AllisvanityCharles Allan Gilbert-horz

Many thought Allan Gilbert painted both images, but he only painted, “All is Vanity” (left). George A. Wotherspoon made, “Gossip And Satan Came Also.” Maybe gossip played a part in the legacy of itself. Mythology may have also changed though the “error prone rule” of gossip. The “god of the underworld” morphed from “humanity’s wonderful provider” into a low life “thief of souls.”

“Similar but different plays a part misidentifying  painters of these two images, and “similar but different plays a role in my chapter in rewrite. The “God of Seed” (Dis Pater) and the “Goddess of Seed” (Proserpina) also have big roles in my novel. Vanity is the star of this particular chapter and the Prince of Darkness sees a big “V-shaped”  grin in the vanity mirror. Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is most vain of all. I have a slow transfer from the images, in my head, into words on-screen.


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