Noir is often defined as black, but take heed the subtle difference between simply black and how we use the term, Noir– in the image above, the white fog captures the essence of Noir. The black of night symbolizes blindness, but bright lights often come with a blinding effect– the bright lights create the darkness and that describes the genre of Noir. I would describe Noir as a pithole in perspective, watch out for the double negative. Pit and hole are synonyms but place them together and they create the loophole found in the genre of Noir.

The main character is a female dwarf and many may see her as cute, but a female dwarf, but never forget the complexity of all humans. Why can’t a dwarf play the role of Femme Fatale?

Image from Wikipedia with the following film credits.

Description English: Low-resolution reproduction of screenshot from trailer for the movie Wikipedia:en:The Big Combo (1955).
Date 1955
Source Wikipedia in English
Author Allied Artists
Source is movie trailer originally distributed without copyright notice, as then required for copyright protection.