Gender Bending at old FSU

rc01170Portraits of the first Cotillion Club members - Tallahassee, Florida

Florida State University was a female-only college for many years. I’m guessing the seniors wore the dresses and underclassmen took the male role, but I may be wrong. Above, you see the first Cotillion Club members. The year was 1911.

My novel uses female factions and the early sororities and clubs, will probably play a role; if I can focus on creating my puzzle. Two apparently had a problem disguising their chest.

Portraits of the first Cotillion Club members – Tallahassee, Florida. 1911. Black & white photoprint. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Accessed 5 May. 2016.<;

Sexy and She Knows It

Group portrait of the Florida State College girls basketball team 1903

She’s in a classic model pose and this is 1903 (FSU Basketball team. Did they know that pose back then? I suspect most people can pick out whish one I talking about without me telling the position, but I talking about the one on the front left. It isn’t a very flattering uniform, but she somehow pulled off a look.

If my facial recognition is working properly, her name is Sarah Spears; I had to use other pictures from the Florida Memory site because they only identified the basketball position.

Sexy must be a gene in the Spears family. There is a good looking librarian in a 1968 picture, with the same name. Spears isn’t a super common name, so she may be a distant relative to Britney Spears.

I was hoping to find something interesting, in an earlier time period and she happened to catch my eye then I notice the name. FSU has a secret society called the Burning Spear society and it just fitting that the Spears family goes to FSU. My novels use a secret society and I use Florida trivia; which, Britney falls into. Florida State should draft Britney; her name fits, so well.

  • There are 9 names but 11 girls in the photo. Order is uncertain. Fannie Manning, capt.; Bershe Meginnis, mgr.; Sarah Spears, r.g.; Louise McIntosh, f.; Mary Reynolds, l.g.; Bershe Meginnis, f.; Fannie Manning, c. Second team: Fannie Cooksey, capt.; Ada Hodge, mgr.; Ada Hodge, r.g.; Annie Brownell, l.g.; Lieland Davis, f.; Fannie Cooksey, c.

Group portrait of the Florida State College girls basketball team – Tallahassee, Florida.1903. Black & white photoprint. State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory. Accessed 12 Mar. 2016.<;.

Even Our College Has A Circus

fsu circus

For a long time, Florida had a clown college and a collegiate circus; we lost the clown college, but FSU still has a circus. Florida State was a female only college, but in 1947 they started allowing men. Someone must have heard, ‘Send in the clowns,’ because they started the circus in the same year.

My fictional cult is female only and has a connection to the circus, so FSU is a great place for my cult to thrive.

My Seminole Song

Peace -horz

(It probably isn’t meant to be sung. My use is literary)

We believe in peace
Here’m at the Doak
Hear’m that croak

That’m Peace Frog
He say weather turn fowl
Hear’m that howl
That’m Peace Dog

He say moon turn red
Howl like this wake’m the dead.
Hear a voice which cuts like Figaro-a
Wo oh woah oh woah woah oh woah oh woah oh woah

Hear the call for war
Feel my spirit soar
Up from the glades
Come Osceola and the renegades.
On Seminole Wind my spirit flies
Our renegade spirit never dies

I still need to work on the rhythm and will probably match the chorus to my Gator song, but workable for now. I alluded to ‘Peace Frog’ from, The Doors; ‘Peace Dog’ from, The Cult; and ‘Seminole Wind’ from John Anderson. I see where I might add a Flo Rida, ‘Wild Onesallusion but I will hold off for now. I may add a Creed allusion in the chorus after I finish my Miami song. When I get my three songs, I might see how I will match things up and whether I will add any other schools.

Doak refers to the stadium. The FSU war chant is the ‘woah’ part.

Seminoles Draft Ian Astbury

0 cult-tile

Oliver Stone offered Ian Astbury, the Jim Morrison role; which, went to Val Kilmer. The Doors had a major influence on Astbury and the Southeastern Ceremonial Complex (or Southern Death Cult) donated the band’s name and influenced many songs. As you can see on the map, the Florida resides in the Southern Death Cult region. Astbury never attended FSU never attended FSU, but he should consider joining Jim Morrison on the alumni list or FSU should do  me a favor and draft him.

