The Seminoles are a Yamasee Mix and They Wiped Out the Spanish Tribes of Florida

The Yamasee tribe has a complicated history but they definitely wiped out the Spanish speaking tribes of Florida, under the name of Seminoles they applied some finishing touches. What initially complicates Yamasee history is they were once a Spanish speaking tribe known as the Guale. A Spanish mission in Georgia served and tormented the Guale.

Native American tribes practiced polygamy and the Catholic Church didn’t allow two wives which led to many problems but one of the first of note happed when the Guale chief wasn’t allowed a second wife so he wiped out the friars serving at the mission. Eventually the Guale tribe was split in two and the anti-Spanish faction became the Yamasee. Apparently some Guale went to Florida and joined with the Spanish speaking tribes of Florida. Ties between the factions made from the Guale may have remained and both may have been called the Yamasee but one group was very anti-Spanish and history notes the attacks on the tribes of Florida, such as the Timucua and the Ais. Wikipedia says the Yamasee wiped out the Ais but it should be noted they and the Seminoles are the reason some of the Timucua went with the Spanish to Cuba. My Native American ancestor had a Spanish name, Seminoles have English derived names to go with their tribal name, for this reason my ancestor was likely Timucuan. Without a doubt the Seminoles got their Florida lands and their casino money from violence to the Spanish speaking tribes of Florida. I’m an ex-nuke from the US Navy, does anyone think I can’t avenge my Timucuan ancestors if I do choose, and the Seminoles are definitely part Yamasee.

The Spanish Injians of Florida

Seminoles are not native to Florida–I am, because my Native American ancestor most likely comes from a Spanish-Injian tribe. Yes, I misspell, Indian, because Indians technically come from India and there is some annoyance that the American Indian have to go by the cumbersome title of Native American; though, Amerindian is that term often used. Personally, Injian, Indian, or Injun would be fine by me. The fact that I come from a rarer Native American tribe–mandates I note the Spanish affiliation. Osceola went by the Name of Billy Powell–an American name; while mine is obviously Spanish. The Seminoles hated the Spanish, at the time of their introduction into Florida history. The Seminole Chief, Cowkeeper, sent his sons to kill my Spanish ancestors, but my ancestors were so cool–the sons refused to do it. My Native American ancestor’s tribe had no such luck, the Seminoles wiped out the tribes most native to Florida, my bloodline survived, but as far as I know–my family represents the oldest and truest tribe–a Spanish Injian tribe, such as the Timucuan. I could be Ais, Apalachee, or another tribe–but Timucuan tribe is the most likely. My grandad hated his Native American grandmother because she supposedly mistreated him and his siblings, so much history was lost. My great-granddad was a stereotypical drunken half-breed who died before I got a chance to learn more.

The engravings (such as the one above) based on Jacques le Moyne‘s drawings represents my family album. It is both sad and funny how I’m discriminated against in my own land. Send hate mails to Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor–people who most definitely discriminate. Until reparations are made, the Obama’s and Sotomayor are not allowed in Timucuan territory  My tribe never signed a peace treaty with the US. Army trespass into Territory will be considered an act of war. The bone-stealing Seminoles who invaded my land and killed my Spanish Injian kin–receive casino money which rightfully belongs the true natives of Florida.

Stealing My Ancestors Bones

The Seminoles may have kept a few native girls when they helped wipe out the native tribes of Florida, but I believe my Native American ancestor’s name gives me and my kin more claim to the bones — she had a Spanish name. Seminoles; such as Cowkeeper, hoped to wipe out the Spanish and the native tribes allied with them. My Native American great-great-grandmother probably opted to marry a White man because her tribe was wiped out so my blood quantum may not reach the level for membership to a tribe; even though it is likely I have other Native Americans roots, but the thieving, murdering, claim my ancestral bones and my land.

Luck for the Seminoles; after about five monstrous visits to the Veteran’s Clinic; I finally found an apparently found a doctor who might keep me off the warpath. I still suggest John Cena keep his White Elitist ass out of Florida because one good appointment after many horrible ones, doesn’t keep him safe from the wrath of the Timucuan.

Alienating the Ancestral Spirit of the Timucuan

Shouldn’t my ancestral spirit be angry? The Seminoles are just an invading tribe of foreigners who claim my ancestor’s bones. How many invasions have my ancestors seen – Florida history provides a pretty good estimate. If my ancestral spirit cares for me – wouldn’t she want to open up a can of whup-ass on the world?

My ancestor’s tribe was obviously allied with the Spanish; therefore, she’s more native than the Seminoles, but she could have been Apalachee or another tribal member but I give the main character in my novel a Timucuan ancestry. The other novel also has a main character with native root, but I may make him Ais.

The Last of the Timucuans


The tribe is extinct, but the bloodline probably still exists. I know my grandfather’s grandmother was a Spanish-Injun (Indians are from India, so I adopt the Injun), but I don’t know her specific tribe. Two tribes, the Apalachee and the Timucuans had the closest affiliation with the Spanish..The Seminoles allied with the Americans or the British, depending on the time period, so the Seminoles helped wipe out my great-great grandmother’s tribe. Now, they steal-claim to my ancestor’s bones.

