Who is the Cacica of my Tribe?

Cacica refers to the female leader of a Timucua village, according to Father Pareja who developed a written language for the Timucua.

Cacique is term for males and I most likely am one; since I’m most likely member of the tribe, in my village. Children of my great-great grandmother are the only ones eligible. My Native American ancestor had a Spanish name which hints, she spawned from the Spanish mission system which operated in Florida. I can’t say for sure which tribe, but the Timucua seems the most likely and the Apalachee come in second.

In 1824, only three men and their families lived in the abandoned village; the Osteen brothers and old man Edwards. My ancestor’s surname was Osteen, but her Spanish given names were names a Spanish Indian or a Black woman would likely have and family features rule favor Injuns. Seminoles such as Billy Powell (Osceola) American sounding names. The Osteen name came from one of the two brothers because she was a daughter or the name was adopted for some unknown reason. Only her the Spanish, in her given names offers proof of tribe. Granddad hated his grandmother and her ancestry due to claims of abuse. If he was Seminole, he would likely know it, but there is reason why he didn’t know which Spanish Indian tribe–the Seminoles wiped them out.

Experts say my tribe is extinct, but I believe my great-great grandmother and her decedents make up the tribe; thus, she would have inherited the title of Cacica. When she died, one of her children would have taken the leadership role. My great grandfather would have been eligible, but I doubt she him due to his drinking problem and the fact he dumped kids on her after his wife died. Who takes the title is in question because I haven’t tracked down my more distant family; I only know where my aunts, uncles, and my first cousins live. Timucua leadership passed down by the maternal and in honor of my great-great grandma, women should keep the role.

Hernando De Soto ran into a cacica, if I remember correctly and Wikipedia names another, in the quote below which notes the numbers baptized:

Pareja achieved some success with the Saturiwa; in 1602 he had 500 Christians within his custodio.[5] Nearly that number were confirmed during a visit in 1606 by Bishop Altamirano, including Cacica Maria and five of her subordinate caciques from the area.[6]

The quote and other info can be found at this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francisco_Pareja

Liberal Hate

Liberals don’t appear to realize how hateful they are. I’m a registered Independent and I’m not very fond of Republicans, either. My family have the oldest roots set in Florida, the Seminole tribe of America is just another invader to Florida and we’ve seen invasion after invasion. Liberals poke hate and stereotype my family as Southerners, but take note my Native American ancestors were Southern because they were Floridians and I’ve got people coming from other  countries hating on me. A-holes of NBC I want  to lay the war-hammer down you because you throw hate at me  so I hunger to throw. Get off Timucuan territory or behave. Something of TV sent me to vent.

Alienated In My Ancestral Land

If you come from somewhere’s else you naturally should feel alienated, but someone as native to Florida as I am–shouldn’t be the one who feels alienated. The Seminoles are not native–I most likely am and the only reason I’m not one hundred percent sure is because there is a chance I descend from the Yamasee rather than the Timucua, both tribes were In the Spanish Mission system so either tribe or another such  tribe cold have spawned my ancestors Spanish name. I’ve considered making a biography–titled Alienated in my Ancestral Land, but I’m not sure if I’m long-winded enough to fill a full book.

Unwelcome in Timucuan Territory

Bigots and elitists are unwelcome in Timucuan territory. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and the president who nominated her are two such individuals and the Secret Service best keep them out==my Spanish Injun tribe never signed a peace treaty and I’ve been unwelcomed in my native land, so consider an act of war for these elitist bigots to set foot in my ancestral land. I’m as native to Florida as a Peurto Rican is to Puerto Rico–so death to the elitist bigotry of Sotomayor and Obama.

Stealing My Ancestors Bones

The Seminoles may have kept a few native girls when they helped wipe out the native tribes of Florida, but I believe my Native American ancestor’s name gives me and my kin more claim to the bones — she had a Spanish name. Seminoles; such as Cowkeeper, hoped to wipe out the Spanish and the native tribes allied with them. My Native American great-great-grandmother probably opted to marry a White man because her tribe was wiped out so my blood quantum may not reach the level for membership to a tribe; even though it is likely I have other Native Americans roots, but the thieving, murdering, claim my ancestral bones and my land.

Luck for the Seminoles; after about five monstrous visits to the Veteran’s Clinic; I finally found an apparently found a doctor who might keep me off the warpath. I still suggest John Cena keep his White Elitist ass out of Florida because one good appointment after many horrible ones, doesn’t keep him safe from the wrath of the Timucuan.

Rare Blood From Diverse Ancestry

Does Timucuan ancestry make my blood unique? It’s possible and it’s somewhat funny how hard the word tries to make my bloodline extinct. Liberals favor people from other lands and being native to this land is apparently negated because I’ve been contaminated my Caucasian blood — many liberal bloggers define straight White males as lower than pond scum – should we all be irradiated so the rather common Indians from India can take over contaminated White-Native American Injun?

As a blood donor, my blood has been labeled as rare for reason other than blood-type and apparently such rare blood helps other people live, so why does the world seem keen on killing me?

