Music at the Juke Joint


Zora Neale Hurston branched into musicology when she worked with John A. Lomax and his son, Alan Lomax. I looked up the origin of the jukebox; which led me to the juke joint; which, played a part in Hurston’s studies.

I have characters discussing booze joints, in one chapter, and this discovery may change some wording.

The left image has the following credits:

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,

Image Number
      • FA0514
      • 1935
Date Note
      • Photographed in June 1935.
Series Title
General Note
    • L to R: Hurston, French, Brown.
    • Hurston worked for the WPA, collecting folklife and folklore from Floridians throughout the state. She is pictured here collecting music from French and Brown.
    • Photograph was part of a 1985 traveling exhibit called “Pursuits and Pastimes”.
    • Reproduced from the collection of the Library of Congress.

The other image came from Wikimedia and had these credits:

Migratory laborers outside of a “juke joint” during a slack season, Belle Glade, Florida. Photographed by Marion Post Wolcott for the U.S. Farm Security Administration in 1944.


Source: Image is available from the United States Library of Congress‘s Prints and Photographs division under the digital IDfsac.1a34397.

Author: Marion Post Wolcott (1910–1990)


The Mind in Stuck Record Mode


Writer’s block does not describe my condition very well. I get “broken record brain” and a thought just repeats itself. I normally end up  shutting down a while because it is better than the insanity of repetition.

Groove is a good word because a stylus operating in the groove sounds much different than one scratch in a scratch. Thomas Edison used a diamond for a stylus, for some of his phonographs. I’m sure Edison’s diamond was tough enough to fight over a scratch. My mind lacks a diamond; I have to employ other tactics.

I write about the writing process when I’m not in a groove; I consider it part of my repair process. The image on the right is for a jukebox stylus and my search for an interesting image led me to the topic of jukeboxes; which, may result in something appearing in my novel. Trying not to write the novel sometimes helps more than pure concentration – it is the cure for a rut.

The Picture of Edison and his phonograph appears in the Project Gutenberg edition of “The Romance of Industry and Invention” (Editor: Robert Cochrane)/

The image on the right is from Wikimedia with the following credits:

Description: Package for phonograph needle or stylus, 1940s.

“Red Devil” brand for “coin phonograph” (juke box) with shellac gramophone records.

No assertion of any copyright on packaging. Author: “Red Devil”

Scanned by Infrogmation (talk) from original package in own collection.

Fat Marketing


Freak shows marketed “fat ladies” to the public and the they paid by the pound. Advertisers help create the obesity and offer gimmicks as cures. Some obese people have thyroid imbalances or other genetic disorders; so diet and exercise have little effect on size. I’m not being mean when I post about fat ladies; they just fit my freak theme. My search for a gluttony demon does conjure up images of fat people, but ‘m more into symbolism than reality.

The advertising industry itself maybe my idea of a gluttony demon. I’m still pondering. what I will use in this chapter, I have in rewrite. Image from

Ringling Circus fat lady, Alice from Dallas, reading a magazine on the circus train in Sarasota, Florida. Image Number: JJS2100

State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory

Photographer: Joseph Janney Steinmetz (1905-1985),

Steinmetz collection N2011- 7, Photographic collection, 1930s-1970s; Box 14

The Fat Lady of Death


Brünnhilde is the full figured soprano that sings at the end of Richard Wagner‘s opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen. Brünnhilde is a valkyrie and represents death. The fate goddess, known as the Dises, are related deities (which is interesting for my purpose). The colloquialism. “It ain’t over till (or until) the fat lady sings,” apparently came to existence during a college basketball game, just before the 1976 March Madness began.

My previous chapter invokes the “fat lady” colloquialism and I am considering a Brünnhilde role for this chapter. Unfortunately, I’m lacking a regional link. I sure could use a famous overweight Florida opera singer or even rock opera. Florida State has a highly regarded opera program; which, may be of use for my purpose. “This is the end, as FSU’s most famous alumnus might say.

Image from Wikipedia : Amalie Materna as thevalkyrie Brünnhilde (1876)

Gluttony versus Greed


One problem with the seven deadly sins is that at crisscross exists between gluttony and greed. The Third Horseman, Famine, holds scales – which represent power imbalance. Patricia Arquette recently made news when she spoke about gender inequality, during her Oscar speech. Many noted the problem with a rich person talking about financial inequality, but when you look at the open checkbook of  TV advertisement and how she became rich – you realize many poor people are forced to pay her salary because advertising dollars get passed along to the consumer. Oprah became one of the richest people in the word through this system.

The Jewish dominance of the media is the one reason I used the term. “Jewish socialism” in an earlier post. I allude to Mel Gibson’s anti-Semitic remarks, in one chapter, of my novel, but his and Charlie Sheens complaints about Jewish power in the media made me rethink on the issue. The Jewish big shots in liberal Hollywood made me come with the term, “Jewish Socialism.” Jews in Hollywood obviously don’t have a complete media monopoly, but it may be enough to be troubling.

I need to decide on my demon of gluttony, but I’m stumped. The two above do not fit my regional theme and the greed-gluttony crisscross is confounding me some. I’m leaning toward using the Third Horseman; since it symbolizes greed and gluttony at the same time. I may skip the regional link, for this one.<!–

Images from Wikimedia.

Description Oprah at 2013 Women in the World Conference Date:5 April 2013, 15:34

Source P1000165 Uploaded by stemoc Author aphrodite-in-nyc from new york city

Description Patricia Arquette on the runway at The Heart Truth’s Red Dress Collection Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week. February 13, 2009 at Bryant Park.

