Zippy the Pinhead at the Billboard Music Awards


The article shown above shows a gathering of celebrities, and comes from Billboard magazine. Zippy the Pinhead and Grace McDaniels Mule-faced woman were among the stars. This clip comes from the same magazine that gives you the Billboard Music Awards, but times and the stars have changed. The original freak shows gave some advantage to being disadvantaged. Now, most advantages go to the advantaged class.

Democracy and Capitalism have been bastardized by leftist hypocrisy promoted by Hollywood elites. Celebrities are over-rewarded to what they offer society. Yes, they should  get good money but Oprah didn’t bring enough to society to become one of the wealthiest people on the planet.

If terrorists are going to bomb America; they should pick the appropriate targets. ISIS hates us for the extreme liberalism and Hollywood promotes the extreme. Some may see my blog and novels as extreme, but fiction should be allowed to be extreme. Reality should not match dystopian fiction. Obama has taken us  further down a dangerous path. Read about societal collapse and you will see where America is going. Social change should not be enforced by elitist law. If Hollywood needs to realize they are elitists, in ivory towers, but towers crumble.

Zippy the Pinhead was born with a disorder and people were going to look, being in the freak show allowed him to be paid for the looks. Being among others of the freakish class made life more comfortable. Hollywood elites choose to be freaks and they should realize others are less fortunate.

From One Freak Show To Another


The Billboard Music Awards are on, so I want to pay homage to their history. Their origins are closely tied to Freak Shows. When I stumbled onto an article about a gathering of circus folk, in Gibsonton, I didn’t realize it was the origin of what became Billboard Music. They started charting the top playing records in jukeboxes and grew from there. They should do a commemoration show to their Freak Show origin. It is possible to do it tastefully and instructively.

I suspect my novel will have a mention of the magazine and the images come from Wikimedia.

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Defining The Moments

Florida’s conflict between natives, Huguenots, and Catholics was my first theme, due to my all encompassing ancestry. My first novel changed course as I did my research. In this second novel, the main character will be doing her own research, about the origins of the cult.Starting with the decision to time travel by use of magic mushroom; I leaped to the genetic memory drug used in Frank Herbert’s Dune, which, led me down the Bene Gesserit route. I already had a cult, in mind, but Dune’s witch cult routed me to my Feminist theme. A cult made from female tricksters—was the idea.

A movie, starring Michael Douglas, The Game, was one early inspiration. Using a trickster cult became the plan, but I kept finding more info on fertility cults, add the linguistic link between ‘Florida’  and Flora, the Roman fertility goddess. But I hesitated to waver from my trickster deity research.

The definitive moment, that brought me to my circus theme, came when I read Pedro Menendez brought a dwarf singer with him when he colonized Florida. Small deities, called the Karpoi, served Flora and they were similar to other small deities like Santa’s elves and Brownies. A search for the first small deities began.  Egyptians worshiped the dwarf god, Ptah and the Pataikos (Phoenician borrowed) who I suspect links to the Hindu Prajapati. Hephaestus, the Greek god of smiths, also compares well to Ptah and the Pataikos. Aphrodite, the fertility goddess,  married Hephaestus; thus, I have my beauty and the freak theme.

Serapis comes from a merger of Osiris and Apis, a bull deity and Apis is basically a reincarnation of Ptah; thus, Serapis equals Ptah and Osiris. Dis Pater, the underworld god of riches is equivalent to Serapis. Isis is wife to Serapis (Osiris-Ptah); Isis and Venus (Aphrodite) are the rose and Flora is the Flower. Shu, the grandfather of Osiris, is a wind deity like Favonius (Zephyrus) – Husband to Flora (Chloris). The temple of Flora resides next to the Circus Maximus. It is confusing, but it all relates.

To sum up the deities; you have a sexy fertility goddess, a castrated hunk, and a dwarf god. You see a version of these three characters in Tod Browning’s Freaks. Cleopatra, a trapeze artist, is an evil enchantress; Hercules, the strongman, gets castrated; Hans is the rich dwarf. Three other characters act as a more righteous counterbalance, Venus, the seal trainer; Phroso, the clown; and Frieda the female dwarf who eventually marries Hans. The rest of the cast is much freakier. My cast is much the same and the three deities act as guides to the past.

Florida was home to many of the Freaks cast. Gibsonton’s ‘freak history’ nudged me toward my circus theme. I planned to make an appendix out of my fictional cult member research, but I decided to turn the appendix into a prequel. One defining moment, in my fictional cult history, must relate to the movie—Freaks. Tod Browning happened to make an appearance in the D.W. Griffith movie, Intolerance: Love’s Struggle Throughout the Ages; which, shares themes used in my first novel. My main Character will probably watch both movies and she definitely rocks the cradle, a symbolic element in Intolerance.

