Open Your Bibles

The difference between Protestants and Catholics is in these three words. Go to a Protestant church and you will probably hear these three words, ‘open your bibles; Catholics take a different approach, they consider a recitation of Latin verse–a sacred thing; even though, Hebrew was the language of Christ.

The worst salesman of the year award goes to Pope Francis by telling the Mexican Youth, “Jesus does not want you to grow up to be a hit man.” The Pope’s words come off stupid for various reasons. An Atheist can make this rather obvious ethical point; Protestants and Jews know the Ten Commandments handle the matter. Implying the Mexican youth inspire to be mobsters does not inspire tourism or an acceptance of Mexican migrants.

I’m agnostic now, but I grew up in a Baptist church and never heard a political message or any preaching against another group; Catholics have pamphlets telling them how a serious Catholic votes. It is no surprise that Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press caused a religious split. Most Protestants use the bible as a constitution; in which, all have in their home. Catholic leaders preferred control and were very late and reluctant to offer a bible translation.

Many Protestants vote for their leaders while Catholics leaders are assigned by their management system. Democracy developed from the Scottish clan system and religions based on the Scottish Church. Many Native Americans used a clan system, too, but American democracy came from the religion in Scotland and a bit of secular French Philosophy.

My novel involved a lot of research and I see why my ancestors split from the Catholic Church. The research about the Inquisition and the fact the Vatican’s management system never changes makes me question their power in the world. Most Protestants hide from Jehovah Witnesses because they are intrusive and the, ‘my version is better than yours’ is irritating. Protestants are not a consolidated group and this with out a doubt the reason that Supreme Court has no Protestants, in a formerly Protestant country and you don’t find many in the political media. Catholics are bigots, so I don’t feel bad about this post or any other post criticizing Catholic bureaucracy. I don’t care if it affects book sales and what literary agents may think.

Catholicism is bad for society; it shaped Mexico and Spain can’t afford to help them even though the Catholic Conquistadors took boatloads of gold from a once wealthy country. I’m sorry if I find the Pope’s words laughable, even though I do feel sorry for what Catholicism has done to Mexico. I’m not sure if Mexico is as bad as the Pope made it sound, but why would anyone listen to a Catholic leader, given these circumstances.

When Agents Google

I make controversial posts, but I stay consistent to my theme–the others. An element from Lost (the TV series) is a primary theme of my book. I often call it groupism. Catholicism is hatred of the other; read about the Inquisition and you will see it was all about hating the others.

If my posts are too inflammatory, so be it. Zealotry is a theme and my posts back up my view. I know having sex with a child is wrong, but this seems revolutionary to Catholics. The media make like this Pope is  a compassionate genius for finally catching up to what most people know–pedophilia is wrong. The Pope showed his true face by making an Inquisitor a saint. Our media and our congress should be ashamed. The Pope should martyr himself if he wants to do the right thing.– he gave sainthood to he hate of others for being an other.

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition! Our chief weapon is surprise, fear and surprise; two chief weapons, fear, surprise, and ruthless efficiency! Er, among our chief weapons are: fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, and near fanatical devotion to the Pope! Um, I’ll come in again…”
Graham Chapman

This is a humorous quote to commemorate Pope Francis naming an Inquisitor a saint. If the comics don’t roast the Pope, you know there was some rigging going on. A more serious quote shows why Pope Francis should roast.

“For every heretic it burned at the stake, thousands of others rose up. Why was that? Because the Inquisition kills its enemies in the open, and killed them while they were still on repentant; in fact, it killed them because they were unrepentant. Men were dying because they would not abandon their true beliefs. Naturally all the glory along to the victim and all the shame to the Inquisitor who burned him.”
George Orwell, 1984

Saint Adolf


The Pope just made an Inquisitor a saint. Atrocities or the Inquisition can match the Nazi record. Plus Hitler was a Roman Catholic doing what Roman Catholics did for centuries—kill and persecute the others.

The Vatican switched Popes as a public relations move and there are small changes in method, but the structure stays the same.

Junípero Serra was a priest of the Inquisition. He among others made a great civilization—a third world country. The Vatican stole the gold and the treasures, so the Pope can wear white and a gold cross. The media whitewashes but Popes have a lot of blood and dirt on their hands.

Corporate Scum


All hail the Inquisition. Pope Francis just named an Inquisitor a saint. Native American groups are unhappy about Pope Francis naming Junípero Serra a saint. Any Native American with brains knows how Catholic Conquistadors—they conquered the Native Americans. There is just way too much proof about how horrible the Inquisition was to non-Catholics.

