Recurent Punishment for Childhood apraxia of speech

I may have solved an ancient mystery — why I was mute as a child. Prior to the Civil War pushed the South was richer and more educated but it took more than a century for the South to recover and that explains the lack of resources my parents had to get help for their mute child which is me.

I’ve been punished several times for a problem present since birth. My early mutism apparently retarded my social development. In my original novel (the second in the series due to my writing a prequel) the main character is unable to talk thru most of the book and mutism will play a role in the third novel if I manage to write it. This post is an, about the author, post and shows why mutism plays a role in my novels. Writing this post also helps me keep a record of when I discover new info about my problem Discovery came when I searched for speech disorders among Native Americans. Apraxia may be slightly higher among Native Americans according to this link.

It seemed likely that my speech impairment descends from my, difficult to understand, grandfather and his Native American ancestry. My family can likely claim to be the last of the Timucuans and speech problems are rather high among my maternal grandfather’s family. I have a long list of punishments stemming from this childhood ailment which snowballed into a social anxiety disorder and I will make this plea once again, Stop the torture of dumb retards, like me. Dumb as in mute and, retard as in slow.stunted development, are not derogatory terms.


Apraxia to Social Anxiety to Nuclear Meltdown

I’ve been working on an ancient mystery — what caused my childhood mutism and the social anxiety and the nuclear meltdown (in reference to my stay in the US Navy nuclear power program). Couldn’t apraxia cause such a chain reaction? I suspect it could. If you have a child with delayed speech development (such as apraxia) — you’ll need to monitor their social development because the verbal delay is somewhat likely to cause a social delay. Thanks to the doctors of the US Navy and the Veteran’s Health Administration — my life has been hell and I want to breathe some of that hellfire back. Quit hurting the dumb retard that is me.

I may have finally stumbled onto a good doctor after a string of Nazi doctors and Fort Hood shooters — look up his profession and see who the US military considered competent enough to treat mentally wounded veterans. Speech problems appear to stem from my grandfather’s ancestry and I considered his Native American ancestry as the likely choice.  Sequoyah invented the Cherokee Syllabary for which to write the Cherokee language and I seemed to remember that Sequoyah invented the syllabary due to difficulty children had in writing the English language. I’m still not sure if Native Americans have a higher rate of language difficulties, but I’m sure my family has such issues. While researching language disorders among Native Americans, Google showed containing the term, Apraxia’. It happened to be in the Native News of a Seminole newspaper.

Kafkaesque Depression

Franz Kafka suffered from social anxiety and depression, as do I. Kafka’s reluctance to publish his work probably stemmed from his social anxiety and the thought of publishing my two novels has caused horrible bouts of depression. Kafka had much more going for him than I do, so my attitude is understandable on the Kafka scale.

Kafka felt alienated and wished for Zionism (a Jewish Homeland). I’m far more attached to Florida than Kafka was to Israel, but I’m a very alienated native; I’m Gregor. and the second novel in my series shares surrealistic traits with  Kafka’s work.

Obama’s War Against The Native American

Many with Native American blood look White like me. I just wanted to get groceries  but was racially harassed. Obama jumped to the conclusion the police officer who arrested Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr–was a racist. We all learned that wasn’t the case. Did Obama  ever see he jumped to a racist conclusion and admit racism goes both ways and every way? No.

As a Veteran, I was put in danger to protect the rights of Israels right to exist, but it seems I have no rights in my ancestral state. I apparent have the right to incompetent and unethical doctors and the right to be harassed because I have social anxiety and don’t alway follow normal social protocols. I’m still fuming. Obama should resign in disgrace because one of his primary goals was to fix the health care system but he failed to fix the VA when it is entirely under his control. Racism was his other issue, but he can’t even see and acknowledge his own racism. Black Harvard Professor or the police officer, who were the racists in that incident–Obama was one for sure.

Yeah, I’m at war. This isn’t siding with Republicans because i hate them, too. The VA has me so angry I can’t see straight. You shouldn’t;t drive someone smart enough to be a Nuke insane. Fix the VA.

