The Popularity Of Hitting That Thing

Does a provocative dress provoke thoughts? Yes, and you see the linguistic relationship between the words (provoke and provocative). My title refers to Ariana Grande‘s offense to a guy saying he would like to “hit that”. Grande wears lingerie onstage and sings the song, “Love Me Harder”, so she obviously conforms to standards of sexual objectification and had little reason to be overly upset by a guy saying something “he would hit that” and the funny thing is–the statement is truthful. Sexy implies sex and I’m certain the guy was honest and Grande obviously sings songs; which, endorses such sexual lexicons.

The group, The Offspring Lyrics, sings the song, “Hit That” and such songs pass regularly through Pop music–Grande’s industry. I should write a song about how Grande’s tight g-string causes brain damage–she’s got her head up her ass if she doesn’t understand the hypocrisy in her outrage about such a phrase as, wanting to hit that” She plays the game–accept the rules

I came back to this topic because; The Big Bang Theory actress, Mayim Bialik and fashion designer, Donna Karan brought up the subject of provocative dress. Guys will make mistakes in etiquette, but there are limits to how much a woman should take. Grande should have brushed off the “hit that” comment, but Weinstein’s actions go too far (if true), but Hollywood is ripe with enablers; they let Bill Cosby get away with stuff, way too long.

Another story involves a Pussycat Doll (Kaya Jones) claiming the group was part of a prostitution ring. She had to know she pimped herself; the prostitution claim needs validation from other members. If true the founder would exemplify the type of members in my fictional cult. My novel brings an ancient fertility cult into the modern world.


Tight G-strings don’t hurt Pink’s head

Ariana Grande has her head up her ass, so naturally a tight g-string will hurt her head.. Pink, the musical artist, may have varied responses to someone calling her a sex object; she may say, “Well–Duh!” or ” I sure hope so”. Considering Grande identifies herself as a Feminist, Pink may have burned off the label. If Pink identifies a Feminist then she identifies as third wave and laughs at the sex object mantra of second wave Feminists.

Even in the Shakespearean verse of “Shall I compare thee to a Summer’s day”, you see elements of sexual objectification. Of course, many poets and lyricists use cruder terms, but the point remains the same. An object is unaware that it an object, unless that object is human. most of us know we classify as objects; hence, problem with feminist terminology of sexual objectification. Grande objectifies herself, but doesn’t realize she’s an object, so she would obviously fail the Turing test, she relegates herself as a simple bot.

If Grande didn’t wear stripper-wear I wouldn’t recognize her. Adele doesn’t need stripper wear. The fan who started Grande’s Twitter war, spoke the language of the penis. It is a simple language spoken by many creatures, but oddly enough this language produces life. Pink recently gave birth to a son and I’m certain she won’t cut off his penis an balls for being born a white dude with a penis. White Feminist elitists, such as Lena Dunham would just flush him down the toilet.

Ariana Grande Declares She Has No Artistic Flair

Poetry, art, and musical lyrics depend on sexual objectification to thrive. Grande and other Divas use BDSM in their videos and their acts–BDSM specializes in turning people into objects. To use the archaic feminist terminology of sexual objectification, Grande makes it clear, she’s all façade, a bot engineered by music industry. She could never pass the Turing test. Only admitting the wrongs of denying her status as a sex object–can prove she has a soul.

A Main Character Designed For Rejection

High Concept is a literary term used by some agents and to fit this genre, you should create the hook for pitching your novel or screenplay before you begin the actual writing. Commercial and High Concept are similar because High Concept is designed to sell.

I did not design my work to sell, so the pitching to agents is more difficult, even though it does have commercial aspects. Women are given reason to hate the main character; he is designed for rejection. Most literary agents are women, so I have a problem. The pitch that I came up with today needs work and only captures a few elements, but it does address why my main character is designed for rejection.

Kal sees women as sex objects. Let’s kidnap him and make him pay. Freaks need love, too. F-me, F-me please, make me your–it. Women be crazy, I mean really crazy.

This hook has problems, but it may explain why I call my novel She-it. The term ‘it’ threads the ‘freak’ topic and the ‘sexual object’ topic. The agents talk about  “book club’ novels and my novel explores a Feminist issue.

