The Legality of a Fictional Conspiracy Theory

Would the Timberlake clan sue me? Legality is one reason I hesitate publishing my novel. Fact–the Timberlake name is linked to the Feminist factions spawned in France and the powerful media manipulator, William Randolph Hearst, and has circus links through the Flying Silverlakes, but my true interest is how they crisscross Florida. The cult in my novel does not exist. so the Timberlake family can’t be involved with the cult and the only reason I use the name is for historical and fictional reasons, but unfortunately, that leaves me on shaky legal ground.

Slander is the issue of consequence. Do I say or imply anything worse about William Randolph Hearst than Wikipedia or a history book? I don’t think so, Hearst manipulated the news. Fake news isn’t anything new. The other dangerous ground upon which I tread is the link to my fictional cult and this cult may appear evil, but in reality, my cult just reflects society. Creation of a plausible conspiracy seemed interesting, but this plausibility leaves me mired in a legal quagmire.

I obviously allude to Hedy Lamarr, in the first chapter, but I do so because I respect her contribution to science. Placing her in the Dove faction of my cult is my way of steering away from slander. Does the act of placing her a fertility cult slander an actress who obviously capitalized on her sexuality? Personally, I believe not; but it wouldn’t surprise me if some screams slut-shaming. If you interpret my post, Tight G-strings don’t hurt Pink’s head, correctly, you will see I respect Pink’s attitude and I place Lamarr in this category which owns up to their use of sexuality and O don’t slut-shame Ariana Grande–I cast shame at her hypocrisy.

Even though I don’t consider my novel slanderous and my interest in trivia and history is plain to ee==I’m still not sure If I’m on the solid legal ground and this depresses me. I don’t see a legal disclaimer that addresses my use of trivia, so I’m probably screwed. If anyone has an idea on how to deal with a fictional conspiracy theory based reality.

The Trouble with Triva

There may be a legal hassle with my use of trivia. Rarely do I use trivia without Florida connection and if a person stepped foot on my Native American soil–they owe the toll my trivia claims. My other novel is a Florida version of Finnegan’s Wake and this prequel compares James Joyce’s, Dubliners, in depth. Most should find my novels more enjoyable than Joyce’s work, even without catching the vast amount of trivia used.

I’m probably closer to Serge than Tim Dorsey, for several reasons. Serge is Tim Dorsey’s character and Serge is a Florida history and trivia buff who’s little nuts, just like me. My dwarf is us more criminally insane than all of us put together, by the end of the novel and that’s Joker level insanity. Harley Quin is G-rated rather than g-stringed, in comparison to my dwarf. Yep, my girl is deliciously bad.

Mixing History, Mythology, and Trivia


Diana Canova, from TV’s Soap, comes from an old Florida family. Canova’s ancestors came to New Smyrna, as indentured servants; she comes from a cultural group called the Minorcans. The Mediterranean island, belongs to Spain, but it once belonged to the Minoan culture; hence, the connection to King Minos – the snake tailed guy who Dante Alighieri used to send souls to their appropriate place in Hell.

Minos also had a horny wife, who wanted to leap on a bull. King Minos had Icarus create a bull for his Queen to ride and she rode it so well – she gave birth to the Minotaur. I already did a post on Bull Leaping; which, comes from the Minoan culture at Knossos. Below the Palace of Knossos, you will find a Snake Room – which should help explain the snake tail of King Minos.

My novel involves a mix of history, mythology, and trivia. Now back to Diana Canova, whose ancestors owe a debt to mine, a fellow Catholic from the era, who held much influence. Canova moved on from her Catholic and Minoan roots to join Scientology; which, she separated from due to their continual askance of money. A couple of my recent post mention Scientology and Catholicism is often a subject, so making reference to Canova seems a good choice, for my particular purpose.

I usel Canova’s semblance, in a risqué way; which fits many roles she has played. Her song from The First Nudie Musical would fit well on my soundtrack, where she does some Hispanic mispronunciation of “It’s just so big.”

Canova’s husband, Elliot Scheiner, has Grammy awards from working with Beyoncé the Eagles; so I imagine the hold wealth and influence. The Eagles have a couple of members from Florida and I use them earlier in the chapter.

Topping the Three-Breasted Prostitute

Lycia Naff-horz

Movie makers can work wonders these days. Will they pull off what Joseph Werner did with his, Diana of Ephesus as Allegory of Nature? Lycia Naff played the three breasted hooker in the original Total Recall and I note this because she got a degree from Florida Atlantic University and has other thematic matches. I may type “e’naff” in place of “enough,” if my character makes some type of breast joke. I’m probably the only one that cares, but it is part of my trivia game that I use in my writing style.

I used a cropped and color altered version of a public domain, Wikimedia image with these credits:

Artist Joseph Werner (1637–1710) Link back to Creator infobox template wikidata:Q683867

Title Diana of Ephesus as Allegory of Nature Date circa 1680

Current location Art Institute of Chicago


The Licia Naff image is a still shot from Total Recall

Designing Wobots


In Star Trek, Harry Mudd (rhymes with Fudd) made many wobots and one woe-bot (bottom pics). Jokes at bottom, setup up top. I hint about Designing Women using a Florida theme. Two cast members (top left) fit; it takes Annie Potts out of the equation. Plus, the new Star Trek might see fit to cast Annie as Woe-bot wife. I see Jean Smart as Overkill. My choice, Delta Burke (top right); she also comes in plus size if you prefer. The former Miss Florida and obvious “sex object” had a role in the feminist movie, A Bunny’s Tale. In the movie, Kristie Alley plays Gloria Steinem during her time as a Playboy Bunny. Steinem is the feminist who coined the term,“sex object.”  Women may see the mixed message sent in sex object status. I’m sure straight guys do. Kristie Alley also plays a hot Vulcan (not Hephaestus) in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan; this Scientologist also comes a plus size version.

Wobots show cleavage; Woe-bots show cleavers. Insert your choice in Leave it to Beaver jokes. You have to watch out for crazy eye. Giving your wobot, guided missile eye for your guided missile may work well if you get the cleavage – cleaver programming right. Comic book guys know Metal Men may come in Iron, Lead, and Tin; but wobots need some Platinum. Add some rose nectar for a touch of Serenity and if you don’t know about another Lenore. Still a high risk for woe-bot; even Big Bang brain like Kripke can’t figure out feminist wabbits.

One note of interest to me; Gloria Steinmen’s buddy: Florynce “Flo” Kennedy.

Watch Out For When This Genie Fumes


I hope Xtina enjoys a fart joke. NBC you owe me for this Saturday Night Live skit that acts as cross promotion for The Voice. Adam and Blake, you owe me for the setup and the laugh . Xtina just don’t send out a lawyer or a hit man. Cee Lo might be mad if he doesn’t win the fart off. For those needing explanation, read on:

Christina Aguilera performed in the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack and videos.

She also did the Genie in a Bottle song.

Barbara Eden fumes out of her bottle in the TV show I Dream of Jeannie.

Fartistes like Le Petomane drew in crowds at he Moulin Rouge.