Date 19 February 2009, 14:47

Source Backstage the 2009 Red Dress Collection Fashion Show

Uploaded by Tabercil Author The Heart Truth Other versions

File:Patricia Arquette at Hearth Truth 2009.jpg

Praise the Black King; Spit on the White Hicks


Everybody get your guns. Secret Service put me on your list, I’m going after Sonia Sotomayor again. My Google News headlines today with all those brave Black people marching in Selma. What did any Black person do in comparison to a White Hick.

Elias Hicks boycotted cotton; he even refused to have anyone cover him with a cotton blanket on his deathbed. Martin Luther King worked for people of his own color, Hicks crossed the color line. Who did the more remarkable thing? Who gets remembered.

Racism came partially due to fear. The killing of all the whites in Haiti made many worry about a repeat. Peace is a rare thing. The past was a dangerous place. Most people just made survival choices. The Quakers were against war, but their abolitionist movement actually caused a horrendous war.

My Catholic Spanish ancestor was married to Black woman and they had many slaves. Many Hispanic and Latinos have similar histories, but Supreme Court Justice, Sonia Sotomayor considers herself supreme to White males of the past and present. Many Hispanics males look plenty White, so they should be just as angry at her racist sexism. Her comments were an insult to Whites and an insult to Hicks.

I’m sick of all the racist and sexist stuff spit at me. Racism does not belong to a skin cover. the other thing that got me started was a post about the lack of female representation in history. Women have just as many male ancestors than men, so this feminist complaint seems outright stupid. A feminist is by chance a  woman, but by choice a feminist. I don’t blame women for feminist sexist who blame the collective of men for the past. I agree with many feminist issues, but I find may Feminists – irrational.

Crossing the color or sex lines seems more praiseworthy to me. Whites males fought each other in the Civil War – they did not collectively kill all the Blacks; which would have been much easier, considering who had the guns. The bra was invented by a man to help women, not imprison her. I got harassed going into a Walmart, adjacent to a Black neighborhood because much o the news drive hate at White men. The funny thing is some of us are very genetically mixed and of course males have the female “x” chromosome.” An before people get too self righteous about regional North-South differences – they best thing read on some history.

My Man in the Mirror Mask


Michael Dunn’s last film — release. I recast my dwarf demon allusion and Dunn won the role. This movie sort of cinched it. Dwarfs attract attention  and attracting attention to me – always aggravated my fear of talking. As a kid, I used to think about cutting my vocal cords to have a scar to show I couldn’t talk. The endurance of Dunn’s big personality is what I envy. I can unleash big time, but my introverted nature tires easily.

I doubt they would have released this film, if not for 9/11. They may have timed the release to the Get Smart remake, with Steve Carell, where they played brief ode to former villains of the series. Dunn played the Chaos chief – Mr. Big. They released both movies, in 2008. Dunn died in 1973 and production for Man in the Mirror started three years earlier. I’m not sure why they failed to complete the film, but I suspect Dunn’s health and schedules played a part. The used modern restoration techniques and some added clips to complete the film, decades later.

I allude to Dunn, in this chapter of my novel, with Star Trek allusions. He went to The University of Miami, so he fits my regional theme. I’m sure people will not realize why I chose a dwarf, to represent envy of the Seven Deadly Sins. This post and an earlier post may give some understanding.

Another person with Florida connection is also in this film — Gloria Hendry. I believe, I still need to play ode to her. I put this in my To Do category to help me remember to check.

Magic Mike and the Seven Veils

Ruth St Denis and Denishawn Dancers  Ishtar of the Seven-vert

I’m not sure I can eroticize a guy, but this scene I am writing may force me into the deed. Male sexuality is something I rather make fun of, but the reason I added tis scene was to transition from humor to more serious subject.

Anyone acquainted with the Inanna or the Ishtar myth cab guess what I’m switching from the topic of my posts from seven demons to seven veils. Writers familiar with Joseph Campbell will also see the obvious. I may pull a little surprise, though, because I have another seven to roll.

Magic Mike gives me the regional links, I look for; Channing Tatum and the movie have Tampa connections.

Top image description:

Digital ID: DEN_1512V. Ruth St. Denis and Denishawn Dancers in Ishtar of the Seven Gates. With Doris Humphrey, Louise Brooks, Jeordie Graham, Pauline Lawrence, Anne Douglas, Lenore Scheffer, Lenore Hardy, Lenore Sadowska.. White Studio (New York, N.Y.) – Photographer  Notes: National Endowment for the Arts Millennium Project.

Repository: The New York Public Library. The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. Jerome Robbins Dance Division. Source: Denishawn Collection

See more information about this image and others at NYPL Digital Gallery. Persistent URL:

Source: Ruth St. Denis and Denishawn Dancers in Ishtar of the Seven …

Uploaded by LongLiveRock Author: New York Public Library

The Sloth of Florida

Swamp Sloth

The swamp itself is true sloth of Florida. You may not notice a current because the water bides its time – just like a sloth. The Swamp Thing and the Man thing are swamp comic book entities that symbolize the swamp, quite well, to me. We did have giant sloths here, at one time, but the no more. We still have human sloths. The bass player for Creed and Alter Bridge, Brian Marshall, got his nickname, “The Sloth,” for his playing style. It is no surprise that Florida gave birth to Marshall, Florida’s heat does slow people down a bit.

I’m trying to decide how I will do my sloth demon and what I show above are my candidates for allusion. Limp Bizkit is another candidate because of the name, itself. The swamp is without a doubt – my swamp demon of choice.

The images came from the Wikipedia links. I used the South American Megatherium; rather than, the Florida variety because I liked the picture better.