The Dick Tag and Fem Organization


I get out of order easy. I planned to stay in the fauna category, but my mind went elsewhere. I did miss this snake item, so my departure in thought gave me some accidental help. I get into trouble when things fall into multiple categories. Tiresias can be classified as man, woman, or better yet – a metamorphosis. Hera turned him into a woman after he beat his snake (maybe the same thing happened to Michael Jackson — sorry can’t pass up a beat the meat pun). Snakes act as a new life symbol and also falls in to the fauna category that I was supposed to be organizing

I mean no harm in saying I need a woman in my life to act as secretary. I’m straight and the person who compliments me best is someone with secretarial skills. I am sure some women need a man with secretarial skills, but they don’t get into trouble with feminists for saying what best fits their needs. I’m guessing one of the two snakes is male and the other is female, but personality type trumps gender in who makes the best secretary.

I also see Tiresias as a Hermes type. She/he (notice I wrote it as female-slash-male even though putting the male first means no difference in my mind, I’m not mean). Tiresias also comes under possum because she/he is a main character in the T. S. Eliot’s poem, The Wasteland, and Eliot goes by the name – Old Possum.

My category and tag system is a mess because I get flustered in making these secretarial judgments, but feminist would get mad at me for using the word, “flustered,” on a woman instead of myself. I’m sorry I come in peace to those from Venus who wear the red of Mars. Now please someone tell me which category this goes under: humor, frustration, feminists, war and peace, snakes, possums, or even cats because the musical Cats comes from a piece of Eliot’s work and I have already written about the cat and snake connection.

I read there is some problem with throwing too many tags onto one post. Maybe I should have just one tag – junk. It seems many feminists see my junk (penis) as junk, so maybe a penis can make them happy if put in their junk (as in trunk – more fun with euphemisms). Dick is another euphemism for penis if people do not get my title. I just want to know where the Dick tag goes, all I know is who will have the blue balls.

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Worldwide Myths of Birds and Snakes


Mexico’s coat of arms depicts an Aztec legend; one saying the gods told them to build a city where they find an eagle on a nopal (prickly pear cactus) eating a serpent; hence came Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City). The other image on the right comes from the other side of the world and dates back farther in time (it is a 6th century mosaic flooring from the Grand Imperial Palace in Constantinople). Coincidence? Transcontinental travel? Jungian synchronicity?

I’m guessing that early man had a snake problem and any enemy of the poisonous snake is a friend of man. King-snakes which killed other snakes made the good list along with other snake killers like cats and birds.

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Writhing Erotica


Britney Spears and other entertainers have made use of writhing limbs, bodies and snakes for erotic purpose. The Nagas, as seen above, depict this male-female bonding, quite well. I have to play catch up in my writing because I missed the importance of snakes in fertility rites. You can see the orgy and snake link, but  I see a “don’t state the obvious” in the literature and the artwork pertaining to the subject. The snake shedding of skin symbolizes rebirth and fertility rites are all about birth and rebirth.

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Love Turns Venom

Love turns venom now I see

An Essence Of The Dusk, 5th Edition, by F. W. Bain

Love turns venom, now I see,
Flouted Beauties vipers be.

Francis William Bain begins, his translation of three Hindu stories, with the image and epigram above. Project Gutenberg is on my, “I owe you,” list and Bain’s work represents the treasures of lesser known authors. Love often turns to hate and maybe our ancient ancestors used snakes to represent this obvious fact.

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Muse from a Mosaic Snake


Did the patterns in snakeskin give rise to mosaic art? Maybe. The mosaic artwork on the right may be a bit complex for your average snakeskin, but see similarity in the fragmented pattern. My brain began to slither when an article in Wikipedia said Jesus compared the “raising up the Mosaic serpent on a pole, with the raising up of” himself on the cross. Christ and the devil share the snake; just like, Wadjet and Apep.

“Mosaic” may allude to the muses or Moses; “mosaic” without capital letter should mean muses. Moses is a name, so “Mosaic,” will mean Moses except when beginning a sentence. “Mosaic,” as a sentence starter needs context. The serpent staff of the obvious snake link. Duality exists because the cure for snakebite comes from snakes and the fact that King-snakes kill other snakes.

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The Multiethnic Heads of Hydra


The Greeks went into India in real life and in their mythology. On the left, Vishnu and Lakshmi on Shesha the king of the snake deities called the Nagas. The other image, by John Singer Sargent, has Hercules wrestling with the Hydra.

