Stop the torture of Dumb Retards, like me

The Nazi doctors and Fort Hood shooters of the US military medical corp and Veterans Administration have reaped recurrent torture upon this particular retard over the course of several years. I may have finally found a decent doctor, but only time will tell and doesn’t excuse the unnecessary torture subjected upon me. The term ‘retard’ refers to myself and I don’t consider the term derogatory because it just means delayed development which may cause stunting and dumb refers to my mutism.

Please, Tom Cruise and the Church of Scientology come to the aid of the dumb retard known as M Brace DeFreak against our common enemy — the insane psychiatrists of this world. I’m sorry for my dislike of the book/movie, Battlefield Earth, my subsequential attitude for your group. You guys just don’t seem too open to poor wretches like me.

What happens when a kid suffering apraxia grows into a socially undeveloped adult? Does he get harassed by Black dudes in a Wal-Mart parking lot for not giving off the appropriate social cues? Yes. Does the Navy Nuclear Power Program do even more harm? Yes.

Topless Scientology

Tom_Cruise_&_Katie_Holmes_WHCAD-and Rael

Both Scientology and Raelism apply Ancient Astronaut theory, but the latter focuses much more on sexuality. If you run into a topless protest for a woman\t right to go topless, you may have met your first Raelian (look for the pendant). You may have missed Go Topless Day; which, occurred in the last week of August, but there’s always next year, but Rael has been a sponsor and the group will probably continue the tradition.

My fictional cult doesn’t use Ancient Astronaut theory, but Rael’s use of sex compares well to my fertility cult. Scientology’s use of celebrities is part of my cult’s playbook. I’m more interested in their worldwide reach, so I can project the growth of my fictional cult.

Scientology is slightly larger, but much richer than Rael. The number of countries with affiliates favors Rael; which, doesn’t surprise me. Tits serve Rael well, but the main factor is money–Scientology is designed to favor rich folk.

I’m not sure if I will write more scenes for other countries. My plan is to skip ahead and use a summary report for my cult’s time abroad. Rael’s presence in Asia interests me because such countries seem to have preference for fertility gods. Europeans normally place storm and other nature gods on top.

The images come from Wikipedia and the pictures capture the different commercial markets. The little person is looking up at the big celebrities, but the little person has tits. Celebrities play the pay to see game. even though, they rely heavily on sexual imagery.

Description: Topless woman in front of a group with a cardboard cross. This is from the 2011 “Go Topless” day in Venice Beach California. Women were protesting for the equal right to go topless anywhere a man could. Date 21 August 2011

Source and Author: Mark Lidikay

Description: Cropped image of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Photo taken at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

9 May 2009, 17:43

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Author Jay Tamboli from Washington, DC, US

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Making Tom Cruise Happy


Tom Cruise played Lt. Daniel Kaffee in, A Few Good Men. I believe a scene in my novel will take place at a psychiatrist’s office and allusions to the movie and the Fort Hood shooter will appear. I will probably use my transsexual character as a patient or, but this should not reflect upon transsexuals because it is a character saving move. A transsexual gets mentioned in my original novel and combining characters will keep me from making  another character.

Tom Cruise should get a few giggles at my insane psychiatrist; since Cruise’s rant on psychiatry hurt the star’s image. I’m going to have a few giggles, too. My issues are with military and VA doctors, but I can’t help but believe Cruise had personal reasons for his hate for psychiatry. You figure many celebrities have visited psychiatrists and some of them probably ran into Scientology’s arms, after their doctor visit.

Tom Cruise should send Matt Lauer pictures of the Fort Hood shooter, on the anniversary date. Cruise and Scientology fit my Florida theme. You have to give Cruise credit for distancing himself from the Battlefield Earth movie.

The Race to Insanity

PhotoFunia Old Book theatre

My main character, Alice, has shown signs of instability. Will I finish Alice’s descent into madness before the Veteran’s Admiration does even more damage to my mental health? I’m not crazy enough to think I can prognosticate such things, but I suspect it will be a close race. Alice had a fight with her mother, so she moved out. The underlying reason for her stability comes from the genetic memory drug; which, gave her an incompatible set of memories.

I really need to make an evil or incompetent doctor to match my tragic history. My fictional herbalist is primarily responsible for the drug, at his time. The herbalist does work at a neuroscience center, but I’ve made botany her scientific field of study. Changing her to a medical doctor or creating a new is a possibility. Tom Cruise recently became a Floridian, I’m sure he would take great joy in seeing an unethical, evil psychiatrist. Scientology and Tom Cruise hates psychiatrists.

The creator of Scientology also wrote Battlefield Earth; which, I didn’t care for and it seems geared to the rich and famous; not the poor wretches like me. Considering I want to rant about the healthcare system; much like Cruise ranted about psychiatry—I may show the Scientologists, in a greater light. Scientology stole from Thelema; which, deals more with my mythology element. Expect a veiled reference to Cruise if I use a psychiatrist. Having Alice punch a psychiatrist, amuses me.

Scientology, A Child of Thelema

pleasureDome Nin-horz

Links from Kenneth Anger’s movie, The Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome, will take you to the origins of Scientology.. Marjorie Cameron, the scarlet woman on the cover and the star of the movie, was married to Jack Parsons, a founder of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) and the Aerojet Engineering Corporation, followed Aleister Crowley‘s teachings of Thelema. Parsons befriended Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard, another Crowley follower.

