Isis and Serapis


Ancient Greece preferred their gods to take exceptional human form, so Ptolemy I created Seapis by merging Apis, the bull, with Osiris, the castrated. Isis already had a human appearance and her marriage to Osiris shifted to Serapis. Isis compares to the mother and daughter combo of Demeter and Persephone. Isis and Serapis had a large cult following in Rome. The destruction of the Temple of Serapis at Alexandria signifies the destruction of Paganism.

Serapis is similar to Dis Pater and all the links, to this Egyptian, god combine to make him the centerpiece of my novel’s mythology. I prefer Ptah, the original god linked to Apis..

The Stare Down


Years back, I watched my cat go predatory on a snake. If a cat could talk, he might have said, “Finally, a worthy opponent.”

I’m not sure the term “scaredy cat” applies to cats. In some ways, they have no fear. Cats know when they leave themselves in a vulnerable position and “wary cat” may apply.

I did an internet search and saw a panther take on a giant python in the water. No fear from the cat, just an intense stare — the panther won. Pythons in the Everglades pose a problem, but people pose more of a problem to the panther than a python.

Snakes don’t blink, but they also don’t see very well. A cat does not have a blind stare, it sees all. Just like Ra – the sun. What the snake symbol in the Wadjet (Eye of Horus) means depends on whether the snake represents Apep (a rival to Ra) or Wadjet, an Egyptian snake goddess. Bast, the cat goddess, merged with Wadget so you see a cobra rising above the Bast (right side image).

The left image shows Ra taking down Apep, but some myths say Bast beat Apep. I don’t know or care much. The cat – snake link interests me more. I bet it has something to do with the stare down. Why the cat goddess married the dwarf god, who is Apis the bull, has me stumped. But what is love?

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Groovy Goat Milk

PhotoFunia Goats Regular 2014-03-23 02 22 58-horz

Shaman’s deliver urine fortified with magic mushroom, but what happened to magic milk. Heiðrún (right) from Norse mythology eats off the tree called Læraðr to make the mead of einherjar. Domesticated goats gave milk long before cows took over as favored livestock.

The goat god Pan has old roots. Pan come by way of Egyptian mythology and the Goat of Mendes; also, known as Banebdjedet. One chapel record says, god Ptah took the form of Banebdjedet,the mother of Rameses II (the Pharaoh they named a condom after). Myth gets mixed up over time – Ptah (pottery god who made the universe) is Apis, the bull but becomes similar to the old ram god of the pottery wheel. Confused?

Alan Piper theorizes goats ate marijuana to produce mead. I put wormwood into the frame of my PhotoFunia app (left). I play around with theorizing recipes in my book. Wormwood seems safer for the goat; but I am not an expert.

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Cycling Mythology


I play with coincidence; the cosmic coincidence coined as Kismet. Fertility cults worship at  the crossroads which bridge life and death. Women and wine played big parts; hence, the top left hand corner. Fungi, like magic mushrooms, most likely helped with the ecstasy effect. My bonding rings allude to more than marriage; they also represent mixology and infinity.

I made these focus maps to help me decide where my novel needs work. My allusions to the feline goddesses look weak. Flora goes with Superman; but Mighty Mouse may be more apt. I explained some of the Disney coincidence in an earlier post. I suspect the god known as El has ties to the underworld. Adonis, an early version of superman. Names change and I favor Favonius and Flora, as my underworld deities but The El name fits my Disney link.

I use the Parabiago as my template for the Mystery Cults. I see the little people as underworld deity’s, who distribute the earths riches. Carpos means fruit and I believe the Cabeiri shown on the Parabiago Plate stem from an Egyptian underworld god (Ptah). Florida’s penis shape and the bull have links to Ptah in my book filled with literary allusions I’m sure m novel reads easier than I make it sound. I prefer hidden depth.


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Needing A Soul


Artists, writers, and other creative beings need this mysterious entity. You may use other words but you must find that light in the darkness. We use terms like deep for a reason. Many cultures have used the bird to symbolize the soul. I chose the Phoenix due to the rebirth connection. Key-Hole also seems apt but notice I divided the words. Maybe the male part of my brain prefers the hole. The Egyptians use their creator god, Ptah, in their death ritual called the Open Mouth Ceremony. Ptah is the opener; he is the key. The soul gives hope. Atheists often claim Agnostics, as like minds. Believers often sound like knowers. I have a more humble assessment about what I know. I do have faith that I will follow Emily Dickinson. I choose no better fate. I see no better soul. She put her doubts in a Fly; but “Hope is a thing with wings.”

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No Virgins For Vulcan O


Vulcan (Hephaestus) had a rough love life. Most volcano gods get much more respect. The Greeks preferred pretty boys, but much of their mythology came from less vanity driven origins. Alexander the Great gets credit for turning the bull god, Apis, into Serapis because he wanted to unite religions under a handsome human face. He also shunned another aspect of Apis – the dwarf craftsman known as Ptah. People do not shed their gods, so easily but images do change over time. Ptah split into another craft god known as Hephaestus in Greece and Vulcan in Rome. His underworld aspects went to Plouton (which turned into Hades) and Dis Pater. Wonderful visions of the underworld also fell into the hellish versions we often see now. Ptah most likely had links to the geyser god, Enki. Volcano gods ejaculate lava rather than sweet water spit from loins of geyser gods. The image from my last post has a geyser layered over top of Christina Aguilera’s (Your Body) album cover; differs greatly from this volcanic splooge.

