Hispanic Validation Thru My Ancestors

When I watched the PBS documentary, Secrets of Spanish Florida, I saw a lot of validation thru my ancestors. I come from the oldest Spanish family and the oldest Native American tribe, in Florida. The funny/sad fact is that I’ve been harassed about being White. There’s another race incident involving the police, but the narrative is always about White racists and fails to address how racism comes in all colors. I still can’t believe how Supreme court Justice Sonia Sotomayor skated through after making such a bigoted statement about her superiority. When in Florida beware a Spanish Injian who looks like a White guy because he’s fed up. As I stated in my earlier, I prefer Injian over Native American. but still, suffer thru the latter, until others join my fight for Injian recognition.


Hand away your White privilege and your job and harass the White members of your family to do the same

That term “White privilege”  cost one literary agent her job and my complaint appears to have knocked out another. Not every White person is or feels privileged, many have troubles but White elitists love to kick other Whites into the gutter and homeless shelter. Do you want your race or sexual orientation to get you a book deal or a job – or do you just want fair treatment?

The agent showed an obvious hatred for White straight men, so I guy with a family to support was out of luck. We live in the slice off the penis of your baby boy era, or just kill him if he’s not gay, I guess.

I know I’m part Native American and officially fit the mestizo description, but I’ve never used my mixed heritage to get a job, but I’ve certainly been bumped out because a recent immigrant used affirmative action. Personally, I believe the affirmative action should have been limited to people of US slave ancestry and Native Americans, but for some odd reason they give people not native to this land more rights than a native and I can rightly call other Native Americans in Florida – foreigners. I’m without a doubt more native than a Seminole.

Obama made a supreme racist a Supreme Court Justice; I’m talking about Sonia Sotomayor. My tribe never signed a treaty, so the Secret Service is protecting an enemy of the State if these racists set foot in Florida.

I apparently shut up another longtime White elitist by suggesting she hand over her White privilege and her job. She rarely went a day without blogging, but my comment seemed to shut her up. Funny thing is, I originally supported her, but I grew to hate her White elitist ass and you can thank these White elitists for my non-support of Democrats who I at one time favored. I’ve been harassed for being White while trying to buy groceries at Walmart and minding my own business — is that a privilege? It’s hard to imagine anyone getting worse medical treatment than me– is that a privilege? I could go on and on. My Spanish ancestor got harassed by the British governor, the Seminoles helped wipe out my Native American tribe and of course, my Injun ancestors got screwed — my turn.

The Backhanded Racism of Literary Agents

Some agents seemed to want writers to make their main character something other than White, but I see that as generally insulting to every ethnicity. Other ethnicities are perfectly capable of creating their own characters. Do Black people want White writers to put a lot of Whiteness into Black characters? Actually, I did that but that’s because the character is supposed to be a skinny, no-booty Black girl who probably caters to White taste rather than her own stereotypically booty loving culture. Giving her the personality of a prissy White girl was supposed to disassociate her from Black culture. I parody stereotypes, but it also forces me to use stereotypes—the political correctness of this culture will probably drive everyone insane.

If there is a reason to make a person of a certain race, a writer should follow that reason, but there is some discomfort in writing from the perspective of another ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. My main character, in my most recent novel, is a female dwarf, but I have reason to give her male traits. I’m not sure if any of my characters follow the typical rules of stereotype. Many come close to following the rules of Third-wave Feminism, but I stay close to reality and history—women can be asses to each other. Straight men do not rule the fashion industry and the fashion industry has done much more body shaming than the totality of straight men would ever do. Ask Bridget Powers, guys can be perfectly happy with her little ass. I suspect she’ll say – darn-tootin’, if she’s as brazen as her interviews imply. Don’t anyone take my words for anything, but respect for her.

Writers need to use a diverse set of characters, but agents should be careful on discrimination issues. Stephen King broke out when he wrote from the perspective of a White girl, Carrie, but I think you would need to ask him if he could have written that book at an earlier age. He developed tools before he attempted that novel. My first novel was about a hapless White dude—just like me due to the fact I’ve got to protect the world from the rage that has built up inside me. I couldn’t have written this recent book without learning from my other novel. Literary agencies need to cut the White elitism. Many Whites don’t feel very privileged and just ally fair treatment. Some of us Whites are not completely White. I descend from the first documented  Mestizo, and I’ve been harassed by recent immigrants– think on that.

Unrelated Factions

Democrats use unrelated factions, with different beliefs, to gain power. Black men are less likely to endorse Feminism and gay rights than White men, but Black men often stick to Democrats even though they don’ agree with issues of other factions within the party.

I’m very much in the middle on many issues, but extremism within the Democratic party has pushed me away from their politics. Racism sucks, but it sucks more when you are the target and White men have become targets. My ancestry is mixed, but most consider me a White guy. Social anxiety affects my relations with everyone and it doesn’t differentiate on ethnic grounds.

The story about the mentally disabled White guy being tortured by Blacks—relates to me. An incident at Wal-Mart, where I was harassed for being White didn’t cause physical damage, but it makes me hate White elitists who don’t allow for middle ground.

My novel is about factions, so I’m still on topic. Finishing the novel has sent me into a deep depression because I can no longer hide my head in creative endeavor and have to thing about business matters.

Obama’s Kids

Obama and his right-hand man, Rahm Emanuel, managed to turn Chicago into a war zone. Federal help has been requested to restore order in this city that Obama and Emanuel disordered. The UN will probably need to nuke the US to restore peace after eight years of Obama’s disruption of peace. Black citizens of Chicago tortured a White mentally disabled man for being White—White elitists probably cheer.