If you look up third-wave Feminism, on Wikipedia, you will find the topic of Riot Grrrl bands and one of the  bands listed is Jack Off Jill and they do the song, Cumdumpster. Some second-wave Feminists will probably yell, misogyny for my use of the word. Jack Off Jill fits my Feminist theme and my Florida theme, so I have reason to use the word. Technically, semen does go to waste in the female body, even in cases of impregnation. Many Feminists do not understand that other Feminists may say, ‘yeah, I’m a cumdumpster—so, what.’ Third-wave Feminists don’t find sex shameful, so offensive is difficult to diagnose.

I have legitimate reasons for what I do. Many agents will not understand, but I may have a small chance to get through this nightmarish process. I’m sorry, but ‘Women Be Crazy’ does cross mind when I look at Feminist issues and trying to figure out what a female literary agent may think is a dip into insanity. They don’t list their Feminist or sexual views. Feminists do not share the same view, as each other. When it comes to women, I don’t have a clue.

Even a freak must have some acceptance of the norm


My pen name, M. Brace DeFreak (Embrace the Freak), implies the so-called normal people must accept people who deviate from the norm. But the reverse is also true, the freaks must have some understanding of the so-called norms.. The recent suicide of the transgender teen has caused some to demand change, but social change moves at a snail’s pace. Some quick movements can tip a canoe. Balance is not stagnant, but balance hates extremes in  sway.

I used this image on my post named, Monkey Girl Will You Marry This Lizard Brain Boy to poke fun at the male brain. The “Lizard Brain” reference, in my reality, alludes to the Lizard king himself – Jim Morrison of the Doors and the penis brain of most of us men. Yes, Alligator boy in the photo also factors into the post’s title but I am not being mean or apathetic. I suspect many, who worked the Freak shows, accepted their reality and had some acceptance of the visitors to the show.

I suspect Monkey Girl got a giggle when she raised a few tent poles (euphemism alert to those who can’t recognize). Some Feminists bark irrationally about sexual objection, but as super-lesbo, Camille Paglia says, “Turning people into sex objects is one of the specialties of our species.” Why do I call Paglia, super-lesbo? Because her quote shows she’s so gay, she’s a guy. Males need sexual or medical arousal to get an erection to erect those things we call – babies. Did Monkey Girl give men erections? __YES! Men are Lizard brained and the penis, in reality, is more poke-e than picky.

Body image issues come from the fashion industry and straight guys have less sway, in feminine fashion than gay guys and straight women. I made a post about the varied the body types in the porn industry’ I made a post called “”Porn for the better body image,” to illustrate this point. Hugh Grant further proved men are more poke-e than picky when he picked up a prostitute (Divine Brown), while married to the reigning Sexiest Woman (Elizabeth Hurley), at the time.

The image I used also shows women drive the body image issues. Most if not all straight men will accept the woman’s choice on pubic hair styling. Our lizard brains make us more  poke-e than picky.

I used the circus names of Percilla and Emmitt Bejano to poke brains harder, I do not mean disrespect. The main point of this post is acceptance. Does a more superficially attractive woman get more penile salutes than a woman off the normal radar of standard beauty? Yes. But I still bet Monkey Girl got salutes, too. I just hope they Percilla and Emmitt had a wonderful life.

Joanna Krupa is featured in the PETA ad. I have no problem with PETA using sexual objectification to poke brains, both men and women respond to sexual objectification; it is truly natural. I do believe they overstep, at times.

I also aim this posts at activists. We need activists to protest extreme activism? Social change needs to move slow for a reason. You need to have SOME ACCEPTANCE.

I don’t know if this post could have stopped the transgender teen, Leelah Alcorn, from committing suicide, but I hope my message of acceptance (by both sides) helps someone. I have good intent, but good intent often goes astray.

Ellen and Portia want to have a Baby


They may have the money, they can hire someone to rape a man. Nicer people may go the sex object route. Portia did nude scenes in a movie, will she mind a man using her as a sex object? I believe someone has joked about a resemblance between Ellen and Justin Beiber. Could a gay man lend a hand? Do men have much choice about needing a mental image to have an erection? Are Feminists wrong sexual objectification? Does Ellen use Portia as a feminine sex object? Ellen wears the pants. Should the Lesbian community come out in support of sexual objectification, if they want access to sperm? If Ellen and Portia don’t want humans to go extinct then they want babies to come into the world and men to have sex objects. Would people believe a celebrity couple more than me?

