False Gods


False gods are the reason I call myself Agnostic and the story of Doubting Thomas makes me lean toward Christianity while science edges me toward the Gnostic vision of god. Religions have rules about worshiping false gods and every culture considers their god true and the others false—that proves Narcissus is god and I’m doomed to go to hell because that’s the one god I have trouble believing in.

I use Neil Gaimam’s American Gods as the image for this post because of his cast of media gods.the media truly makes their own set of gods. One of my characters has a pop culture obsession so you can say she worships this new cast of American Gods. Do I wish she will become the next popular culture juggernaut, the chariot of the gods that bulldozes through the manic masses? Yes and no, but generally I’m too dispirited to care.

Katy Perry Needs To Kiss A Bunny


I think even the cats know they caught magic. I’m sure Betty and Bunny didn’t need to fake a smile. They knew. Hugh Hefner knew. Many modern pop stars need to give thanks for this photo shoot. The fashion industry should put up monuments. I’m sure many men have erected a person monument, but we probably should give them something more lasting. Modern Feminists should give praise; I’m sure some f the older Feminists will just grouse about the male monuments. I search for Florida icons and I can see why all four deserve a high place on my list. I love that Bunny Yeager included herself in this photo-shoot because she made a bit of history. I’m also glad Betty Page lived long enough to see appreciation for her classier photos.

Mythology shows the link between women and cats in various cultures. So don’t consider it just crass when I call this one of the greatest pussy shoots ever. The bunny is associated with the Roman, goddess Flora. Etymology links Florida with Flora and it also links peninsula with penis. So this photo-shoot fittingly took place in the Penis state, we call Florida. Rome might want to erect a monument, too.


If you, C-K-E-Y Britney


Is Spears headying James, as in Joyce? Old news, but this odd couple twisted their way into my stuff. The former Mouseketeer spears Joyce’s pun, but a gang behind Spears did the thrusting; three Swedes pop from behind the pop machine. An Indian-American, not an an American Indian, also put in a few licks (see the writers on the If You Seek Amy page). I get intertextual with sirens, just like Joyce; I got very intertextual with xTina, my other siren and Mouseketeer. It was no oops… I did it again, when I did again to Britney. Allusions fall under the broader class of intertextuality and I love to allusion. I’ve posted Britney; tomorrow, I may have Joyce do some lotus eating on Christina, the Aguilera species of Diva. This is James Joyce week for me.


Bikini Good, Bikini Bad


Bikinis got their name from a little bomb test on an island named Bikini Atoll. It came out bigger than planned. A Higgs Bikini ( I imagine it will look like the photo the on the left) doesn’t excite me; it looks too small. We might learn something, but pride may lead to a fall from Babel’s tower. I know some nuclear physics, but I’m not in the Big Leagues; I retired from the little leagues due to my scrambled eggs for brains. Knowing about the Higgs does fill some idle curiosity, but I only want to know which Bikini I get. The Red Sonja picture (© Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons) gives me pleasure, but I also see how it may give me pain. Will a Sheldon understand this concept?

Designing Wobots


In Star Trek, Harry Mudd (rhymes with Fudd) made many wobots and one woe-bot (bottom pics). Jokes at bottom, setup up top. I hint about Designing Women using a Florida theme. Two cast members (top left) fit; it takes Annie Potts out of the equation. Plus, the new Star Trek might see fit to cast Annie as Woe-bot wife. I see Jean Smart as Overkill. My choice, Delta Burke (top right); she also comes in plus size if you prefer. The former Miss Florida and obvious “sex object” had a role in the feminist movie, A Bunny’s Tale. In the movie, Kristie Alley plays Gloria Steinem during her time as a Playboy Bunny. Steinem is the feminist who coined the term,“sex object.”  Women may see the mixed message sent in sex object status. I’m sure straight guys do. Kristie Alley also plays a hot Vulcan (not Hephaestus) in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; this Scientologist also comes a plus size version.

Wobots show cleavage; Woe-bots show cleavers. Insert your choice in Leave it to Beaver jokes. You have to watch out for crazy eye. Giving your wobot, guided missile eye for your guided missile may work well if you get the cleavage – cleaver programming right. Comic book guys know Metal Men may come in Iron, Lead, and Tin; but wobots need some Platinum. Add some rose nectar for a touch of Serenity and if you don’t know about another Lenore. Still a high risk for woe-bot; even Big Bang brain like Kripke can’t figure out feminist wabbits.