Yes, those torturers were Obama’s kids, he got his Nobel peace prize partly for his work telling Blacks to hate Whites instead of hate and racism are two-way streets. All people are created equal and Blacks are just as bad as Whites, But  Obama’s White Elitist mom is the worst type of person of all.

White-Out The Mixed Ethnicity Man

More native than a Seminole, same ethnic mix as many so-called Hispanics, now discriminated against for being generally White, by Amy Boggs of the Donald Maas Literary agency. For some reason, some people can’t fair to all races and genders.

Yeah, I’m still mad and no, I was not rejected by Amy Boggs. I just read the attacks on White men, in general on her Twitter account, about a year ago, and rejected her.

All clients and employees of Donald Maas Literary agency.come to Florida, at heir own risk. Thank the Veteran’s Administration for this peril because my problems with them have deteriorated my mental health. You guys better make a bold statement of apology because I’m truly mad. This is my native land and I’ve already declared war.

Browsing literary agents, stirred my ire, again. I send less than a dozen queries, but I’m somewhat indifferent about using an agent. Many agents may not care for this reaction to Amy Boggs, but I believe people should try and treat everyone fairly; her comments put her in the White Elitist.category of human scum. The agency didn’t respond to my email, so I take my rage out here. Researching agents is irritating and many espouse Feminist agenda rather than  Humanist reasoning.

Racism is a two-way street

Obama’s primary goals were better race relations and a better medical system. I’ve made posts our horrible medical system and my comments on racism lie along lines of this two-way street analogy. Getting harassed for being White while performing the mundane task of grocery shopping at Walmart where my white skin is less commonly seen, shows what you can find on the less talked about side of the street.

Colin Kaepernick is a rather wealthy guy who holds a clipboard, in the eyes of many less fortunate individuals. Was backup quarterback an ideal spokesperson for race relations or did he just cause more bitterness? Did Obama ever apologize for accusing a cop of racism, after said cop, was fully exonerated? I don’t think less of Black people, but if Black can’t acknowledge the second side of the street—my view will become dimmer.

Factions play a role in my novels and play a role in Feminism; which, I often mock them as the many voices of Sybil—due to the many factions within this supposedly consolidated group. Black Feminists often have different concerns than White women; generational differences also polarize viewpoints. The world is insane and it doesn’t matter the skin color or gender—people generally suck.

Kill Obama not me

A Hawaiian Island  lost power due to a storm and nuclear power aircraft carrier supplied emergency power—this inspired me to go into Navy’s Nuclear Power Program; Obama was on the island doing illegal drugs. I donated my unique blood which helps African-American people for free but racists like Obama attack me for being a White Native American. Kill racists like Obama, not me.

Union members attacked verbally harassed me for having a temporary job, but there wasn’t a strike even going on and my ancestor is documented in Florida before the Pilgrims even landed on Plymouth Rock. My ancestor’s tribe was wiped out by the Seminoles when they entered Florida from the north– I’m the true Native American of Florida; all intelligent person has to do is look at my ancestor’s name on early census records and the will see why I can make that claim.

I just want hallway decent medical care at the VA but Rich Fat White Liberals like Peter King of Sports Illustrated drives hate about a Washington football team calling itself the Redskins which has white people cheering on that Native American image against a team with a image of a White Viking. Kill Peter king and Sports Illustrated—not me.

Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor attacked the White founders of the United States; which, also shape my heritage because White people married Native Americans, but because my skin came out White I supposed to be discriminated against even though I’m more native to Florida than the average Jew in Israel is native to that land. Fill Sotomayor and the rest of the Supreme Court not me.

Oprah must not have been discriminated against too much since her popularity among Whites made her one richest people in the world. Her dogs get medical care than I do for protecting her rights–Kill Oprah not me.

The VA is killing me so this is me or them.

Somebody is going to die next time

If I harassed, again, like what happened in the Walmart parking lot –somebody is going to die. If I were racist I wouldn’t be in a Black neighborhood, buying groceries. Obama supports racism against White-Native Americans, he proved it with that Harvard Professor event. I don’t care if I’m the only white guy in the area if it happens again—it will turn violent and Obama is and the liberals who don’t understand racism goes both and every way.Rocky is back and Rocky is fuming.

I would shove one of your pack of cigarettes down your throat Obama, you racist freaking incompetent jerk

Obama’s War Against The Native American

Many with Native American blood look White like me. I just wanted to get groceries  but was racially harassed. Obama jumped to the conclusion the police officer who arrested Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr–was a racist. We all learned that wasn’t the case. Did Obama  ever see he jumped to a racist conclusion and admit racism goes both ways and every way? No.

As a Veteran, I was put in danger to protect the rights of Israels right to exist, but it seems I have no rights in my ancestral state. I apparent have the right to incompetent and unethical doctors and the right to be harassed because I have social anxiety and don’t alway follow normal social protocols. I’m still fuming. Obama should resign in disgrace because one of his primary goals was to fix the health care system but he failed to fix the VA when it is entirely under his control. Racism was his other issue, but he can’t even see and acknowledge his own racism. Black Harvard Professor or the police officer, who were the racists in that incident–Obama was one for sure.

Yeah, I’m at war. This isn’t siding with Republicans because i hate them, too. The VA has me so angry I can’t see straight. You shouldn’t;t drive someone smart enough to be a Nuke insane. Fix the VA.