Protestant is tribal–Catholicism is 1984 insanity.

Love snakes and their symbolism, go Pentecostal, Hate the snakes, go to most any other Protestant church. Catholicism saves the institution, above all else. Varied religion leaves options. Monarchist religions offer little wiggle room.

A theme of my novel is the evils of groupthink. Catholicism best represents this evil. Popes have led the largest hate group in history.

Images from Wikimedia, the Pope’s image came from the following source: version supplied via email by Jeon Han)

Rich Liberal Roman Catholic Elitist Gets Second Chance To Get Richer


Poor Brian Williams has to do an apology tour, with interviews by his fellow company men. The Pope said the rich, like Williams, are basically the root of all evil. Roman Catholic and NBC cohort will defend Williams, but of course, Matthews is worse than Williams.  Will the Pope excommunicate such men as Matthews and Williams, who the Pope calls a danger to mankind? The Democrats are supposed to be for the poor and environment, will Democrats disavow these men that the Pope calls evil. Will NBC support Williams, Mathews and the Pope?  Chris Matthews tingles for Obama and these are the President’s men and the Pope says they are evil.

Republicans are jerks but many, many Democrats have Brian William’ credentials — hypocrite, liar, and elitist narcissist.

I still don’t see how anyone can look at historical records and prefer the Catholic Conquistadors to the Pilgrims. Choose some random people in the news media, I suspect you will find Roman Catholics and Jews dominate the political arena, in a once Protestant country.

Roman Catholic Martin O’Malley wants gun control, but look at what Catholic run governments have done in the past, and ask yourself if you feel comfortable with Martin O’Malley who stuck with the Roman Catholics during the pedophile cover up that tried to bypass secular governments. Look at those Native Americans being fed to the dogs. Look at the St. Bartholomew’s Massacre. Look at Hitler. You got a lot of Catholic going on. O’Malley want his people in control and have the guns. Personally, I‘m sure I can cause mass havoc without a gun. I suggest a more religiously diverse government  and less elitist media before a Mark O’Malley takes control.

I wish Brian Williams, his family and NBC my worst wishes. Why does Allison Williams have an acting career = her daddy and the rich get richer philosophy. Read about the Mayflower Compact and how it led to religious freedom and look what Catholics do. NBC, I suggest you dump Williams and stop having political panels filled with just Jews and Catholics. I don’t care if you put Buddhists, Hindu’s or whatever on air but suggest you take this suggestion seriously.

Chaos versus control runs thru my mind, in this section of my writing. Dictators and Catholics want control The Inquisition was about control of religious belief just like the jihadist movement. Chaos isn’t a saint, but I’m not sure it is worse than 1984 control that seems to  rule the media. I like the goddess, Nemesis. Feminists don’t thrill me either, but I see Nemesis as Humanist rather than the  crazy, control freak, Feminist type. I don’t mind women in power, but a Feminist differs from a humanist.

The Pope talks about income inequality, but Catholics countries tend to have greater inequality. The French Huguenots were the middle class and see what Catholics did to them. Protestant countries favor having a strong middle class, Catholic countries as The US is becoming has the rich elitists throwing heroic alms at the peasants. You may like Brian Williams throwing alms to you; I rather break his nose.

The West Side Story Never Ends

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The gang war dance happens all over the world. Islamic extremists killed media members in France for satire. I poke at Catholics instead because there isn’t much difference between Catholic Inquisitors and Islamic Jihadists. The Inquisition poked its way into the twentieth century, did a Pope ever apologize or admit the atrocities made in the name of god. Protestant America made kids read Nathaniel Hawthorne, who made clear his Puritan ancestor erred.

Little gangs are manageable, but the size of Catholicism and Islamism endanger the individual. Goliaths don’t need to be evil, they can kill with missteps. Protestants don’t share a single head – they don’t have a Pope or even a state Shah. Large unionization of religion is the problem, not the beliefs in god.

My present chapter,in rewrite, originally made reference to West Side Story and the final version still may. Sports fanatics and religious fanatics fit the gang profile; wars mostly feature gang wars. All animals are territorial and protecting turf is understandable. Losing ground is depressing, but religion should not add to the natural territorial problem.

A god does not need people to kill for him, her, or it. A god does not need a Pope or Supreme Court Justice in denial. A god does not need a Shah. A god does not need a gun. A god may need laughs; I don’t know. I even call myself Agnostic because I don’t know.

