In Need of a Black Athena

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I link mythology to trivia in my novel. Two set for allusion are pictured above, Alicia Fox (middle female) and Naomi Knight, on the right. They both come from Florida, which fits my regional theme. Black women seem scarce in professional wrestling, but I suspect he numbers will grow, The fight against stereotype may have played a role in the scarcity.

Image from Wikimedia with the picture credits:

Description: Alicia Fox at the 2010 Tribute to the Troops show held by WWE in Fort Hood, Texas, on December 11, 2010. Source Alicia Fox

Author Shamsuddin Muhammad from Fort Hood, TX, USA

Naomi during a live event in 2015.Date: 17 April 2015, 20:20:23


Author: Miguel Discart

Don’t Kill Johnny Depp


Replace kill with Wonderful Life and figure it out. Depp comes from Dieppe like the French dudes on the right. In Florida, we have place called Matanzas; it means massacre. Many men from Dieppe died there. Depp comes from Huguenot stock and they died in many places because they didn’t conform to Big Religion. Many died at the St. Bartholomew’s Massacre due to men with white crosses. My kin may have tried to kill Depp’s kin, but I also have Huguenot blood and we might be kin. I wrote my book because I saw my kin trying to kill my kin. Everyone has enemy ancestors in their blood. Face facts and don’t kill for god. If god can create; god can destroy without puny humans. (Big Duh!)

Need a Pecker? Like a Pecker Needs a Hole


When you do it alone; you miss things. We try to play every role these days, only the rare birds can. I fail at detail and I need a Mary; some fail at the big picture and need a Lou. When I am weary and close to a dream state, I can create. Even when I’m wide awake, the where to put a comma escapes me. See the woodpecker, you can call him Elvis, he’s a rare bird. They call him a grail. Even people who may not care for peckers may want this one. The link does go to an Ivory-billed woodpecker; I’m not a Weiner politician.

Florida Magic

Florida Magic

I Dream of Jeanie = Cocoa Beach (Snowy Eden)

Xtina = Dir-r-rty Mouseketeer, the other Genie in a Bottle, started career at Hollywood Studios in Florida

Magic Mouse = Nuff said but hit the Kismet Goethe’c tags for more

Giant Genie = Shaq played for the Orlando Magic in the NBA