I can’t identify the exact tribe I descend from but the Spanish name of my American ancestor makes Timucuan ancestry a real possibility and I’m certainly more native than a Seminole. They say Native Americans arrived by way of the Bering Strait and natives of Florida came the furthest through North American territory so I may be truly descended from the oldest tribe in North America – kill the Liberal hate against natives with White skin.

Fear The Wrath of the Timucuan

I call forth the ancient spirits of my ancestors to rid Florida of those who hurt their most beloved child. The Seminoles don’t own the ancient spirits – I do. Others kin to me share these spirits, but if they know my heart – the spirits will heed my call.No, I’m not sure about the exact tribe, but I’m sure it;s a tribe more native than the Seminoles; the Timucua orApalachee tribes are the most likely.

If you’re superstitious and you’ve done harm in Florida – you should be worried. If you’re not superstitious you should be calling your State representative about the horrendous medical treatment given by the Veteran’s Administration to an ex-nuke with mass destruction in his head.

I share my ancestral spirits with the main characters of my novel and one of them whips out her own brand of wrath.

The Timucuan Versus The World


In real life, I’m the Timucuan, but I shared my heritage with my dwarf who acts as my novel’s main character. I only know my Native American ancestor had a Spanish name and considering the Seminoles hated the Spanish and their Native American allies – I must be more native than the Seminoles and kin to one of the original tribes. She married White man and I’m straight,s I’m typically what liberals hate You White elitist liberals need to hightail it out of Florida because I’ve got a hankering to skin that skin you hate – right off you.

In my novel, my dwarf will doing the damage, but believe I know how to do damage, but have to keep my rage in check. I can’t even give my dwarf my secret on how to do the damage; she’ll have to use a straightforward method. As, a sailor, in the US Navy I’ve felt a lot of hate in other countries and considering people from all countries are in Florida and I’m getting disrespected on my native soil – I’m angry. Obama and his family are not welcome in Florida, bring extra Secret Service my tribe never signed a treaty and the Veteran’s Administration treats me worse than the Fort Hood shooter, so stay away from Florida. The news media best watch their tongues, too. I’m enraged enough.

The Last of the Timucuans


The tribe is extinct, but the bloodline probably still exists. I know my grandfather’s grandmother was a Spanish-Injun (Indians are from India, so I adopt the Injun), but I don’t know her specific tribe. Two tribes, the Apalachee and the Timucuans had the closest affiliation with the Spanish..The Seminoles allied with the Americans or the British, depending on the time period, so the Seminoles helped wipe out my great-great grandmother’s tribe. Now, they steal-claim to my ancestor’s bones.

We identify tribes by names that the Europeans gave them, not the native name for the tribe and that’s why the natives received the name Indians. My granddad wasn’t very close to his Native American side because his father preferred being the stereotypical half-breed drunk and the last supposed full-breed, my great-great-grandmother, (she could have been half, but my grandfather considered her full-breed), apparently wasn’t very nice. Granddaddy didn’t speak English very well and couldn’t write his own name, so too much about my Native American side was lost. When I said he didn’t speak English very well, I’m not saying he spoke a Native American language, but considering how intelligible he was, he may have had some mangled into his English.

Does my family represent the last of the Timucuans— sort of. Some went to Cuba with the Spanish and that’s sort of why A Cuban may deserve more American rights than people from other foreign lands. My family never left, so I take my last stand. One day I may go on the warpath,

Obviously, the last of the Timucuans refers to James Fenimore Cooper’s novel, The Last of the Mohicans. All you would need to do is look at a name on an Alachua County census to know that my ancestor came from a Spanish Injun tribe.

I use a portrait from the Wikipedia page for Mestizos because a Spanish-Injun is commonly referred to as mestizos. Notice the baby is White. Not every White person is just White.

Artist Anonymous
Title Español, Yndia serrana o cafeada. Produce mestiso
Español: De la serie Los cuadros del mestizaje del Virrey Amat
Date circa 1770
Medium oil
Dimensions 100 × 125 cm (39.4 × 49.2 in)
Current location
[show](Inventory)Museo Nacional de Antropología (Madrid) Link back to Institution infobox template wikidata:Q2917041
References ceres.mcu.es
Source/Photographer Photographed at the Maison de l’Amerique Latine

Summoning the old Injun


I don’t plan to summon my great, great grandmother at my fictional séance because she is too recent, but someone from the era of the scene above may work. The image depicts Athore, son of the Timucuan king Saturiwa, showing Rene Goulaine de Laudonnière the monument left by Jean Ribault in 1562.

If I use Native America from this era, I will need a completely fictional biography because we know, so little about them. A “Wise Woman” would be my choice. They had female leaders and one could serve my purpose, but I’m undecided.

I have a higher chance of being related to one of the natives than a Seminole and I may make the fact that they steal my ancestor’s bones an issue. I have considered making a shared ancestor for my main character, in this novel, and her prey—the main character of the original novel. If I choose the Injun—that shared ancestry will be a reason. The shared ancestry may apply to my witch, also.

I’m descended from old Injuns, so all you politically correct elitists can kiss the ass of a real live jackass and I hope he gives you a little present to remember us by.

Image from Wikimedia  with color added by me.