Patsons’s life moved into soap opera territory when he slept with his wife’s sister, Sara Northrup, who later on runs off with Parson’s best friend, Hubbard. Marjorie Cameron came into Parsons life in a manner best described as Weird Science – as in the movie. Parsons performed a ritual to bring forth the elemental woman of his dreams – the Scarlet Woman.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m just a dude writing a novel; which involves a fertility cult. The Pleasure Dome film depicts fertility cult initiation, Anais Nin appears in the film, as Astarte – I wrote a post abut her.

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief is a documentary attacking Tom Cruise’s religion. I suspect Hubbard stole many ideas from Parsons, whose mind burned too bright. Hubbard obviously had a talent for social manipulation, but I suspect the science  ideas came from Parsons. Thelema borrowed from Hinduism, Egyptian mythology, Rosicrucianism, and many others.

One last note, Anger borrowed some clips from the Italian silent film, L’Inferno. My last post came due to links to Dante Alighieri.

Catholic Girls Unleashed


Catholicism has always tried to keep a leash on feminine sexuality. Read about Pre-code Hollywood and you will see Roman Catholics put the clamps on sexuality. I found a quote on Wikipedia’s Anais Nin web page, by the Communist activist Gonzalo More; which I found humorous :

She was “a true Catholic,” More told her. “You love the sin and absolution and regrets and sinning again.

I think it is safe to say the Communist activist was a former Catholic because there is often a Catholic-Communist link and a Catholic to Atheist link, the Catholic to dictator link and from a quick browse about Scientology – I suspect many came from Catholic upbringings.

Does a tight religious leash create a stronger leash fetish? Studies have shown the Catholic virginity fetish has caused many teens to use alternative holes. The Catholics history with heresy makes the Irish vote for gay marriage, sort of funny. In the olden days the Vatican would have burned all of Ireland at the stake. The Catholic Church burned Protestants over what was primary issue of indulgences which they eventually stopped enforcing.

I’m thinking about using Anais Nin for a scene in my novel for various reasons. She had sexual relationships with her father and her Freudian psychiatrist. I have a hankering to play the Scientology hate of psychiatry against Nin’s psychiatrist and the Islamist psychiatrist who our American military put in charge of mental health until he became known as the Fort Hood shooter.

I found William S. Burroughs’ experience Scientology (Ali’s Smile: Naked Scientology) interesting. He found his early experiences freeing, but he felt an authoritarian control in latter experiences. If I’m right about a high percentage of Catholics among the Scientology ranks; I can’t help but wonder if they search for someone else to hold the leash. Madonna, Lady Gaga, and other female celebrities are former Catholics and have shown a fondness for BDSM imagery. I just makes me wonder.

Good God-Head


If God made man in his own image; God must look like Geb (The snake headed god in the first image). Man’s little head gets big when the naked goddess embraces the serpent. Knowledge is stupid, so says the bible. Gnostics see value in knowledge and embrace the snake. Should you swallow the seed of knowledge? I’m the average guy and don’t deny enjoying a stereotypical dumb blond that swallows my mystic snake jive. Gnostics have embrace William Blake as a Patron Saint; his Eve swallows. Eve, in the second image, merges with Lilith in third and the snake (Sofia-Aeon = Wisdom in Time).

The serpent staff of Moses shows “good snake” symbolism. “Bad snake” symbolism came in the form of the devil. The rod of Asclepius, a snake-entwined staff, used as a symbol for medicine remains with us today, as a “good snake” symbol. Gnostics marry the Pagan and Christian world to the Jewish Kabbalah and Islamic mysticism. Scientology stems from work done by, the pioneer rocket-fuel scientist and occultist, Jack Parsons and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard (see Babalon Working where Aleister Crowley’s “Scarlet Woman” brings the Aeon of Horus and ends the Aeon of Osiris represented by Christianity, other patriarchal religions, and male-dominated social institutions.

Am I anti-Feminist? Yes, I hate how many feminists don’t know about opposing feminist theories. May I offer a suggestion, for the latest wave of feminists, take a new name. How about Womanist; or better yet, Wombist to get rid of the man in the middle. Only politically correct males (otherwise known as liars) and dysfunctional men refuse to admit the truth about sex objects. Yes, a man can see women in other ways but you still have the fundamental truth about need for sex objects.

To Cult or Not to Cult


Some hate the label. Can we call these “Out There” religions because they have outer space links. Big Religion has caused wars, so I try not to judge to hard. These three have had impact on Florida, so they sit in my domain.

Raëlians hung out in Miami for a while. Do I now much about them? No, but I’m sure few will like a peek and they embrace Peeping Toms.

The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster or Pastafarianism had serious impact on major issues. I do like spaghetti, so I have no gripes.

Scientology has big lawyers and big stars, but they also have a movie bomb. I tried reading Battlefield Earth and it ranks as the first book that I started never finished. I’m sorry it doesn’t reflect well on their religion. I believe in religious freedom, so I believe they have rights and I have a right to my own opinion.