Artists, Models, and Dwarfs


Lucrezia Borgia has made a comeback; you can see her in the Showtime television series The Borgias or in Canal+ television series Borgia. Most think Bartolomeo Veneto used Lucrezia as his model for Flora (top left). Both series lack the rival Medici family and worthy spinoff material. Pope Leo X of the Medici family has a starring role in David Madsen’s novel, “Memoirs of a Gnostic Dwarf.”

Sarah Dunant’s novel, “In the Company of the Courtesan,” a dwarf keeps company with the Courtesan. Even fiction often reflects a truth, my last post and the title of this one reflect how artists, courtesans and dwarfs mingle. Lucrezia may not hold the Courtesan title, but she served in the same realm; she most likely had dwarfs in her company. The Medici family had dwarfs, so that makes them a “must have” for the Borgia family.

In Las Meninas (lower left), Diego Velázquez depicts himself with two dwarfs, two ladies-in-waiting (potential courtesans, mistresses or queens), and Infanta Margaret Theresa (She got pimped out at age 15 to her maternal uncle and paternal cousin, Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor).

Rokeby Venus

Bikini Good, Bikini Bad


Bikinis got their name from a little bomb test on an island named Bikini Atoll. It came out bigger than planned. A Higgs Bikini ( I imagine it will look like the photo the on the left) doesn’t excite me; it looks too small. We might learn something, but pride may lead to a fall from Babel’s tower. I know some nuclear physics, but I’m not in the Big Leagues; I retired from the little leagues due to my scrambled eggs for brains. Knowing about the Higgs does fill some idle curiosity, but I only want to know which Bikini I get. The Red Sonja picture (© Luigi Novi / Wikimedia Commons) gives me pleasure, but I also see how it may give me pain. Will a Sheldon understand this concept?

Designing Wobots


In Star Trek, Harry Mudd (rhymes with Fudd) made many wobots and one woe-bot (bottom pics). Jokes at bottom, setup up top. I hint about Designing Women using a Florida theme. Two cast members (top left) fit; it takes Annie Potts out of the equation. Plus, the new Star Trek might see fit to cast Annie as Woe-bot wife. I see Jean Smart as Overkill. My choice, Delta Burke (top right); she also comes in plus size if you prefer. The former Miss Florida and obvious “sex object” had a role in the feminist movie, A Bunny’s Tale. In the movie, Kristie Alley plays Gloria Steinem during her time as a Playboy Bunny. Steinem is the feminist who coined the term,“sex object.”  Women may see the mixed message sent in sex object status. I’m sure straight guys do. Kristie Alley also plays a hot Vulcan (not Hephaestus) in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; this Scientologist also comes a plus size version.

Wobots show cleavage; Woe-bots show cleavers. Insert your choice in Leave it to Beaver jokes. You have to watch out for crazy eye. Giving your wobot, guided missile eye for your guided missile may work well if you get the cleavage – cleaver programming right. Comic book guys know Metal Men may come in Iron, Lead, and Tin; but wobots need some Platinum. Add some rose nectar for a touch of Serenity and if you don’t know about another Lenore. Still a high risk for woe-bot; even Big Bang brain like Kripke can’t figure out feminist wabbits.

One note of interest to me; Gloria Steinmen’s buddy: Florynce “Flo” Kennedy.

Need a Pecker? Like a Pecker Needs a Hole


When you do it alone; you miss things. We try to play every role these days, only the rare birds can. I fail at detail and I need a Mary; some fail at the big picture and need a Lou. When I am weary and close to a dream state, I can create. Even when I’m wide awake, the where to put a comma escapes me. See the woodpecker, you can call him Elvis, he’s a rare bird. They call him a grail. Even people who may not care for peckers may want this one. The link does go to an Ivory-billed woodpecker; I’m not a Weiner politician.