Who is the apparent Seminole chief, on the lower right? William Augustus Bowles, who had no Native American blood, but entitled himself as ‘Chief of the Embassy for Creek and Cherokee Nations.’ You don’t see the name Seminole because my ancestors did not name them, yet. I don’t know for sure if my ancestors gave them their name, but I have good odds. I have Spanish and Native American ancestors in Florida before English linked tribes.

Bowles went to far when he called himself, ‘Chief of all Indians present’ at a tribal council. Those ‘Indians present’ turned him over to the Spanish and died in a Cuban prison. Political correctness is a tough thing to maneuver around. I find interest in many cultures, but all have flaws. I don’t know why my grandfather hated his grandmother; he never went into detail and may or may not have good reason. I love to link history to trivia and I’m not criticizing Morrison or Astbury for their interest in Native American culture but political correctness is tricky and I suspect it plays a part in the songs sung about Native Americans.

I’m an allusion freak, so this limited song collection binds me, somewhat. Drafting, ‘The Cult’ gives me a few more titles to play with in my ‘Games Without Frontiers’ game that I do with sports fans in my novel. I enjoy sports, but fanatics are fanatics and many fail to see the sanity line.; whether it be, religion, sports, or other social outlets.

The Cult and The Doors have a Native American spirit which meshes well with the Seminole war chant; which, makes them allusion worthy for me. Astbury only has indirect connection to FSU, but sometimes I have to cheat. So I consider The Cult, as a definite maybe. Morrison is a for sure allusion. I still can’t remember offhand, if I mention Bowles (Estajoca was his tribal name) in my novel; this post also acts as a reminder.



Seminole Country

Seminole Country

Rita Coolidge, Jake Owen, and Brian Kelley (the Florida half of Florida Georgia Line) are on the Florida State alumni list. John Anderson never attended FSU, but he earns a link due to his song, Seminole Wind.

I like some Rap and Country, but I favor Rock and POP. I’m just looking for who I might allude to in my novel; I use theme related allusions and Florida is one of my themes. I also have a James bond theme, so I need to think harder on Rita and Octopussy. Seminole Wind makes for an easy allusion and will most likely make my cut. I see some song titles; which interest me, but Jake Owen and Brian Kelly are more debatable.. I make these posts to help me keep track of whom to consider.

I’m searching mainly for what goes best with the Seminole war chant. I still feel a more spiritual style fits best, but something with a bit of rowdiness will work, too. Even though I only will use the song title and no one will actually hear the song; I still prefer to match style. The political correctness  issue probably affects the number of Seminole related songs. I may send Slim Whitman and his Indian Love Call up to FSU. I have some more ideas in Rock music. I think a Country music alumni member of FSU needs to show some love soon or I’ll move on.

Sorry Flo Rida, You been traded


Flo Rida probably favors the University of Miami but this album links him to the Seminoles. The reason stares you, in the face, if you see the image of this album.

Seminoles translates to Wild Ones

His name is also built into the state (Flo Rida State)

When I made my posts about the University of Miami; I considered Flo Rida because he has connections to 2 Live Crew; which, has connections to the Miami Hurricanes. I only care because the title will work as an allusion , in this present chapter in rewrite. I turn Florida trivia into allusions for my novel and this allusion fits with the Seminoles.

Sia, did the vocals for the title track and she interests me for other reasons. I created the Aussie in my novel before I head of Sia. My Aussie character came to mind because I hear some similarity between Aussie accent and Southerners in America. Plus Florida and Australia both have crocodiles; plus Paul Hogan starred in Flipper, the movie.

We Export Weird


I believe they called Richard Simmons normal until his brief stay at Florida State University, where they tutored him in weird. The Sunshine State sent some weird over to the Lone Star State; the weird came in the form of Leslie Cochran (the dude in the visor looking less like Richard Simmons). I wonder if they ever attended the same class.

Dave Barry made a career out of exposing South Florida’s weird-side. Carl Hiaasen set the weird to a crime beat. Tim Dorsey took out the good guys, unless you call Serge, the mass murderer, the good guy that he is. Dexter, our other homicidal maniac looks moral and normal in the South Florida that author, Jeff Lindsay, bakes in. Charlie Carlson truly made a living off of Weird Florida. The circus folk in Gibsonton may have helped instill the weird, but the so-called normals bring their own take.

When most everyone comes from somewhere(s) else, the most native becomes the most alien. I truly go by the title ET. Maybe the our prince brought the weird here, I will explore him in a later post.

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