacks given privileges through Affirmative Action. Poor is poor and it doesn’t matter the skin color.

If Trump and Putin go for a win-win strategy—the war in Afghanistan and many others will end. Islamic extremists will go into hiding and we might have the closest thing to peace on earth if Putin can tamper his appetite for power. China is another player—not sure if they’ll join or fight such an alliance. They hate Islamic extremists, too. So I’m guessing– join.

This is a truly great quote by Salena Zito that explains why Trump won and give that girl a raise because she’s one of the few in the news media that had a clue:

As the conservative political columnist Salena Zito wrote of Trump in September, “the press takes him literally, but not seriously; his supporters take him seriously, but not literally.”

I never endorsed or criticized Trump because his bluster does make it difficult to judge about his intent. He’s a roll of the dice. Obama was supposed to improve race relations, but his own racism screwed that up. It was more than the incident with the Harvard Professor and the cop, but that was blatant. Will Trump and Putin curtail extremism? It’s plausible, but they may screw up just like Obama.

Factions are a theme in my novel, so a post like this shows what I think about.

Bring Back Witch Doctors

Can witch doctors be worse than the medical treatment I have seen? I highly doubt it. Pharmaceutical reps and telemarketers need a special place in hell. Dante would have them with frozen brown noses and tie their legs and arms to their intestines. The Secret Service is treasonous organization because protecting a political leader who destroys their country is treason against the country. Grenade the Supreme Court and congress. Fix the medical services of US military and Veterans. Hang a rich Liberal every day until their abuse of Native Americans ends. Anyone who care about the  Washington Redskin issue should be shot because there are much bigger issues than a name of a football team I’m sure Obama cares more about the NBA playoff at the medical care of the military.

Shove A Pack of Cigarettes Down Obama’s Throat

I didn’t have the right to breathe when I was in the US Navy because there were so many smokers. They made me pick up the butts while shoving smoke into my lungs. The medical care I’ve gotten is atrocious. Yeah, I’m still fuming. Treat Obama like a hero and me like a villain Obama’s are the bigoted freaking racist—not me. Fix the VA. I’m not a villain I’m just a true Native American on the warpath, and I hate having my right to fresh air, and I hate the lousy medical care I’ve gotten in the Nay and thereafter.

Relocate Israel to Native American Land

A British Naseem “Naz” Shah gave this solution for the Israel-Palestine Conflict. Considering the Jewish political and media factions already in power and not recognizing their reverse Anti-Semitism is this something desirable?

My solution was to give a deadline date to create a wildlife sanctuary in the disputed territories. I’m sure many don’t agree with my use of atomic weapons, but I’m a disenfranchised Native American on the warpath.

I want to get back to the writing diary for my novel, but anxiety gets in the way. These posts do fit elements of my novel because a war between factions—plays a role in my novels. Disturbances in my writing also fit my ‘about the author’ category.

Obama will sell my ancestral homeland to anyone, obviously.  I don’t even have the right to adequate medical care for serving in the US military and I’m treated with contempt from every side because I have a Southern; rather than, a Native American accent. I’m a follower of Doubting Thomas and my primary doubts come from the belief that god would nuke this whole planet if he existed.

Obama’s War Against The Native American

Many with Native American blood look White like me. I just wanted to get groceries  but was racially harassed. Obama jumped to the conclusion the police officer who arrested Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr–was a racist. We all learned that wasn’t the case. Did Obama  ever see he jumped to a racist conclusion and admit racism goes both ways and every way? No.

As a Veteran, I was put in danger to protect the rights of Israels right to exist, but it seems I have no rights in my ancestral state. I apparently have the right to incompetent and unethical doctors and the right to be harassed because I have social anxiety and don’t alway follow normal social protocols. I’m still fuming. Obama should resign in disgrace because one of his primary goals was to fix the health care system but he failed to fix the VA when it is entirely under his control. Racism was his other issue, but he can’t even see and acknowledge his own racism. Black Harvard Professor or the police officer, who were the racists in that incident–Obama was one for sure.

Yeah, I’m at war. This isn’t siding with Republicans because I hate them, too. The VA has me so angry I can’t see straight. You shouldn’t drive someone smart enough to be a Nuke insane. Fix the VA.