Tits For Cash Or Cause


Rational versus irrational feminism. Tits do talk. PETA knows this and so do these protesters. Both men and women react to tits. The protesters on the right come from FEMEN.ORG. Breasts also make money; the movie combo on the left depicts a grab for cash. One part of the male mind just smiles because it gets to see something which gets hidden. American feminists often post some irrational things to the male mind. I can understand the business decision to expose yourself and this method of protest, but some feminists backtrack into feminism past and  complain about sexual objectification. I wish more feminists will realize the mixed messages from people calling themselves feminists.

Pussy Riot (Russia), Amina Tyler (Tunisia) and other women have gotten arrested for their activism. I understand their tits better than American tits. The latter often say, “look but don’t look.” Some will bash for use of words like tits. Does it really matter what word I use? Please have mercy on this poor male mind. Women often confuse the heck out of me. If you hate me for calling some of you irrational, so be it. I’m sure some understand.

The exploitation films made in Florida enter the equation of my own project. Many of the same women appear in these various films. Allison Louise Downe from the Goldilocks and the Three Bares will feature in a future post.


And The Tits For Free


I’ve been doing posts on exploitation and my news reader pops up a tweet from Miley Cyrus. She tweeted her support @freethenipple and the coming documentary. Some women want the right to expose their breasts, as they see fit. Women have exploited the male mind for centuries, so I’m sure many guys can see perks in this cause. Europeans may have less obsession for the breast, but they still have a healthy appetite. Scientists recently tracked the eyeballs of both men and women; both react to the same sex objects. Breasts and hips have always symbolized women; they are sex objects. Even castration may not change how men see women.

Americans may get more European; eventually, but a change in our “hide the goodies” culture will cause some temporary upheaval. Someone might run over granny while eyes peer at newly ripe pears. Sometimes you have to accept the nature of the beast.

Davee Decker (left) starred in Doris Wishman’s (right), Diary of a Nudist. I added the dollar sign pasties, but I’m sure both of these ladies saw $, too. If Miley wants to avoid the hypocrite and tease label; I’m sure many will take some free peeks. I’m curious, will strippers have to up the ante if women on the street start giving free peeks? Will the economy shift, if dollars drop out of G-strings?.


Oh My! Tit-Elation!


You may not know when the curtains will match the drapes, but what can you expect behind the drapes. In this case, a little old woman. Granny knew how to hot wire a dude. Who exploits who? Doris Wishman produced movies to exploit man’s desire for woman. You can find some alternative wiring, but most men are wired to respond to women. Some might not know, but in the old days, man needed an erection to erect babies.

The newest wave of feminists may consider Doris Wishman a hero. The old irrational feminists spew fire about normal male response. Do they want men to go, “Eww, women,” and run away limp-dicked rather getting a stiffie and limping along to prolong the human race? For you silly little things that can’t figure out the obvious – women are sex objects. Many have desire to enslave men with their hypno-breasts. Oddly enough, this enslavement seems preferable to the deflation caused by the other type of feminist. I’m a man, who I guess will have women drive him crazy till he dies. Oh well.

If you look beyond the breasts, you will see something I’m also interested in – the Coral Castle. They filmed Nude on the Moon at this Florida attraction.


I Cringe


I cringe when I use my Freak category. I see a human being when I look at this picture. You can make it seem as if she holds her arms behind her back, if you crop the picture. I cringed when I wrote about her possible as a sex life because I hated invading her privacy. The Miley Cyrus twerking bothered me because I see the marketing machine, not because she twerked. Sex is part of the human experience and I look at this picture and see someone who wants to be as complete as humanly possible. Lost body parts and overpopulation listed as my worst nightmares, but I notice that I do not cringe when I look at her, so I’m over one fear; nine billion arms and legs on regular human beings would still freak me out. I have had a hard time putting her out of my mind. She did not have children and I feel sad few will look and see the human being. Freak has become an elevated status in my mind. If an afterlife exists, I hope what I wrote in my last in my last post and this one makes her happy and appreciates me thinking of her.

To clarify: I cringe when many people will see wrong intent in my post and my use of the term “freak.” I guess I’m a freak in the way I think.