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He Who Authored The First Word

Manneken Pis inBrusselsBelgiumJerome Duquesnoy1619AuthorMyrabella

Sorry ladies, the lads have the pen. Many myths say a word beget the world. Enki means Lord(En) Earth(Ki), but you should think of him as Jack Of, the Geyser god) because he ejaculated everywhere and everything. The word, craft, cut, carve, core, and many other C or K dominated words probably descend from the same place as the Ki in Enki. Khnum the Egyptian craft god, often has a ram or crocodile head, most likely descends from the same Ki. Ptah another pottery god has different origin (I did a post on the P, ph, and f words). Manneken Pis (left image), note the P in pis, piss and pee has something in common with Ptah – he’s a little dude. Figurines often show Ptah standing on two crocodiles, one probably doubles as Khnum’s crocodile head; the other may be Sobek. Ptah joins Upper and Lower Egypt at his temple in Memphis (more crocodile symbology).

Manneken Pis in Brussels, Belgium was sculpted by Jerome Duquesnoy and comes by way of Wikimedia from an author known as Myrabella.

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Probable Coincidence Or


Kismet Is the town where Elias and Flora Disney met. Kismet is a Hindu equivalent to fate; it is also a comic book character. Did the creators of Superman borrow the name, El (an ancient god, who most likely became the Judeo-Christian god) when they gave Clark Kent the Kryptonian name Kal-El of the House of El.

Of course, Memphis, Florida got its name from Egypt; Memphis is where the great temple of Ptah stood. The area around Memphis, Florida became home to many dwarfs when Ringling made Sarasota his winter camp; Ptah is a dwarf; he is also associated with Apis, the Bull. Both Egyptians and Native Americans held birds in high esteem and gave them a place in their mythology. The symbiotic relationship of the Cattle Egret and the big hunk of beef upon which they often rode, may have played a role in the Egyptian fascination. It is less common to see this symbiotic relationship between birds and crocodiles (or alligators) but the danger braved by the bird makes this symbiotic behavior more mystical.

My title, to this post, comes the statue (Ptah – god with the two crocodiles) and the city named, Allapattah, (a Native American word for alligator). We know “El” in the from of El Paso, El Dorado, and etc…. “Al” is commonly seen in Arabic words and names. Did these prefixes originate from the constant reference to god in everyday superstitious speak? Odds are there isn’t a solid direct between Allapattah and Al’Ptah, but the crocodile and alligator link evoke some cry of kismet.

Ptah also wears symbols of the souls of the god Re: the Ba, in the form of two birds with human heads wearing solar disks.  Florida gets its name indirectly from Flora, the goddess, not Flora Disney – but in the mythology of things the two may be one in the same, like El and Elias. Linguistics and the gods of mythology offer some crazy She-it to man – M Brace DeFreak.

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Re-Bio-ing Batman Villains


Sideshow freaks made a home and found normality in Gibsonton, Florida. A freak among freaks feels normal. Laws to do away with the exploitation of sideshows also broke up the town. Good intent does not always make good result. The Penguin and Killer Croc fit the Circus freak category. Audubon and others saw Florida as a special place for birds and the Penguin has a passion for birds. South Florida is the only place in the United States crocodiles live in the wild. Placing the origin of these two Batman foes in Florida makes good sense. Plus, it would fit the symbolic logic of my book, better.

The Penguin has Hephaestus and Ptah type qualities; they fit the smart and borderline dwarf  profile. Killer Croc also has links to Egyptian mythology.


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Making It with Dwarfs


Someone may want to do a movie about he dwarf lovers in Egypt. The Bangles could make a comeback with,”Dwarfing like an Egyptian.”  The little Hindu dudes (first pic) have their guided missiles aiming at a Mohini. The Norse goddess, Freyja, wanted a necklace from some dwarves; she got one (2nd pic). Garden gnomes root from Priapus (3rd pic) and his giant redwood root. I suspect Priapus branches off the big branch of Ptah, who wears a skullcap like the one shown in the last pic. Egypt was the hot spot for dwarf dudes, but I suggest you read travel advisories before hunting for a Cleopatra. My last post shows how little folk make bunches of things in myth and folklore. Bridget the Midget may have made more whoopie than Whoopi Goldberg, so America may be a hot spot for the better breasted kind. Dwarfs everywhere may see everywhere as a hot spot, only a dwarf knows for sure.

Egypt did have respect for real dwarfs, so the real dwarfs and dwarves of myth often mix. I have respect for little people and my book deals with fertility and the dwarf god, Ptah. The first three pics come from Wikipedia links on this page. The last one is named, “Plaque with a Dancing Dwarf with Large Phallus;” it comes from Wikimedia.