Hydaspes is where the Greeks make solid contact in India, the Cyclops most likely has Indian origins, and the Hydra may have Hindu roots.

I need a few more heads because this multi-headed Hydra thing has my brain overextended. I decided to break down my editing tasks into categories. I’ve been doing the fauna category for over a week. I still need more snake stuff in my novel because all our ancestors had a serpent fetish. I saw Hydra as a way to depict an element in my story, nut I never felt I had it right. The Hydra is now biting my brain; I need to do some more wrestling.

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I hate the Hindus, they hurt my head. If someone really understands all aspects of this religion; they must have an abstract form of Einstein’s brains in their head.

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Slithering into the Soul


I’ve seen other descriptions on what is going on in the Wadjet (Eye of Horus), but I see a snake sliding down. Into the window of the soul makes more sense, but it may be coming out. Some say beard hangs from the left portion of the eye; others say a teardrop. Some say the cobra is rising. I don’t see anyone describing it my way.

I doubt they symbolize evil entering the soul. The King Cobra eats other snakes, so it may symbolize a protector spirit. Maybe I’m totally wrong; it matters little to me. I see it as I see it.

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The MeS of Mythology


Inanna, the naughty stripper, stole the MeS from Enki and religion has been a mess ever since. I mix Metis and Demeter to make DeMetis, so I can combine concepts. Hindus say Saraswati’s wisdom helped create the universe and Metis is Deep Thought (Vāc is the vacuumous Deep Throat; sorry but I’m writing about a fertility cult which means sex. Graceful Saraswati rides her swan, during the Swan Song of Autumn, to bring wisdom to the awkward stork and the bundle of joy(?); and the songbirds start to sing. Pollinators have their orgy and humans give their thanks to Flora, during the orgy of the Floralia.

Tiamat is a creatix and you can say the Ouroboros represents her. Snakes shed their skin like Inanna sheds clothes; both are born again in new birthday suits. Strippers go skinny dipping at the Floralia and the larks they look. My more complex diagram is still a bit messy, Inanna probably goes before Flora.

Juno or Hera represents the threat of drought; she is the bad mother. Case in point, what does she do to poor Hephaestus? Hera just plain hates kids; she sends Python after the twins, Artemis and Apollo; she sends more snakes after Heracles. Tiamat = good snake and Python = bad snake. Hera’s peacock shows the beauty that summer can bring and is the Hindu snake killer. Summer can bring the good or the bad.

No, Karma is not a goddess; but Karme is the Cretan demi-goddess of the harvest. Karma is a reap what you sow theology and you reap at harvest time in Autumn. I don’t know if there is a true link between Karme and Karma, but mythology is a mess. Why not try to give a half way clean picture? I’m writing fiction; I just want a clean set of allusions. Funny thing is the MeS are rules of order.

Fangs of Miami


Snakes get mostly bad press in Florida, due to the alligator swallowing pythons. Some snakes revel in the sun, due to Bill Haast and the Miami Serpentarium; it slithered into Florida as another tourist attraction, but it also brought us clout in the field of venom research. In Sssssss , a doctor turns his assistant into snake-man and pimps him out in a freak show. They should have located the film in Florida because we led the world in freaks (See Gibtown) and snake milkers. The Miami Serpentarium dropped out of the tourist attraction biz, but the labs still prosper.


The Crews Way to Twist Screws


Harry Crews uses shock. Lightning served great purpose to primitive man; it started fires and fire can be very good. Some may start fires with these books. Crews doesn’t shy away from much and will offend the book burning type. He wrote one book about a guy eating a car to make a case against, what he saw as, an irrational love for cars.

The outer two books look at religion and the snakes you find. You often seen snakes in religion. In Feast of Snakes, Crews shows the practice in extreme. Snakes symbolize intertwining bodies; male anatomy; life reborn. in their shedding skin; and eternity, in the circle form shown on the cover. The Gospel Singer shows a devil in angel form. A charlatan who preys on people in their search for hope.

The Hawk is Dying comes in book and movie form. Falconry, an old practice, and when you favor Free Bird; it hurts a little.

Celebration takes place at a trailer park for retired persons. A young woman sparks some old fires. Naked in Garden Hills takes place in my neck of the woods, Bone Valley. I made a short post on phosphate and it shows a book about the importance. Crews writes about her rape of land.