Incompetence at the VA

I only had two drugs prescribed to me, but those two drugs  were incompatible and would cause me seizures. Now, how can the system fail to catch such an error? A computer can easily check for incompatible drugs. I wouldn’t be so enraged if the war over the birthmark wasn’t still going on. My rage is interfering with my writing. Who do I need to kill to fix the VA?

I’m sure Mark Zuckerberg could make  it so incompatible medicines are not prescribed because this is an easily curable problem with the proper management and computer system. Would Mark Zuckerberg be a rich American if my ancestors didn’t try to treat immigrants, fairly? I’m certain he would not. Consider this a warning to present-day leaders of America–fix the VA because this is one angry piece of Nuke waste. Obama, you are one lousy President if you can’t fix the easy stuff.

I Declare War

The Veteran’s Administration will not admit their wrongdoing they hide behind the bureaucracy. No one can say they are more native than me. This is my land and I declare the President and Congress as trespassers. If your doctors can’t act honorably and competently–then war, it must be.

I’m burning. They flat-out lied and I’m mad. One day they are going to push me past my limit. If they didn’t; do a 2mm+ biopsy which they didn’t — they had no right telling me I have melanoma. They didn’t follow the proper procedure in screening and failed to perform the biopsy properly.

This is my story:  My primary care told me I had a suspicious mole on my lower back and sent me to a surgeon who said there wasn’t one on my lower back. I began to walk out, he called me back. And stupidly I obeyed. He decided he wanted to take samples from three random spots and I know the one was random because he decided to biopsy a birthmark on my bicep the minute he saw me; you know how I know he made some opening small talk about whether I’ve ever torn my bicep. Maybe because my triceps are large for my size. I tried to tell him I had no interest in a biopsy on that spot, he went ahead. I guess I should have used the arms he was so fascinated with and punched his lights out.

During the same appointment, his assistant told me my cholesterol was bad two or three times, but my primary care told me my cholesterol was great. Once I told a doctor I had a blood clot and was given antibiotics for a skin infection, so I went to another doctor to get the correct answer–a blood clot, just like I said. So having another horrible appointment left me miffed, but held my temper. Then a letter comes telling me I have a cancerous lesion on my arm. When I was called to set to an appointment to remove what I consider a birthmark and I said I wasn’t interested; the diagnosis was then upped to melanoma, Now, I have a hard time believing a surgeon removing that birthmark will cure much of anything.

I went to a doctor at Osler medical and wanted a proper and independent biopsy, but she wouldn’t give it. She seemed to be defending the other doctor all through the appointment. If I’ need a true second biopsy to believe the VA has a clue of what they are doing; shouldn’t I be able to get one–apparently not. Then the Va called; which, led me to believe the Osler doctor communicated with the VA. The Osler doctor also said a mole on my upper back was suspicious, but the VA doctor says cutting off my birthmark will solve my problems. That was two years ago, but my primary care doctor keeps pestering about my birthmark. This is about trust, competency, and honor.

I’ve had other problems with doctors and they do my head damage. Writing this sucks , but I need to unload. This post may need editing because I’m upset, from another run-in. Need to go back to hiding in my book.

Our Government The Great Evil Empire

I no longer believe in the United States. No one, can say they are more native to this land than I am, but no one is assaulted more than the native. This is an about the author post; in which, I have to unleash a message due to emotional disturbance. Maybe, one day I will track whether the emotional disturbances help or hurt my creativity. How they made this Navy veteran into what I am, now, is utterly amazing. Long live Nuke Waste, sorry inside joke to soothe the tension.

Battle Between Extremes


Eva chose to strip, no man made her. News articles lead me to believe male domination keeps the women wrapped up in some Muslim cultures. I served in the Persian Gulf and I saw rich in excess in areas and beggars in others. Vast social inequality bothers me and I see more spread going on around me. Wikipedia had the center picture, on the dumpster diving page. I have seen dumpster divers in Florida, but the picture came from England. This leads to one question, does doing right make a sucker out of you?

How many dumpster divers have fought to save women on the left from burkha wrap? Maybe we fight for oil from the rich. Have you seen Dubai? Do Muslims hate US women, who choose to go naked? Do we hate them for keeping women covered up? Do they hate us for being rich or do we hate them for being rich? I can’t keep track.

We have given Eva and others freedom from dictators in Cuba. How many with ancestors who fought against slavery, in the Civil War, dumpster dive in a rich Black person’s trash? We fought Jew killing Hitler. Protestant America (includes deists, atheists, and agnostics) gave Catholics who stilled killed heretics the right to worship in their midst now, only Jews and Catholics sit on the Supreme Court. See Americanism (heresy) before you holler at me. Catholics bash Protestants and  whine about Catholic bashing? Who bashes who?

Does PETA care more for furry animals than furry people? Do most follow the latest Cult of Personality? Good song; bad practice. Kill Now, was in my original title,  it came from what I read in an  article titled, “How Many Pets Did PETA Kill in 2012?” You can Google it. I have bashed PETA in a few posts because I often see hypocrisy in their ads. Rich people cause harm to human and to wildlife in acts of excessive consumption. Some ads look like, “ Look at me, I’m pretending to be a caring person,” advertisements for celebrities. Models in extreme consumption do have sex appeal, but dumpster divers still have to eat their garbage to survive.

I’m a moderate extremist or a moderate in extreme? I hate all political parties equally because I look at individual issues and steer away from group-think   I write absurdly about absurd human behavior. It is the one extreme thing I do. I fit no race, creed, or color. I’m a freak, but no less so than you. I don’t know much, but I do know my pussycat wants to treat me like a lizard and playfully torture me until I die.

The Rich Stealing and Killing the Poor


A sinkhole killed a man the other day. Sinkholes happen when the water in fails to keep up with water out. Mansions, like the one shown on the right, suck out water and pump out waste at abandon all hope rates.The Queen of Versailles is a documentary about the largest single family house and the owners. Please don’t watch the documentary until you know where the money goes. The owners of Westgate Resorts had some dealings go wrong and had to give up their mansion. Welfare for the rich presents a problem in America. Some rich give good things to the world; some can just give us too little Schadenfreude. This mansion sits in Florida; where I wait for the next sinkhole to swallow me. I wonder if anyone has formulated a celebrity to sinkhole ratio. We get many celebrities, so I expect hole galore.

Stuck in Style


How to fix? = Me no know = Do I want to?

I used a site which compares your writing to famous authors. I got Lewis Carroll. It makes sense because he writes nonsense at a children’s level. Most readers prefer less than a 6th grade reading level and I worked to get there. My allusions; which, I refuse to give up will look like Literary Nonsense to those without a key. White Rabbit makes sense.

Why write Florida version of the Irish, Finnegan’s Wake = I’m nuts

Good news = I’m not alone = Someone has worked on a Rock Opera.

You see Joseph Campbell wrote about it. I have read Campbell/Robinson’s book and others, but I can’t read the real thing. Few have read it.

I didn’t plan to write this style book. I didn’t plan to use Freaks, but read about Gibsonton and you will see why a person writing about Florida might consider using them. I planned to use Tricksters, but research showed why a Fertility Cult made sense. Disney’s Fantasia links to the Rite of Spring = Fertility of Flora = Walt Disney’s mother and Flora = Florida.

Do we control the material or does it control us? I envy people who stick to humor, poetry, or art. My book uses them all and my blog tracks my book. I’m stuck. I feel sorry when people follow my stuff and it appears to go off topic. I’m always on topic = my book. I compare modern history to the past, so trivia mixes with history. Florida history stems much from Eurasian and African history, so I jump from place to place and time to time. My nonsense makes sense.