Lean muscle means smaller breast size. Many female professional wrestlers opt for implants because they market sex. Some go farther than others, in breast size and in marketing. Missy Hyatt’s bio interested me because she comes from Florida and because she pedaled into soft-core porn. She apparently marketed the video on the right.

Tammy Lynn Sytch, farthest on the right, apparently is pedaling even farther. Rumors say she is working on a deal with Vivid. My issue is partly due to the feminist issue. Yes, big breasts attract men’s eyes, but studies say they also attract baby eyes and adult female eyes. There is a Feminist war, but little has men, the major war is within Feminist ranks. The body image issues also have much more to do with other females than men.

Steroids and breast implants fall in a similar area. Some see a cheat. I’m much more of a face man and even though fake breast catch my eye, I sort of wish they didn’t. My first allusion to female wrestlers, in my novel, came due to the circus connections. Florida’s strong links to the wrestling world also played a part. The breast and Feminist issues cause me to expand my wrestling references.

Some female wrestlers with naturally muscular builds may have developed femininity issues during younger years. Overcompensation may be understandable. When I allude, in my novel, I often do it for trivia reasons. I try not to judge much, and unless I read about who has breast implants, I often don’t know. A Wonderbra can trick me.


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