A Possible Cause of Social Anxiety

I’ve tried to figure this out for years and I finally thought up a reasonable answer. I thought it might have to with me being a preemie, but I never thought of a combo package. I went from isolation to a home with a hyperactive brother who my mom made note of how he tormented me in the cradle any chance he got. She told one story about how I latched onto one of his fingers with my mouth and wouldn’t let go. A defensive action by a baby

I hope this helps someone, but there is no cure—only lies from what I see. Maybe by posting this someone will think to take preventive measures. I can’t really blame my brother because he was a little kid and my did try to control him. Mary Woronov thinks her premature birth hurt her socially, too. Many preemies may come out okay, but you may need a bum luck combo platter.

I haven’t seen much good from talking about my social problem, so usually don’t. Maybe four or five of my posts show reflection about my problem, so please don’t follow me for more insight because I doubt much else will come. I’ve nerve been any different, so I knew it was something I was born with or happened before any memories of mine. Things my mother said gave me clues. It just took time to add the two together. But going between the two extremes of isolation and big brother does seem psychologically damaging.

One last thing, the term ‘selective mutism’ never fit me very well. I was just mute.

Before They Kill You


The Pope says these people kill people — they represent income inequality. The top two are the Pope’s men. All four favored the Democrats and Obama. You can look up the net worth and salaries on the net. Commercial advertising made all these people mega-wealtht, so consumers paid their salaries; even very poor consumers. Celebrities do need money for security and this post may have them bulking up on security, for all I know. I’m more frustrated by the hypocrisy, than hateful, even though Chris Matthews  has aimed hate at me and Brian Williams is a symbol of narcissism – so yes they should worry if I’m near them.

I was a quiet kid and struggled doing interviews and oral presentations. I told The Navy, doctor and superiors ignored someone with an obvious problem. I could not function to do the oral presentations , required in the Navy’s Nuclear power program. I got reamed out by superiors and demoted for dereliction of duty. In High School , my English teacher asked who is the shyest person in the class and lucky me, everyone pointed at me. Trust me shy people feel uncomfortable when everyone pots at them. But the point is – did evaluators in superior positions commit greater dereliction of duty than I did. The media people above probably never got pointed out as the shyest person in class.

Is skin color or gender, a supreme detriment to Oprah I this era? She is worth about $3 billion dollars. My Spanish Catholic ancestor owned slaves. History books show he had an African-American wife and kids. It appears the Black wife died, and my Spanish ancestor married the White woman who served as the tutor for the deceased wife’s kids. A book says this White woman treated the her adopted kids and fairly; I wasn’t there but I can point to other references that seem to confirm this point. I seem to drift off topic, but should people point fingers at me and call me racist because I have Southern mannerisms and don’t act overtly friendly.

Do you expect overt friendliness from the shy kid? A guy at a Walmart in a Black neighborhood must have because he yelled racist. I’m positive Oprah’s dogs get better medical treatment than our military ever gave me.  I struggle with job interviews and networking, I ‘m not the rich White guys above. Chris Matthews  aimed hate at me because I have white skin and obviously just being born is the South makes me a racist. I attack the Catholic Church because I see Big Religion suffers from an Ivory Tower perspective, just like Chris Matthews. Catholics  wore White crosses and massacred people who want some religious freedom, read about the Huguenots. Sonia Sotomayor bragged about her gender and heritage when she took appointment as a Supreme Court Justice. Only Catholics and Jews sit on the Supreme  Court, in this country built on religious freedom. She also said things I consider as hate speech.

Who is discriminated against? Am I committing hate speech? Did Michelle Obama say things that many Whites might define as hate speech? Are white Hicks villains – see Elias Hicks and ask who did more for Blacks than any rich Black person in America. Is the Pope right when he says these people are killing people. Killing the rich media people who take from the poor and use vast amounts of natural resources seems heroic. Should we take aim at the people and their multiple and wasteful  mansions. Maybe the Pope is right the President and his rich celebrity friend are evil monsters. Maybe everyone should kill me, I’m shy and not worth as much as Oprah’s dog.

Oh praise, I leaders who put the Fort Hood shooter in  charge of mental health. Great evaluations. Kick me again, I was born a retarded mute mutt, in the South where obviously the soil corrupts the soul.