Cease of Peace

Moshe Dayan and Abdullah el Tell cease fire agreement  1948 Arab Israeli War

Some will look at my writing and see it as a bashing of Catholics, but group dynamics is my major issue. It was in great debate whether to let Catholics into the United States. Look at our Supreme Court and you will see the rise of Jewish and Catholic political power, in this Protestant founded country. I will repeat one more time, “Protestant is not a religion;” Protestant is just people who rebelled against the universal belief that was being enforced by the Catholic Inquisitors. Do the Catholic and Jewish members on the Supreme Court care if no other religions or non-religions sit on the Supreme Court?

Group dynamics plays a part in politics and war. I keep hoping my humor will come back, but the group dynamics troubles me. The picture captures a cease-fire agreement in 1948 by Jews and Arabs, but we all know how history repeats. Guns just fire again.

God for Dummies


An atomic bomb looks like the power of god. I wonder why we still have war, when we have nukes? The worst part about being in the military was the realization that I was nothing more than a toy soldier. Guns are for wimps. Those Manhattan Project scientists were true bad-asses.

The role of religion in war confounds me. War made more sense, when people fought for war gods. Is the Christian, Islamic, Judaic god — a war god?

The war-goddess was a once popular icon. Part of today’s strife comes due to the debated role of women. Some cultures prefer their women mired in ignorance. Warmonger feminists make me wonder the wisdom in keeping women ignorant. I don’t hate women, but some male hating feminists tend to make me want to hate right back. Most people reciprocate the hate. I try not to, but I have a limited number of cheeks to turn.

Atomic power comes from the release of energy as an unstable isotope strives to reach a stable state. E=mc2 equates matter and energy. Our bodies are forms of energy. Do we ever reach a stable state? Is there a heaven? You can’t prove or disprove god. Nuclear power hints god exists. The question is whether god gets some amusement out of our war games.

I used the picture from, “Five Characters in Search of an Exit” (an episode of the television series The Twilight Zone,) to represent limited human perspective. If god exists then he, she, or it — is beyond our perception. Atheists are idiots for not seeing this obvious truth and denying the glimmer of hope that heaven represents. I’m agnostic, which means I have some acceptance of ignorance. I’m not god and only a god can know, the unknowable.

Eris in the Ukraine


The image on the right translates to,”This Ukrainian Prime Minister is a big boob.”

Many of my fellow Americans are idiots, but most can comprehend this statement.

The image comes from Femen’s call for a sex boycott. History and Literature buffs might call this “pulling a Lysistrata (a play from ancient Greece written by Aristophanes). The more apt comparison may come from then Judgment of Paris. The women in Lysistrata tried to end the Peloponnesian War, but in the latter tale Eris throws her “Apple of Discord;” Athena becomes a sore loser; Paris gets horny over Helen of Troy and steals her away, the Trojan War breaks out, and thousand ships launch.

America’s Feminist movement has left men at a loss as to what to do. Staring for hours at the boob might be the plan. Do we need to get all macho with Putin? Many Muslims may be thinking about how they need to keep their women all covered up. Maybe Ellen will host another Oscars.

America can’t save everyone. Do Feminists even want men to look at  boobs or are they save for Lesbian lust instead? Do we save the damsels, or do they want to cut off the balls from all the guys? Will Monica Lewinski volunteer to do Putin? Maybe he wants a guy. Who is the hottest gay dude? Will he do the job?

I can write this and I can contemplate the boob. I have volunteered before, my spirit is broken. I don’t have boobs to show; so I can’t excite or incite I will watch and wait. I’m sure a new historical rerun will show up soon. Will I get to see big another big boob or get stuck with a dick.

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War and the Star Wars Bar

Inna Shevchenko-tile-horz

Did Femen win? War has erupted in their home, the Ukraine. They put much blame on religion. God is cool, but religion brings in the vanity of man. Dictators want one church, just like the bad old days when Popes and Emperors’ fornicated with one another, while preaching about the bad black sheep of their flock.. Central leadership systems do not work, the Pope is nothing more than a Darth Maul. Atheists will never rid the world of religion. Protestant isn’t a religion; it is a Star Wars bar. The Mos Eisley Cantina is a place where Rodney King (from the LA riots) and I might get along. Maybe Inna Shevchenko (top left in yellow) can share a beer with us.


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Stache for a Stache


You can grow back a moustache, but some macho cultures take great pride in their stache. A stache is like religion; it has cultural significance. Animals have territorial instinct and man is an animal, so nationality is closer to an eye. Mark Spitz narrated the documentary film about an event in the 1956 Summer Olympics. Water polo garnered the greatest headlines when Australia hosted the Olympics and Russia invaded Hungary. The invasion led to the  Blood in the Water match when nationalism raised a proud head. Many will put down nationalism, but many of those people will sing different when events such as this take place. I allude to all this in my book, but I have great desire to dump the chapter because I fail to capture the complexity while keeping the tale simple. If we still have leaders in US that still follow the religion of the Inquisition; what hope do we have in conquering territorial instinct. Religion will need to fall many more pegs in status before global love can rise above global mistrust.

I do stay somewhat faithful to Florida by including Mark Spitz. Spring Break broke out in Florida when college swimming teams began training in Fort Lauderdale. Mark Spitz and others trained here, so the girls came for the hunks and other dudes followed the girls. When Spitz came he invaded the territory of the other stache; I try to stay a pig in these posts so, I can’t help but imagine the catfights between the fans. I wager Burt’s fans won.


Absurdity = Killing for God (doh!)


Kafka (left) and Camus (right) are masters of the absurd; I believe they would agree in my premise. Atheists are without hope; many of religion are without reason. A life without belief is empty; too much belief is insanity. Does a god need puny humans to fight his or her battles? Tis a shame, all religions have a criminal past. Anyone proud of their religion should read history. Protestants get a bit of a break because the don’t fall under a unified religious belief; they just protested against Big Religion. My book began when I saw my ancestors on both side of the blade at the Bartholomew’s Day Massacre. Have god in your heart not your sword. Jaroslav Róna’s statue of Kafka (center) stand in Prague. You sculptors out there need to get busy; Camus and the Godot dude seem lacking.