I know many other defining moments in my cult’s history. Doris Wishman and Herschell Gordon Lewis movies will need to play a part. My main character has a bit of Wishman in her. Dolly from Harry Crews‘, ‘Naked in Garden Hills; is another model. The hard part is creating the early history of the cult in Florida, somewhere in the early 1800’s


The Freak Chance of Being A Freak

GraceMcDanielsThe MuleFacedWom son Elmer and JoMerrick

Grace McDaniel and her normal looking son are on the left; Joseph Merrick is on the right and we know his mother was considered attractive. Sheer chance makes most freaks. Symmetry plays a large part in what we consider attractive and we use symmetry to gauge health and odds of having well-formed babies. Obviously, the symmetry does not predict everything, but it probably does affect physical affection.

In the news today, I saw an article about elephants having tumor-fighting genes; which, reminded me of the tumors that caused the Elephant Man’s deformities. I’m curious how many people would choose gene therapy if it extended their life but created a deformity. I’m 99% sure, many women and slightly fewer men will choose to have tails if gene therapy makes the option available. Men are slightly less likely to follow a fashion trend. Yes, those numbers reflect gender stereotyping, but I see women as the peacock of the human species.

I have a character in my novel, with severe deformity and I can’t help but love her. Erotic attraction is difficult to imagine. How much inner beauty is needed to surpass outer preference? Inner beauty takes time to see, so standing by someone with lost beauty is easier than creating the initial attraction.

Grotesque is a literary term


Why do literary agents list ‘commercial fiction’ as a genre but leave out the grotesque? Literary agents want you to fit their taste, but many fail to note their taste. I know my novel classifies as grotesque. Why not put keywords on your sites? Are literary agents stupid? An agent wastes their own time by not clarifying their tastes; they also waste the writer’s time.

Calling agents idiots may not get me a book deal, but I believe many will agree with my assessment. I am also sure most agencies want to make money, so “commercial fiction’ leans toward the redundant.

Geek Love by Katherine Dunn is contemporary fiction or literary fiction, so this may fit me. I’m more humorous and research oriented. My book directs the laughs at the main character’s ability to deal with abnormal situations and I see this as big style difference between Dunn’s book and mine. I rate her higher as a natural writer, but my novel probably has more literary merit, due to my research.

Dunn’s literary agency, Inkwell Management, tells you lower level employees see your work first. Many agencies may work this way, but this leaves you blind to their preference.

Monkey Girl Will You Marry This Lizard Brained BOY?


Percilla the Monkey Girl wins my heart. The supermodel, on the left, looks a bit ugly to me even when she waxes. The Percilla and Emmitt Bejano offer a unique love story. My lizard brain responds to supermodels, but it demands much less. Women make the rules and standards; men just go, “Doi-ng!” Feminism has two factions, those who exploit and those who hate exploitation. The first type has power enjoys their power over lizard; the other type wants to crush lizards. Lizards have a purpose, so have mercy on the lizard. Supermodels respect the less purrr-ty and have mercy on the lizard, too. People are animals and superficiality hurts all types of animals. PETA needs to stop the hypocrisy. Feminists go easy on the lizard; the lizard can’t help being a lizard. Think about all the baby lizards.

Escape or Identify?


Leave your persona behind and escape for a while. Shamans let spirits visit when they left. We keep the spirit of this alive, but times change. Masks and body paint enter early in human history. Red stayed in fashion as man spread the globe. Egyptians deemed themselves red and saw others as inferior colors. You see African tribes in red. Scots did red in their Pict days. Native Americans got their name because they painted their skin in red. Humans use symbols; we show we like red. I hated cutting the head off gas mask girl, but some symbols mean to disturb. Need to freak is human; some have no other choice.

Making a Freak


I often make an amalgamations. All writers and artists do. The hero of Victor Hugo’s book, The Man Who Laughs, is made a freak by the Comprachicos. Hugo invented the Comprachicos, but I’m sure it comes from a combination of myths and the truth. The book inspired the invention of Batman’s Joker. Hugo gave many of his characters, superhero qualities. Hugo’s book needs a movie remake. It even has romance.

Kafka’s story, The Penal colony, combines the farmer’s harrow (lower right), tattoo needles, and the Iron Maiden. Kafka came to mind when I created my mask. I did not mean to make a horror story, so I did not elaborate on the fear of being turned into a freak. I did see it as a way to go. I made note about body modification in my Squint Eye post, but no seemed to have interest. I use an invisible man avatar for a reason. I am like Kafka, he hated publishing his work. I throw my work out into the world with a sense of horror. Part of me hates being noticed.

Hapless Heroes


Wrong Package?


For some, their personality doesn’t fit their stature. Peter Dinklage, shown with his wife (bottom right), portrayed a wrong fit in, The Station Agent. Pornstar, Bridget Powers (top left) embraces the freak. We don’t know how Morgante (bottom left) felt, but his job, caring for of the owl and other falconry, does show a possible sign of respect. Martin Klebba (top right) plays a pirate, but most don’t know dwarfs sailed with conquistadors and a dwarf pirate does sound likely because sailors prayed to dwarf gods. If someone made a movie from my book Meredith Eaton (top right) would be my She-it even though Bridget Powers embraces the role more. Freak means, “not the norm,” to me and I do feel for the ones that can’t embrace the freak. I do see the ethical problems with exploitation, but my history research took me to dwarfs and I saw the value in little people.