We identify tribes by names that the Europeans gave them, not the native name for the tribe and that’s why the natives received the name Indians. My granddad wasn’t very close to his Native American side because his father preferred being the stereotypical half-breed drunk and the last supposed full-breed, my great-great-grandmother, (she could have been half, but my grandfather considered her full-breed), apparently wasn’t very nice. Granddaddy didn’t speak English very well and couldn’t write his own name, so too much about my Native American side was lost. When I said he didn’t speak English very well, I’m not saying he spoke a Native American language, but considering how intelligible he was, he may have had some mangled into his English.

Does my family represent the last of the Timucuans— sort of. Some went to Cuba with the Spanish and that’s sort of why A Cuban may deserve more American rights than people from other foreign lands. My family never left, so I take my last stand. One day I may go on the warpath,

Obviously, the last of the Timucuans refers to James Fenimore Cooper’s novel, The Last of the Mohicans. All you would need to do is look at a name on an Alachua County census to know that my ancestor came from a Spanish Injun tribe.

I use a portrait from the Wikipedia page for Mestizos because a Spanish-Injun is commonly referred to as mestizos. Notice the baby is White. Not every White person is just White.

Artist Anonymous
Title Español, Yndia serrana o cafeada. Produce mestiso
Español: De la serie Los cuadros del mestizaje del Virrey Amat
Date circa 1770
Medium oil
Dimensions 100 × 125 cm (39.4 × 49.2 in)
Current location
[show](Inventory)Museo Nacional de Antropología (Madrid) Link back to Institution infobox template wikidata:Q2917041
Source/Photographer Photographed at the Maison de l’Amerique Latine

My Seminole Song

Peace -horz

(It probably isn’t meant to be sung. My use is literary)

We believe in peace
Here’m at the Doak
Hear’m that croak

That’m Peace Frog
He say weather turn fowl
Hear’m that howl
That’m Peace Dog

He say moon turn red
Howl like this wake’m the dead.
Hear a voice which cuts like Figaro-a
Wo oh woah oh woah woah oh woah oh woah oh woah

Hear the call for war
Feel my spirit soar
Up from the glades
Come Osceola and the renegades.
On Seminole Wind my spirit flies
Our renegade spirit never dies

I still need to work on the rhythm and will probably match the chorus to my Gator song, but workable for now. I alluded to ‘Peace Frog’ from, The Doors; ‘Peace Dog’ from, The Cult; and ‘Seminole Wind’ from John Anderson. I see where I might add a Flo Rida, ‘Wild Onesallusion but I will hold off for now. I may add a Creed allusion in the chorus after I finish my Miami song. When I get my three songs, I might see how I will match things up and whether I will add any other schools.

Doak refers to the stadium. The FSU war chant is the ‘woah’ part.

Seminoles Draft Ian Astbury

0 cult-tile

Oliver Stone offered Ian Astbury, the Jim Morrison role; which, went to Val Kilmer. The Doors had a major influence on Astbury and the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (or Southern Death Cult) donated the band’s name and influenced many songs. As you can see on the map, the Florida resides in the Southern Death Cult region. Astbury never attended FSU never attended FSU, but he should consider joining Jim Morrison on the alumni list or FSU should do  me a favor and draft him.

Who is the apparent Seminole chief, on the lower right? William Augustus Bowles, who had no Native American blood, but entitled himself as ‘Chief of the Embassy for Creek and Cherokee Nations.’ You don’t see the name Seminole because my ancestors did not name them, yet. I don’t know for sure if my ancestors gave them their name, but I have good odds. I have Spanish and Native American ancestors in Florida before English linked tribes.

Bowles went to far when he called himself, ‘Chief of all Indians present’ at a tribal council. Those ‘Indians present’ turned him over to the Spanish and died in a Cuban prison. Political correctness is a tough thing to maneuver around. I find interest in many cultures, but all have flaws. I don’t know why my grandfather hated his grandmother; he never went into detail and may or may not have good reason. I love to link history to trivia and I’m not criticizing Morrison or Astbury for their interest in Native American culture but political correctness is tricky and I suspect it plays a part in the songs sung about Native Americans.

I’m an allusion freak, so this limited song collection binds me, somewhat. Drafting, ‘The Cult’ gives me a few more titles to play with in my ‘Games Without Frontiers’ game that I do with sports fans in my novel. I enjoy sports, but fanatics are fanatics and many fail to see the sanity line.; whether it be, religion, sports, or other social outlets.

The Cult and The Doors have a Native American spirit which meshes well with the Seminole war chant; which, makes them allusion worthy for me. Astbury only has indirect connection to FSU, but sometimes I have to cheat. So I consider The Cult, as a definite maybe. Morrison is a for sure allusion. I still can’t remember offhand, if I mention Bowles (Estajoca was his tribal name) in my novel; this post also acts as a reminder.