One note of interest to me; Gloria Steinmen’s buddy: Florynce “Flo” Kennedy.

A Cause Without a Rebel


Did Ferdinand want to butt heads? No.Ferdinand wanted to tiptoe through the tulips, but bulls can’t tiptoe. In Star Wars, C3PO had a purpose, but had a “You got the wrong robot” attitude. James Dean hit a chord without guitar or any other instrument, like Hans Solo. Blue jean fever spread across the globe when, Rebel without cause hit the screen. Italy the fashion maker made the first jeans, but the Giant rebel icon made the sell. Marketing and religion use rebel icons to serve their own purpose, but I see dangers in both. Mania drives both sells and Inquisitions. I had a problem with my last post and a couple of chapters in my book because I want to tiptoe, but I feel like a bull. Big Religion = Big Money = Big Brother = Rich peeing on the poor.

The Crews Way to Twist Screws


Harry Crews uses shock. Lightning served great purpose to primitive man; it started fires and fire can be very good. Some may start fires with these books. Crews doesn’t shy away from much and will offend the book burning type. He wrote one book about a guy eating a car to make a case against, what he saw as, an irrational love for cars.

The outer two books look at religion and the snakes you find. You often seen snakes in religion. In Feast of Snakes, Crews shows the practice in extreme. Snakes symbolize intertwining bodies; male anatomy; life reborn. in their shedding skin; and eternity, in the circle form shown on the cover. The Gospel Singer shows a devil in angel form. A charlatan who preys on people in their search for hope.

The Hawk is Dying comes in book and movie form. Falconry, an old practice, and when you favor Free Bird; it hurts a little.

Celebration takes place at a trailer park for retired persons. A young woman sparks some old fires. Naked in Garden Hills takes place in my neck of the woods, Bone Valley. I made a short post on phosphate and it shows a book about the importance. Crews writes about her rape of land.

Best Bait for Flirty Fishing


I vote for Summer Bottom. Some may dive for River Bottom. You see Joaquin Phoenix and his siblings, but the family took the Phoenix name after they snuck away from a sneaky religious cult. The Children of God cult practiced Flirty Fishing. Some religions baptize babies to make leaving the Church a sin. Some use celebrities to rope people in. Most people can figure out what Flirty Fishing entailed. The Bottom family said it left because of the practice, but they do make a good face expose the practice. Sex appeal works, but supervillains often wield the power.

Monkey Girl Will You Marry This Lizard Brained BOY?


Percilla the Monkey Girl wins my heart. The supermodel, on the left, looks a bit ugly to me even when she waxes. The Percilla and Emmitt Bejano offer a unique love story. My lizard brain responds to supermodels, but it demands much less. Women make the rules and standards; men just go, “Doi-ng!” Feminism has two factions, those who exploit and those who hate exploitation. The first type has power enjoys their power over lizard; the other type wants to crush lizards. Lizards have a purpose, so have mercy on the lizard. Supermodels respect the less purrr-ty and have mercy on the lizard, too. People are animals and superficiality hurts all types of animals. PETA needs to stop the hypocrisy. Feminists go easy on the lizard; the lizard can’t help being a lizard. Think about all the baby lizards.

A Squint Eye Look At Squint Eye


I’m sure others have looked at Renee Zellweger and wondered what is wrong with her. All these people come from Sami ancestry. Genetics comes down to whether your ancestor went right or left. They went north. Generations in snowy areas can lead to squint eyes and/or polar bear, white skin.  Catholic means universal, but shamans are universal. Renee’s great-granddad may have had the shaman’s drum seen in the lower right. Kutkh (Raven Spirit) myth flew from Siberia to the Americas, just like the bird. Native Americans have many genetic and cultural links to fishers in the arctic. The first Japanese came from a similar tribe. Genes are tricky like the raven. I don’t have a link to Sami genes unless it come from my Native American blood. I just need to do some explaining about things in my book. Natives in Florida, Mayans, Huns and many others flattened their heads (cranial deformation) to get squint eye. Beauty and normality are in the eye of the beholder.