The Inquisition lasted for centuries and American Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor considers herself the better of others for her faithful following the religion of the Inquisitors – will a Muslim version do the same. The dance continues.

Will we ever tire of the Game of Thrones


I enjoy the books, but modern-day politics sickens me. Politicians pander to groups rather than take clear stances on issues; I’m registered as an Independent for this very issue – about issues. Why didn’t they put the immigration issue up for vote? Will Obama play king rather than President? Let the people decide. We are a democracy.

While in the Navy, a Black guy apologized to me because he thought I was racist. He realized the truth, I’m not a racist–I just don’t pander. People are people, no matter the skin color and unfortunately I’m becoming more misanthropic by the day, skin color doesn’t show up much among the scum on the average politician.

Too much power mongering going on. What Catholics did in the Inquisition and what some Muslims groups do today – bugs me. I hate the word “heretic” and I’m not sure Catholics ever left the term behind. This latest Pope seems different, but I’m not holding my breath. I never had a problem with Jews, but the realization that only Catholics and Jews sit on the Supreme Court has changed my perception.

I don’t belong to a religious group, but if I am forced to take sides – I guess will go with the Protestants. People need to read and think about the St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Protestant America gave religious freedom even to the people who killed many of their ancestors. Now, the killers have a lot of political power. Protestants in America have more guns, though. Protestant America was generally neutral and Jews and Israel benefited. If Muslims dropped the heretic talk, more Protestants might have leaned toward the Palestinian cause. Neutral does not mean strong ties. Catholics persecuted Jews, Protestants, and Muslims while Protestant America gave religious freedom to all those groups.

I hate groupism. I’m not all anything. My looks may stand out too much and I hate standing out, so the Black Drag Queen Gang need not call; I have no hate for such a group but like I say – I doubt I fit. I’m lousy fit most everywhere. Maybe I will become a hermit in the Everglades.

Jewish Discrimination


Florida elected the first Jewish senator to office back in the 1845. Senator David Levy Yulee did move away some from the Jewish faith due to his Christian wife. His father Moses Levy was a first cousin and business partner of Phillip Benjamin, the father of  Confederate Secretary of State Judah P. Benjamin (the first Jewish senator if you hold Levy’s conversion against him.) Yes, you read that right – Confederate. People are people; Jews had slaves, Blacks had slaves, and Native Americans had slaves. People love to stereotype, but the picture of a slaveholder isn’t necessarily what your stereotyping has led you to believe.

A Jewish tenant says a Jew must not charge interest to fellow Jews, but are free to treat others differently. Sounds like discrimination. They labeled Protestants WASPs even though Protestant isn’t even a religion, just many religions lumped in as the hated WASP. I doubt these Senators would have won a popular vote if Protestants held their Jewish roots against them. Protestant America went against Hitler. Most will accept Israel as a Jewish state. For this Protestants became WASPS. The Supreme court is held by Jews and the Protestant killers, otherwise known as Roman Catholics. Protestant religions are in fact minority religions. Bigots sit on the Supreme court of formerly Protestant America. Ninety percent of the media is controlled by six corporations an two-thirds have Jewish leadership.

I’m not trying to drive hate toward Jews, but I do hate power mongering. Who is fair to who. I’m Agnostic, but I prefer smaller faiths with less power mongering potential I put Maya Rudolph’s photo up, because Lorne Michaels of Saturday Night Live used her as example of his former hiring of a Black woman; before being force to hire a Black woman last year  Yes, Rudolph would be considered half Black; her mother was Black. Rudolf’s father was Jewish just like Lorne Michaels. Did her Jewish heritage gain her favoritism? NBC went from the Jewish, David Gregory to the Jewish, Chuck Todd on Meet The Press. Charlie Sheen went of on the Jewish hierarchy of CBS. Is he right? Are Catholics just as bad? Should everyone just grab a gun and chose a side? Protestants founded what became the United States and gave freedom of Religion; Jews had a chance to win the popular vote in an election and did. Were Protestants schmucks for being fair? Is a Protestant or any other religion than a Catholic or a Jew on the Supreme court too much to ask?

Maya Rudolf and Chuck Todd come from Florida and I allude to people with Florida backgrounds in my book. Levy County was named for Yulee. I may or may not allude to these people. I began the book because I hate religious motives for war. Is it fair ask if Jews are being fair? I’m not about hate. But do Jews see Protestants as WASPS and schmucks? I’m much more sad than mad.